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Volunteering in Brazil, as in any part of the world, is not an easy issue at all but may have a rewarding return for the wonderful experience it offers. Thinking about that and also thinking about the improvement the civil society would acquire with a foreign perspective of the problems it faces, CI Experience and its local partners idealized a program of volunteering that has been developed an...


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Intern Brazil is a career-development company that facilitates exchange programs in Brazil through internship and volunteering opportunities. The company provides participants with a life-changing personal and professional experience. Intern Brazil creates tailor-made programs by finding the right internship, housing, and visa aid, and providing a real immersion in the Brazilian culture. Int...


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TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to stay for free with locals around the world in exchange for teaching your native language to your host. We are looking for travelers for whom traditional tourism is no longer satisfying. A “TalkTalker” has a real desire is to experience life from a different cultural perspective. Destinations are not chosen just to be crossed off a list, but because of th...


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Nikitas Language Abroad Schools offers a variety of volunteering projects in three different cities in Brazil. Participants can volunteer with a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization for endangered species, childcare house for children removed from the custody of their parents, environmental conservation of a national park, youth community center, children family school, or children outr...


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Guerreiros Da Luz is an NGO based in the village of Morro de Sao Paulo on the island of Tinhare in Brazil. This island is a paradise with six major beaches and many small inlets and coves with soft white sand but sadly the youth of the island need help to not get involved with the burgeoning drug problems of the island. We have finished building a cultural centre where we will help the local...