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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Florence

Forever infamous as birthplace to the Italian Renaissance, centuries later Florence remains one of the premier artistic capitals of the world to study abroad. The same city which gave patron to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonaroti continues to produce some of the greatest artists, architects, and fashionistas of the world. Enriched with natural beauty, breathtaking medieval architecture, and some of the greatest museums in the world, it should be every aspiring artist’s dream to study abroad in Florence.

Subjects & Courses

There is a little something for everyone in this city of romance and historical intrigue. Students of fashion design, art history, and architecture will surely find paradise in the the city’s rich tradition of cultural refinement. Many local universities offer liberal arts educations centralized around cultural studies.

Grades are generally exam-based, but there are plenty of outlets for additional field research. And subjects are not limited to the arts - Florence also offers many great entrepreneurial opportunities and historical complexities to be untangled for any student studying abroad in Italy. 

Field trips and cultural immersion activities are a large part of many study abroad programs in Florence as well. You will find that the Renaissance is still very much alive within the streets of Florence, making the city its own best teacher. What better way to study art history than gazing upon Botticelli's Birth of Venus at the Uffizi or Michelangelo’s David at the Academia? The city is bursting at the seams with landmark monuments and cultural wonders to be learnt from.

Classes are mostly taught in English or Italian, and many study abroad programs in Florence tend to boast their own international center within the city. Programs typically run for summer, a single semester, or for the full academic year. Semesters in Italy typically run from September to January and February to July, with summer and winter breaks in between.

Life in Florence

The Italians live a pleasantly laid back lifestyle, so just sit back and enjoy the relaxed pace which governs Florence. Taking long strolls along old alleyways and wide cobblestone streets lined with high end fashion boutiques is a nice way to explore within the relatively small city limits while studying abroad. Taxis are a dependable way to traverse long distances but can be expensive. There is a fairly good bus system in Florence as well, though many central parts of the city are closed to thru traffic.

Depending on the season, the city center is likely to be bustling with tourists and street vendors competing to earn business. The most popular attractions will be quite crowded, especially during summer, so try to meet locals and find the cool offbeat spots while studying in Florence. There is no shortage of hip cafes and bars to be discovered, so make an effort to stray off the beaten path!

Also, if you love Italian food as any sane person should, you will come to find Nirvana while studying abroad in Florence. Some of the best restaurants and gelatarias in all of Italy can be sampled here. So you may want to be mindful about your budget and weight - it is easy to forsake both in this city of culinary excellence.

Accommodation & Visas

Depending on the specifics of your program you will likely be offered the choice of apartment, dorm-style living, or a homestay. There is certainly a sentimental quality to having your own apartment when studying in Florence, but also be mindful of the immersive opportunities offered by a homestay and the social opportunities of dorm style living. Choosing appropriate accommodation is typically a to-each-their-own thing; just be sure to do your research beforehand so you can end up in the best possible situation!

Depending on your home country, you will also likely need to organize a student visa if planning to study abroad in Florence for a semester or full year. Your study abroad program provider will typically help you out in this phase, but for more information you can consult GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory. Try to get started early with the visa process, allotting yourself enough time to avoid unneeded time pressure.

Benefits & Challenges

It is easy to fall in love with Florence. There is a tremendous wealth of cultural history, artistic brilliance, and architectural wonder which would take a lifetime to fully absorb. As a study abroad participant, take every moment as a learning experience. The Renaissance was one of the most important developments of human history, and its remnants are everywhere in Florence. From the medieval to the modern, this is truly a city with something for everyone. Live every moment to the fullest and do not hesitate to explore all the opportunities that this tremendous city has to offer.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Florence


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LdM Florence: Summer Program

The LdM Florence campus is one of the largest international schools in Italy, located in twelve campus buildings in the historic city center near the famous Duomo Cathedral and next to the bustling San Lorenzo market and church. The LdM buildings are Wi-Fi equipped and contain a full range of facilities including large classrooms and specialized art studios, a cafeteria, courtyard garden, libra...

cathedral in italy

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CEA Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and known as “the cradle of the Renaissance,” Florence has long been a source of inspiration for visionaries such as Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, and Niccolò Machiavelli. It is known for the Cathedral on the Piazza del Duomo, a domed edifice engineered by Fillipo Brunelleschi, which includes an iconic bell tower rising high above the city. This present h...


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Study in Italy: Various Academic Options Available

Venture on a study abroad trip to Florence with AIFS. Students get to indulge in the historic streets and infamous art of Florence while studying a range of subjects. Course options include Communications and History, as well as Italian language classes. AIFS programs also include cultural activities to increase learning.


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Semester and Summer Programs in Italy

Build up Italian language skills and become immersed in Italian culture through studying abroad in Florence with Athena Study Abroad. Programs are open to American students and allow participants to spend a summer, semester, or full academic year studying Italian language and culture, among other courses, such as Art History, Business, and Graphic Design.


Budget Academic Programs in Florence with CSA!

Experience the historic city of Florence, Italy with a study abroad program created by CSA. This program is available for varying durations and terms throughout the year and is open to students of any nationality. Participating students can develop a higher French language fluency, learn more about the local culture, and meet international students from around the world.


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Syracuse University Florence Center

Sign up for SU Florence, one of Europe’s most prestigious and oldest study abroad programs. Take academic courses and participate in related activities - all evolving in the context of the city’s contemporary nature and rich history. While the capital of Tuscany is mostly associated with the Renaissance, it has plenty of modern aspects. It is a world capital for fashion, food, architecture...


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Study Abroad in Italy with ISA

Study Abroad in Florence with International Student Adventures. Students can choose to study Art History, Classical Studies, Fashion Design And Merchandising, and many other courses at either Florence University of the Arts (FUA) or at the Apicius International School of Hospitality (AISH). Programs are open to American and Canadian students who have at least a 2.75 GPA and one year of college-...


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Music Semester in Florence

Study music in Florence, the birthplace of opera and one of Italy’s most important cultural centers as the capital of the region of Tuscany. Musical excellence is part of the very identity of Florence, from the historical influences of Paganini to the hundreds of opera singers, orchestras, and choirs that flourish today. Take small classes and private lessons taught in English with experienc...


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Study & Intern in Florence

Learn or improve your Italian in romantic Florence, center of the Italian Renaissance, and immerse yourself in Italian culture through courses, excursions, and an internship. You will be based in the Oltrarno neighborhood located on the south side of the Arno River. The area is in Piazza Santo Spirito, home to Santa Maria del Santo Spirito, which is one of the best-known basilicas in Floren...


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Study Italian in Florence

Improve fluency in the Italian language in Florence, Italy. The city is where the Renaissance originated, which influenced the entire cultural and spiritual life of Europe. Florence offers countless iconic sites, cultural activities, and amazing cuisines for international visitors. Eurocentres teach the language students need to communicate in real life through undergoing a series of exercis...


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New York University Florence

Located on a stunning 57-acre estate, NYU Florence is set amidst beautifully manicured gardens, cypress-studded hills, and olive groves. The centerpiece, Villa La Pietra, is a magnificent 15th-century mansion that houses an Early Renaissance art collection and is the venue for an active lecture series featuring notable writers, historians, and global leaders. Four other villas complete the esta...