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Study Korean language in Seoul, South Korea. Best Friend Korean Language School has a study program that focuses on basic, advanced, and business Korean language lessons. Students may also take subjects in Korean cuisine and culture, or participate in a Language Exchange with a Korean student partner. The program may be taken throughout the year and is open to worldwide participants.


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Explore the beautiful country of South Korea with International Studies Abroad. Students may choose from a variety of courses taught in English alongside local students in the areas of Engineering, Business, Sciences, History, Fashion, Film and more. Students will attend either Korea University, the oldest higher education instituion in Korea, or Konkuk University, one of the country's top priv...

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Designed to provide international students with cross-cultural training by offering a range of courses in various disciplines, the Korean Studies program, offered by the Council on International Educational Exchange, is available in South Korea every summer and academic year. The Arts and Sciences program starts every fall and spring semester. Explore South Korea society and discover how it bec...


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Study in Seoul at one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, Ewha Womans University. You can choose to study a variety of fields in either Korean or English. Take advantage of the opportunities to make local friends by participating in the buddy program, cultural parties, student clubs, and Korean arts and performances.


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Sage Corps’ semester study abroad program is your chance to not only learn in a foreign classroom setting but also gain incredible professional experience building a company. While abroad, you'll also establish a global professional network. Your semester study abroad will be an amazing cultural experience and may be the ticket to your dream job. For most students, semester study abroad is thei...


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Konkuk University in Seoul offers low cost, non-profit academic programs through CSA. Students earn academic credit. Courses offered are Liberal Arts, Business, and Science and taught in English through the International Summer Program. Korean Language and Culture programs are also offered year-around. Low cost housing is available in the campus dormitory. Cultural activities and excursions inc...


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University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study programs in one of the top rated academic institutions in South Korea. Hosted by Yonsei University, ranked among the Top 200 World Universities, the program ensures that students get high-quality academic training. They also offer activities that let students engage in South Korea’s colorful culture.


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Spend the summer in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, on a study abroad program with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The program offers intensive Korean Language courses and East Studies courses, which are taught by some of the most prestigious faculty in the area. Throughout the courses participants study side-by-side with local students, and they are given the chance to experience...


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Travel to South Korea on a study abroad program with the Sogang Korean Summer Program. Students can choose from a broad variety of courses, from Architecture and East Asian Studies, to Culture and History. The program provides students with excursions to various points of interest like the Changdeok Palace and the DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone.


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Begin your year in Korea with a five-day arrival orientation that will include Korean language training, culture and customs classes, and cultural excursions to palaces and historical sites. As a student in Korea, you will attend a local Korean school and live with a Korean host family. As all of Korean high schools begin in early March, the program begins in mid-February. During your stay i...


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Discover how amazing it is to speak Korean! Join our regular language program, which includes three-hour morning classes (from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) for five days per week, with a total of 60 hours per month. Study in a small or large class size, with 4 to 10 students. Participants take a placement test so we can determine their language level and then assign them in a suitable class. Throug...


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Experience South Korea’s exciting digital innovation and sharing economy linking public, private, and grassroots social entrepreneurship. From the program’s base in the dynamic center of Seoul, engage with open source and open data initiatives that are driving the next generation of digital and social innovation. Come away from the program with experience developing a digital innovation proj...


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Strategically located in the state capital of New York, the University at Albany is an internationally recognized public research institution that brings "The World Within Reach" to over 17,000 students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The varied perspectives and life experiences of a student body and faculty that represent more than 100 nations provide a diversity that enriches learni...

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Studying Abroad in South Korea

With one of the most advanced economies on the Asian continent and a national culture that has begun to garner some penetrating influence beyond its own borders (think Samsung and K-Pop), South Korea is a continuously rising country in the global arena. Making the decision to study abroad in South Korea will be the beginning of a grand world adventure in which you explore a language, culture, and history that has thrived for thousands of years, and continues to innovate at the head of the curve.


South Korea is a fairly large nation of 50 million people located in East Asia. The country shares maritime borders with China and Japan, as well as a land border with North Korea. While tensions between North and South Korea are somewhat tense, there has not been any serious flare-up in action since the Korean War in 1950, when the two countries were first separated. South Korea has since remained a peaceful nation.

As the capital and largest city in the country, Seoul is the first choice for many international students of where to study abroad in South Korea. With some 25 million people living in the metropolitan area, Seoul is home to just about half of South Korea’s population and is a hugely influential city in global culture, politics, and economy. Further known as the world’s “most wired” city, Seoul is an ideal landing place for futurists of all interests.

Other destinations where you might consider looking into study abroad programs in South Korea include the smaller cities of Daegu and Chuncheon. The former is another high-tech capital of South Korea, while the latter is a more remote lake town which is home to five universities. Don’t settle for the ordinary; look into as many destinations as possible for where to study abroad in South Korea!

Subjects & Courses

As one of the four Asian Tiger economies that has experienced rapid growth over past decades, South Korea continues to stand tall as a major global leader in education, research, and innovation. The country is furthermore making a targeted push to attract more international students to its doorstep every year, including opening up international campuses within several of its major universities to accommodate for English-speaking students.

Some study abroad programs in South Korea will enable you to take English-taught courses at local universities, while others will offer to enroll you at their own satellite schools, where classes are taught by local faculty and custom-tailored to an international student body. If you speak South Korean, of course, then the option will also be on the table to enroll full time at a major local university.

Some of the most popular subjects among international students who study abroad in South Korea tend to include Korean language, computer science, international business, and Asian studies. You are by no means limited to within these areas, however, so make sure to take the amount and type of course offerings into account while researching different programs through which to study abroad in South Korea!

Scholarships & Costs

Another benefit about studying abroad in South Korea is that general costs of living remain affordable in relation to other advanced economies (especially compared to neighboring Japan, for example). The national currency is the South Korean won, which exchanges at roughly 1,150 KRW to $1 USD. There are also a  large number of scholarships out there which can further ease the financial toll of studying abroad, so be sure to look into these as well!

Accommodation & Visas

Student dormitories, off-campus apartments, and homestays are all examples of the types of accommodation you might be offered while you study abroad in South Korea. Every housing option has its pros and cons, so be thoughtful about the decision. For example living in a homestay can be a great way to immerse yourself deeply in the local culture, while living in an apartment can afford a more autonomous lifestyle. It all comes down to what you want out of the experience!

You will also typically be expected to apply for a student visa in order to study abroad in South Korea, a process that your study abroad program or host school will generally help guide you through. The specifics of what visa you need will depend on factors such as your home nation and the duration of your intended stay; for more information regarding your individual circumstances, check out our South Korean Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Cutting Edge. South Korea is a country on the rise, and one of the most technologically innovative in the world. Studying abroad in Seoul, especially, can seem eerily futuristic at times.

National History. Over the course of the past century Korea has been occupied by Japan, then divided into two separate nations, then waged a new war in itself. While the past half-century has been peaceful, learning about South Korea’s fascinating history will shed a whole new light on East Asian dynamics.

Culture Shock. Adapting to your new surroundings while you study abroad in South Korea may be challenging at times, as you will be in the midst of an entirely new culture and language. Put your best foot forward to assimilate, however, and you will come to fall in love with the country.

Making the leap to study abroad in South Korea will place you in a dynamic academic environment, which through its investment and research remains ahead of the global curve. If you’re an ambitious, creative individual, then you’ll fit right in.

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