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345 Study Abroad Programs in France

Choose from Metropolitan Paris or Historic "Aix"

CISabroad offers diverse subject areas study programs in France. Students make the historic cities in France their classroom all while earning college credits. Students benefit from the comprehensive study abroad package that provides for everything they need during their study abroad experience.

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Study Abroad in France with AIFS!

Spend a summer, January term, semester or year studying abroad with AIFS in France and you can stroll the boulevards of Paris, enjoy the sun and sea of the Riviera or hike an Alpine trail. With programs in Paris, Cannes, and Grenoble, AIFS offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the French community of your choice.

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Academic Studies Abroad

Get international education experience at one of three universities in France through Academic Studies Abroad (ASA). The program includes homestay accommodation, excursions, tuition, medical insurance, and more. ASA study programs in Paris and Aix-en-Provence are available throughout the academic year.

Academic Studies Abroad
Year Round Programs in France

Live in the city of Montpellier or Paris, and study at one of France's most prestigious universities through study abroad programs at the University of Minnesota. Offering a wide selection of courses, such as Music, Literature, and Culture, students from all over the world can explore France through real immersion experiences and activities. Students can participate in these study abroad opport...

Study Abroad in Montpellier
CEA Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France

There’s a reason why Aix is voted “the most desirable place to call home” by the French; come discover it with CEA in Aix-en-Provence! Hone your French language skills at our partner school, Aix Marseille University, and take electives (taught in English) with other international students at IAU College.

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Study in France with API

API offers comprehensive programs in Caen, Grenoble, and Paris. Participants can study French language and culture, art history, business, literature, fashion, and tourism, along with many other course subjects. All API programs include airport pickup, an on-site orientation with an English-speaking Resident Director, housing, tuition, medical and life insurance, excursions, social and cultura...

Cultural Immersion Through Study Programs in France

Enjoy France through study abroad with IES Abroad programs. International students can enroll in partner universities in Paris, Arles, or Nantes, and take discipline-specific courses, such as Intensive Language Studies, Business and International Affairs, French Culture Studies, and many more. These programs are offered throughout the year for semester or year long stints.

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Budget Direct Low Cost Programs in France

Budget, low cost, non-profit programs in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Dijon, Montpellier, Nice, Antibes, and Rouen (Normandy). Verified, fully accredited programs. Earn academic credit. Discounts available. Summer, Semester, Quarter, Year, Monthly, and Weekly terms. Housing options include host families, campus residences (Foyers), nearby student flats (apts), and can arrange own housing if desire...

Center For Study Abroad (CSA) -  Direct Low Cost - Budget
Study Abroad in France with ISA

Study in Paris or Lille through these unique international learning opportunities developed by ISA (International Studies Abroad). Participants will attend some of France's most prestigious educational institutions while receiving assistance from ISA's on-site staff. Academic credit is awarded upon completion of this program.

Language Learning in France

Individuals from countries around the world can join over 10,000 participants each year that choose to join Eurocentres language programs. The France program location offers the perfect opportunity to learn French, the language of love. Eurocentres inspires individuals to communicate with fellow participants from all over the world enhancing their cultural experience.

Marist-Mod'Spe Paris Fashion Program

Marist College offers a program designed to meet the specific needs of Fashion Merchandising students. The students benefit from the cutting-edge fashion curriculum as they work with key industry players in Paris, France, one of the world's fashion capitals. Semester and full year programs are available.

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Summer in France with Forum-Nexus!

Gain a better understanding of French culture, traditions, and customs while completing an educational summer program with Forum-Nexus Study Abroad. Individuals may choose from various courses, which include Accounting, Journalism, and Engineering, totaling six academic credits. Student tours and excursions are included as part of the program, taking students in to other areas of Europe.

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Summit Global Education - Summer Multi-Country across Europe

Experience Parisian life in the summer through a Multi-Country study abroad program offered by Summit Global Education. This is a fantastic 7-8 week program that involves traveling around France and across Europe. During the program, students will have a worthwhile opportunity to go to different European cities like Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, London, Vienna, Berlin, and Paris.

Summit Global Education
Boston University: Study and Intern in France

Travel to France and study in Grenoble or Paris with Boston University Study Abroad. International students can enroll in any course and discipline provided by Boston University and become immersed in the French culture and lifestyle. The study abroad program is available every summer, fall and spring semesters.

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Studying Abroad in France

France is a country of food, art, and a general sense of taking life as it comes. The French live day by day and do not like to rush; their appreciation of artistic quality emphasizes this, whether it is in painting, sculpture, food, fashion, or architecture. France has a great history of people who fight for what they believe in, that of Bohemianism focusing on living for one’s passions and creating an adventure. Even in the smallest town with cobblestone streets, students of all majors, from Art to Communications to Fashion, will be able to find inspiration which will enhance their academic and cultural pursuits through studying abroad in France.

Geography & Demographics

France is in between Spain and Germany with coasts on the east and west sides. It is a unique country with different types of environments, from the coastal town of Marseille to the vineyards of Bordeaux and the snow sport enthusiast’s dream in Chamonix, plenty of variety when it comes to study abroad locations.

The English Channel to the west provides a unique transportation opportunity for study abroad students; the “chunnel” is a tunnel for trains to go underneath the water between Paris and London. To the east is the Mediterranean sea and a completely different scenic view compared to the rest of France.

Paris, the capital city, is the main metropolitan areas with just over two million people. It is the cultural hub for study abroad in France with opportunities to see amazing feats in architecture, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. Paris was also the home of many great American authors during the 1920’s, such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, who found inspiration among the cafes and nightlife.

Catholicism is the main religion in France historically, but the nation also has high Jewish and Islamic populations. France has freedom of religion, and in bigger cities especially, has multiple places of worship for different religions. International students studying in France will have no trouble finding a place to worship freely.

France is a cultural melting pot not only of European descent but also of Africa; there are 21 countries in Africa whose official language is French. French language and culture has spread to other countries in Europe, like Belgium and Monaco, and even into Eastern Canada. There are many French influences in parts of the Southern United States, especially Louisiana, as well. 

Winter in France supplies plenty of opportunities study abroad students who are snowboarders and skiers to enjoy the slopes. There is a lot of snow, particularly along the Eastern border near Switzerland, however snow is rare in Paris and the central areas of the country.

Spring is a nice time to study abroad in France because the temperatures rise very quickly. The weather is still cool, so a jacket or scarf are still necessary in early Spring. Further south in Nice and Cannes, many students take the opportunity to swim and enjoy taking meals outdoors between classes. May especially sees a lot of short sleeves and outdoor activities through the country on college campuses.

Summers are hot but comfortable, often when tourists come to Paris or when the Parisian locals migrate to Marseille for vacation on the beach. Temperatures are between the mid 70s and 80s (25 to 30 degrees celsius) in the central areas but can be on the cooler side near the western coast.

Autumn is the rainiest season in France. It is heavier in the mountainous and northern coastal areas, with light to moderate rain in Paris and Bordeaux.

Food & Culture

Many people in Paris and the northern areas of France speak English because of the popular tourism industry. While French is the national language, English, Spanish, and German are common second languages, because of the proximity to England, Spain, and Germany. To get the most opportunities for French Language practice, students studying in France should venture out of the capital city.

France is one of the few countries that can take a claim on fine dining even from a food truck. France is known for its wine, a rival of California, which is made to accompany food almost like an accessory: French wine is important on its own but able to accentuate the flavors of any main dish. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Brittany are the most popular regions of France for wine production.

The French have light breakfasts usually of just a coffee or juice with a croissant. Popular dishes unique to France are duck confit, ratatouille, boeuf bourguignon, and coq au vin. Most recipes use wine as an ingredient as well. Tarts with fruit are popular desserts as well as crepes, which are thin pancake like bread with filling eaten as a snack, breakfast, or dessert, depending on the sweet or savory filling. Crepe carts are popular all around France and can especially be seen in Paris on every corner.

France is part of the European Union and therefore uses the Euro as their currency, as do most countries in Europe. Most restaurants and shops will accept major credit cards, but smaller shops and establishments in smaller towns may only accept cash. One Euro is of similar value to one USD.

Things to Do

France is home to some of the greatest art in the world, leaving study abroad students with plenty to take in first hand. The Musee D’Orsay and The Louvre are the two largest art museums are located in Paris; art museums are spread throughout France, celebrating Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and Renoir among many others. Taking in the landscape is a great way for individuals studying abroad in France to see the country, try strolling through vineyards and breathtaking gardens. The Lascaux Cave is one stop that shouldn’t be missed during any study abroad program in France, where cave paintings over 17,000 years old excite any artist or anthropology enthusiast too.

Many art festivals are celebrated throughout the country, such as the Berlioz Festival which has celebrated the music of Hector Berlioz since the 1830s. Perhaps the biggest holiday, however,  is July 14th. Bastille Day celebrates the French independence after the revolution in 1789, marked by the storming of the Bastille, the prison in Paris that symbolized King Louis the 16th’s regime. The Revolution also inspired the French flag of blue, white, and red that represents the Republic’s ideals: liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Studying in France

Culinary, visual arts, fashion design, and architectural design students will benefit greatly from studying abroad in France, not only from coursework inside the classroom, but also from the great experiences which lies in the artistic environment France is globally known for. One of the world’s fashion and culinary capitals, France has a lot to offer study abroad students, especially those interested in making connections for employment in Europe post-graduation. Tourism and hospitality management students can also benefit from studying in France, since it is one of the top international tourist destinations in the world.

By studying in France, students can learn the best places to eat, stay, and what the best things to see in France are; they will get the unique opportunity to research the hidden treasures of France not in typical guidebooks, by living like the locals. Opportunities to study abroad span the country, most popularly in Paris, Nice, Lyon, and Toulouse.

Any visitor that is not part of the European Union who plans to study in France for more than three months must have a student visa. Visa application materials can be obtained at the French consulate. Proof of acceptance into the university or study abroad program and proof of adequate funds to support the visitor for longer than three months will also be needed when applying.

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