Study Abroad Programs in Central America

215 Study Abroad Programs in Central America

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American Institute For Foreign Study

Individuals interested in studying abroad in Central American can join the American Institute for Foreign Studies in Costa Rica. Students from the United States can choose from three different study abroad programs, that span all academic semesters, including a short three week program in January. Participants in Costa Rica typically stay in home stays and take at least basic Spanish lessons du...

IES Abroad (Institute for the Int'l Education of Students)

Since 1950, IES Abroad in Central America has been catering to the needs of students and providing quality education abroad. Students can live in Costa Rica while enrolled in a semester or academic year program. Participants can choose courses from multiple disciplines including Intensive Spanish, Environmental Studies, and Political Science.

Study in San Jose, Costa Rica with ASA

For such a small country, Costa Rica really has a lot to brag about. It covers only 0.03 % of the surface of the globe, but it proudly shelters 6% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world. In addition, a quarter of the country’s land is protected natural territory. It is also one of the most peaceful countries on earth and has not had an army since 1949. The money saved by not having an...

Low Cost Academic Programs with CSA !

Spanish is the primary language in Central America. Study the language and other cultural courses at one of the fully accredited Costa Rican universities with the Center for Study Abroad. The study abroad program is open throughout the year.

Boston University: Guatemala Archaeology Program

Relive Central America's history and traditional culture through Boston University Study Abroad archaeological program in Guatemala. The program provides intensive language study, archaeological exploration of the Mayan world, and investigation of the Pre-classic discovery. The Guatemala Archeology program is offered to American participants in Spring semester of even numbered years only.

Fairfield University

Learn more about the Central American region by studying in Nicaragua with Fairfield University. Students can choose from a wide range of academic programs. International students work in partnership with a local student, an arrangement that makes cultural adaptation and language acquisition more effective and comfortable.


Live in Central America in the Fall or Spring while taking up Spanish language courses with Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad. Spanish and Grammar courses focus on teaching vocabulary and grammatical structures while other courses are designed for advanced speakers. Credits earned in the program are transferable to a student's home university or college.

Study Abroad Programs

Comprehensive learning opportunities are offered in the Central American region by ISA. Mainly based in Costa Rica, participants will gain knowledge, not only in their fields of specialization ,but also in through the country's vibrant culture, by conversing with the locals, and partaking in cross-cultural activities.

Academic Programs International (API)

This Central American API program is based in magnificent Costa Rica. Students may choose to study in the fields of Business, Human Rights, Environmental Development, and so much more. Courses are primarily taught in English. Individuals who have advanced Spanish skill may choose to incorporate Spanish in the programs. Programs are only available to American and Canadian participants.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Travel to Central America with the Institute for Global Studies and gain international experience while studying abroad. Students worldwide can partake in a semester-long program in Costa Rica and earn academic credits. A variety of fields are offered such as Tourism, Animal Sciences, and Education.

CEA Global Education

Offering a wide array of academic courses in Asia specifically in China, this program is created so that students will have a better feel of the locality by encouraging them to go out of their classroom every once in a while and fully-immerse in the local community. Only American and Canadian participants are allowed to partake in this program.

University Studies Abroad Consortium

The University Studies Abroad Consortium offers academic programs in Central America. Students can take courses from a wide variety of subject areas while experiencing the tranquil and picturesque location and egalitarian society.

Semester at Sea - Fall Voyage: Costa Rica

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