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Learn Chinese at Keats School: Start Anytime

Study Mandarin Chinese at Keats School in China. This intensive language training is designed for international students who need to attain academic language credits and have the desire to learn Chinese. Keats Schools is a widely recognized language institute providing one-on-one Chinese courses, with supplemental course options such as calligraphy and cooking classes. Participants can also joi...

Keats School
StudentUniverse: Student Travel Agency

StudentUniverse is the largest student deals site in the U.S. We were founded as a student travel agency and launched our service in 2000. We're a technology company that loves clean, easy-to-use, efficient services. StudentUniverse provides students all over the world with exclusive deals. We are a large network of engaged users that get access to unique experiences. It's all about students on...

StudentUniverse StudentUniverse
CAPA International Education

Students can benefit from a well-rounded learning program with CAPA International Education in the progressive city of Beijing. Students study at Capital Normal University, taking courses that range from Business to Political Science.

CAPA International Education
Study Abroad in One of the World's Oldest Civilization!

Earn a degree with International for Global Education while traveling the vast landscape of China. From Beijing to Kunming, enroll in academic courses that are designed for cultural immersion like Ethnic Studies and Asian Studies while learning the Chinese language. Excursions include a tour to the Great Wall, Forbidden Palace, and the Xiyu Village.

Institute for Global Education
1-to-1 Chinese Immersion Language School : Year Round

One way to culturally-immerse oneself when traveling abroad is through learning the native language of the country. Konall Culture Exchange provides Mandarin classes in China where instructors design a tailored curriculum for every student, that will cater to their needs and ensure that they develop a good comprehension of the language.

Konall Culture Exchange: Year Round Konall Culture Exchange: Year Round
Undergraduate/Masters/Summer Programs in China

International students can earn undergraduate course credits, in International Business Management and Tourism Management with INTO China. The program location is the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, one of China's most progressive universities.

INTO China
University Studies Abroad Consortium

China provides students with the chance to take high-quality academic courses and experience the local culture and people fully. The University Studies Abroad Consortium offers two programs centered on International Business or Cultural Studies, in Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. Both programs include language courses.

Study in China with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad works with prestigious universities in offering experiential study programs in China. The program opens a host of career opportunities for the participants as they learn an increasingly important language, Mandarin Chinese. They also get the chance to engage in one of the most cultural and historical countries in the world.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)

The Knowledge Exchange Institute provides affordable and high quality study abroad programs, all over the world. Offering a wide selection of major-specific courses, students will experience an exciting and educational learning experience in one of the selected cities in China. This program offers international students the chance to study along side Chinese local students at one of the accredi...

Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)
Global Learning Semester for Undergraduates

Are you interested in studying abroad in the heart of China with undergraduate students from around the world while earning Duke University credit? Apply now for the Global Learning Semester for Undergraduates at Duke Kunshan University (DKU), a new joint venture institution sponsored by Duke University and Wuhan University located in Kunshan, China just outside of Shanghai. We will open t...

DUKE China Duke Kunshan University
Study Chinese in China

ISA China is situated in the country's financially-progressive city, Shanghai. Programs include intensive language courses and a wide variety of other academic courses that are taught in English. Participants attend classes in East China Normal University and will partake in some immersive cultural activities where they will gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture. Only American and Canad...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
Outstanding Academic Options in China w/ IES Abroad

The Institute for the International Education of Students in China provides international academic studies program to prospective students from all over the world who are curious about the Chinese culture, lifestyle, and society. Live in either Kunming, Shanghai, or Beijing for a summer, a semester, or a full academic year and study at a prestigious Chinese university. The program offers course...

Exciting Programs in Chinese, Business & Culture Study

Learn more about the historical country of China while exploring some of the nation's most fascinating cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Created by Global Semesters, this program gives participants the chance to understand how various countries have been molded over time, choose from a number of subject areas, and earn academic credits. American and Canadian citizens are welco...

Syracuse University in China

Take up the chance to study in China by joining Syracuse University study abroad program. The program takes place in the city of Beijing and is open to American students only. Courses offered include Management Information Systems, Sociology, and Humanities.

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A patriotic boy holding China's flag.

How to Study Abroad in China

Year Of The Snake: Time To Study in China?

Chinese tradition believes that important changes happen in Snake years. So it’s significant that in 2013, the Year of the Snake, China — which has the world’s second-largest economy and is in a crucial bilateral relationship with the U.S.A. — made multiple once-in-every-10 years leadership changes. For anyone entering today’s workforce, China is a key country to understand better and Mandarin is one of the most valuable languages to know how to speak.

Things to Do

Three of the big cities in China — Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing (all in the East) — are the most popular destinations for international students. Xi’an and Chengdu (gateways to the West) come up behind. However, given the diversity of life in this vast country, anyone studying abroad in China should travel to more than one city (or a rural area) — either as an excursion that’s built into a study program, or in their free time.

Studying in China

At the turn of the 21st century, fewer than 2,000 Americans were studying in China at college level each year. Now, that figure is closer to 15,000 — making the Middle Kingdom the fifth most popular study abroad destination in the world. The year 2013 marks the halfway stage of the U.S. Administration’s 100 Thousand Strong Project, aimed at getting a total of 100,000 Americans studying in China over a 4-year period. China must be important!

China is still a non-traditional destination for American students, compared to Western Europe, and so it attracts special scholarship support. Study abroad experience in China is an experience that makes applicants stand out in job searches. China attracts a very diverse range of American college students, who all rapidly feel welcomed and at home.  

Mandarin Focus Or General Studies? It is not necessary to have studied Mandarin before coming to China for study abroad. Mandarin language courses exist at all levels. They typically take up a lot of class time, but it is a great way to learn. In Chinese universities, courses taught in English can be limited in availability, though there are some. If a student is fluent in spoken and written Mandarin, then a lot more courses are available at Chinese institutions. Programs offered through U.S. universities and third-party study-abroad providers generally offer more choice for students seeking courses taught in English — in fields such as art, business, culture, economy, and history. These programs also tend to provide more extras such as cultural trips, site visits, and guest speakers, and offer more availability of a U.S. institution’s transcript.

Semester Or Summer Study? Semester opens up more choice to those considering a program at a Chinese university. Many of them have a Mandarin-focused international semester program. There is no summer school in the Chinese universities’ academic year, but some offer a special international one. However, summer has a wide range of programs in cooperation with U.S. colleges and third-party providers. Americans tend to study abroad in China during the summer months more than during other timespans.

Just Study, Or Intern In China Too? Study abroad normally involves interaction with other students in a university setting, and along with that, a part-time internship is a popular choice. There has been a notable rise in students coming to China to work as unpaid interns in professional settings — for academic credit, to gain skills in their chosen field, and boost their resume. Internships abroad in China often involve opportunities to enhance workplace learning with a supporting course at the host institute. A full-time internship involves building credit in the workplace only. Both are good additions to a resume.

Where? Beijing and Shanghai are global mega-cities with populations of 20 million and 23 million, respectively. They provide a fast-paced lifestyle, and contain many famous sites that students ought to go see. Some third-party providers focus on these massive international cities because they provide such a wide range of opportunities for learning. The city itself becomes the classroom, with educators taking advantage of many cultural and historical sites to bring students.

In Beijing — as the cultural, historical and political capital, one sees China’s past and its current state. In Shanghai — as the economic capital and innovation zone, one sees the future. For a gentler pace and lower living costs, in still important provincial capitals, Chengdu, Nanjing, and Xi’an all have merit. For the most Western atmosphere in this part of the world, the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong would be the choice. Studying abroad in Hong Kong puts students in the middle of seven million people in a compact, energetic 24-hour city. The universities in Hong Kong have particularly high reputation, but with noticeably higher living costs than the mainland.

Colin Speakman

Colin Speakman brings more than 25 years of senior-level international education experience to his current role as Director of China Programs for CAPA International Education, based in Beijing. This includes 10 years of establishing and overseeing college programs in China. He has also lived in Nanjing and Shanghai, with frequent visits to Chengdu, Tianjin and Xi’an. Colin has been a regular writer for China Daily since 2008.