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We don’t need to convince you of the benefits of studying abroad, you already know you’ll gain an incredible leg-up in your career, unrivaled hands-on learning experiences, and that itty-bitty thing called increased self-awareness. What we do need to convince you of is that, despite the sometimes-sky-high costs of studying abroad (between the flights, the visas, oh and the tuition fees!), it’s not only within your realm of financial possibility, it’s incredibly plausible at that.

Don’t believe us?

Take a little scroll south and get ready to whistle a different tune. Here’s everything you need to know to land scholarships for studying abroad.

Who Qualifies for Study Abroad Scholarships?

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! Suffice it to say that those students who are currently attending a two or four year institution are eligible to apply for most study abroad scholarships.

Particular study abroad scholarships are available for minorities and other identity groups with the aim of increasing access to study abroad to a wider variety of students. The majority of scholarship selection committees consider a student’s academic qualifications to be influential in their decision, so if you had a semester where you bombed all of your classes, be prepared to do some explaining in your application essays.

What Kind of Study Abroad Scholarships are there?

There are multiple kinds of study abroad scholarships out there, good news for students who are gung-ho to apply for many awards.

Fully-funded scholarships will cover the majority of your costs while abroad. You might need to cover incidental expenses, like those extra slices of hand-tossed pizza in Naples, but your tuition, flights, housing, and other bills are taken care of.

Program-specific scholarships are offered by domestic universities, international universities, and the providers that are organizing your trip. These vary in amounts, from $250 to multiple thousands, as well as vary in application requirements.

Government-sponsored scholarships not only look really good on your resume, but they can also substantially decrease your overhead as you plan your travels. The catch? Your studies usually have to be critical language-oriented or you need to be a first-generation student. Participants with low incomes are also typically eligible for these awards.

When Should I Apply?

Honestly, we’ve never heard anyone say: “If only I’d started my study abroad scholarship application process later.” Generally speaking, you’ll want to hop on and tame the beast as early as possible. Applications can take more time than you initially anticipate, especially considering you’re tacking it on to your already-epic to-do list of the semester.

Be sure to systemize how you juggle deadlines and application requirements – for instance, if you look ahead and know that 5+ apps require recommendation letters, why not ask one fan to print multiple copies of their glowing proposals?

Remember: one scholarship equates to one application. Don’t try to outsmart the system and reuse the same content or essays for multiple awards. Judges can sense the inauthenticity of these generic apps; instead, commit to researching each scholarship individually and catering to their specific requirements. Then boom. Watch the dollars come rolling in.

Why Should I Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships?

Besides the obvious perks of scoring money, freeing yourself of the financial stressors for study abroad allows you to focus more intently on your personal and professional goals for the trip. Why count your pounds to the last pence when you could be outside enjoying the fresh air (and probably rainfall…) of Great Britain? Why worriedly check your bank account for overdraft fees when you could be making all of your friends jealous with your latest epic selfie?

Committing to spending a semester or summer abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly. By getting actively involved in the process – even the early stages – you’ll experience the satisfaction and delayed gratification that only those who finance their first car can relate to.

Even with more wiggle room in the wallet, you won’t necessarily have to say “au revoir!” to cheap döner kebabs (they’re a late night study abroad staple), but you will give yourself a chance to truly soar as your study abroad self. Besides, picture your Mom and Dad’s faces when you share the good news that you’re a scholarship recipient. Cha-ching for all!

If you get rejected, extract something of value from the application experience and push forward with your newfound knowledge. You’re well on your way to more numbers in the credits column of your bank account from a scholarship provider. Best of luck!

Top Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Uniplaces Scholarship

    Uniplaces is Giving Away $22,000 in Scholarships to Live Rent-Free for a semester. Make an act of kidness, apply and win one of our two scholarships!

  • Win a $2,500 scholarship to travel abroad with ScholarTrips

    What inspires you to travel abroad? Answer the question in a short video or essay and you could win one of six $2,500 ScholarTrips to study or volunteer in the country of your choice. For over a decade, Allianz Global Assistance has been helping students explore the world and experience new cultures — and this year it could be you!

  • Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship

    The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program aims to broaden the student population by offering grants to financially limited students who want to pursue credit-bearing academic studies or gain work experience in a non-traditional study and intern abroad destination. Over 2,700 U.S. students have become Gilman scholars, and selected students are awarded up to $5,000 annually. This scholarship is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State and is administered by the Institute of International Education.

  • DIS Need-Based Scholarship

    DIS Study Abroad is offers several need-based scholarship opportunities with a combined maximum scholarship award of $5,000 to students who are interested in studying abroad. This includes DIS Scholarship, Diversity Scholarship, and Pioneer Scholarship.

  • Academic Studies Abroad - Study Abroad Scholarships

    Committed to assisting ASA students who want to study abroad, Academic Studies Abroad offers a variety of financial aid scholarships each year. These include Diversity Scholarships, General Scholarships, and Costa Rica Grants for ASA undergraduate students interested in international education in Costa Rica for a semester.

  • IFSA-Butler General Scholarships

    IFSA-Butler believes in the ideology that study abroad should be within reach for every student in the world. With this belief in mind, IFSA-Butler offers general scholarship awards to students who want to educate themselves through study abroad for an academic year, semester, or summer. Scholars receive $500 for summer programs, $1,500 for semester programs, and $2,500 for full year programs.

  • Academic Programs International (API) Scholarships

    Academic Programs International’s scholarships give students who are financially limited the chance to study abroad and travel the world. These API awards range from $250 to $1,000 per student annually. Scholarship opportunities include the Regional Scholarship, Community College Scholarship, First Generation Scholarship, and many more.

  • The Education Abroad Network Need-Based Travel Scholarship

    The Education Abroad Network awards students who want to experience a new and exciting culture abroad through international education with scholarships each year. Awards of $1,000 to $5,000 are awarded to deserving undergraduates who have achieved academic prowess and demonstrated community involvement and leadership.

  • CIEE-International Study Program Scholarships

    CIEE takes financial action in an effort to make study abroad opportunities available to students with financial constraints who are interested in international education. CIEE’s International Study Program Scholarships give awards of up to $5 million annually. These include Academic Excellence Scholarships, Access Grants and Scholarships, and Ambassador Grants.

  • ISA Diversity Scholarship

    Each year, ISA funds international experiences for students who wish to broaden their academic knowledge through study abroad. The Diversity Scholarship provides $14,000 in awards annually, specifically targeting underrepresented students in international education.

  • Accademia Riaci Scholarship

    Accademia Riaci provides financial assistance to students who wish to gain academic experience abroad each year. Through Accademia Riaci’s scholarship program, a limited number of students receive whole or partial tuition funding for their chosen study abroad program anywhere in the world.

  • Arcadia University Study Abroad Scholarships

    Students with limited financial means can apply for scholarships through Arcadia University throughout the year. The university’s extensive scholarship program aims to make a difference in students’ academic and professional career by providing them with the opportunity to pursue international education.

  • CEA Global Education Summer Scholarship

    Open to all CEA program participants, CEA Global Education is committed to increasing accessibility to study abroad, so even more students can reap the benefits of international learning, through scholarship funding. The CEA Summer Scholarship offers financial aid to students interested in studying abroad through one of CEA’s summer programs.

  • Study Abroad Europe & Academic Study Abroad Scholarship

    Study Abroad Europe and Academic Study Abroad have partnered to provide financial aid to students who wish to study abroad. The Academic Study Abroad scholarship is available for eligible students in amounts ranging from $250 to $1,000.

  • Monash Global Scholarship

    The Monash Global Scholarship caters to Monash undergraduate students with high academic achievements that have the desire to expand their academic endeavors abroad. Awarded students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, intercampus exchange, or short-term study courses abroad. Monash Global Scholarships amount to $4,000.

  • FEA Scholarships

    The Fund for Education Abroad is committed to lifting the financial barrier students face when studying abroad, especially American students with limited financial resources. With $150,000 in scholarships available annually, FEA diversifies study abroad for scholars from all backgrounds, including minority students, LGBTQI students, and students studying in non-traditional destinations.

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