Internships Abroad in Hawaii (USA)

57 Internships Abroad Programs in Hawaii (USA)

Intern in Hawaii with Institute for Global Studies

Travel through Hawaii and experience the culture of a Hawaiin work environment with Institute for Global Studies. Worldwide participants can live in Honolulu and become immersed in the local community, gaining new experiences. Internship programs include Fine Arts, Biochemistry, and Interior Design and placments are available for up to a year.


Experience Hawaii by interning abroad through CISabroad. Interns have a three-day welcome orientation, attend a traditional Hawaiian luau, and develop professional skills for six to twelve weeks. The placements are available year-round with flexible start and end dates and include the fields of Agriculture, Ecology, and Environmental Management.

Polestar Gardens

Experience the warm Hawaiian weather while expanding your skills in your chosen field through this internship placement offered by Polestar Gardens. Available in two cities, Hilo and Pahoa, participants get the chance to explore 20 acres of land which overlooks the Big Island's East coast. A number of internship types are available such as Culinary Arts, Education, and Agriculture.

KoKoLuLu Farm & Cancer Retreats Center in Hawaii

Launch your career globally at KoKoLuLu Farm and Cancer Retreats Center in Hawaii. This internship opportunity allows participants to work at an institution that provides retreats for those who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as survivors. To be eligible for this unique program, candidates must be at least 21 years old.

Village Green Society

Village Green Society has 2 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in United States and Hawaii (USA)