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A Guide to Studying Biochemistry Abroad

Biochemistry plays a fundamental role in understanding the world around us, by looking at the smallest atoms, molecules, ions, and the way they interact. Similarly, studying abroad can help you understand the world on a larger scale, investigating the connections between people, societies, cultures, and the way they interact in the modern landscape. Studying biochemistry abroad can give you a pass to explore a new part of the world and advance your education at the same time. Moreover, students come back from study abroad with a new perspective on biochemistry, how it is studied abroad, and how advancements in the field can make a difference in the daily lives of millions of people.

Why Study Biochemistry Abroad

As a growing field, biochemistry requires students to have mastery of biology, chemistry, microbiology, mathematics, and a slew of other fields. Additionally, biochemistry students are expected to be able to communicate well, work professionally in teams, and publish their findings. Studying biochemistry abroad can push you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to learn new languages, new ways to communicate with team members, and to see the scientific world from a different viewpoint.

Many biochemistry students worry that studying abroad may deter them from graduating on time; however, with preparation into course scheduling and support from an academic advisor, studying abroad and staying on track educationally is possible. Furthermore, studying biochemistry abroad can give you a leg up once you graduate and begin searching for jobs or graduate schools. Biochemistry majors often seek admission into graduate programs, such as medical or veterinary schools, and these schools have high standards; graduate schools often look at time spent studying abroad as a bonus, since it is time spent developing yourself and improving your cultural education.


Biochemistry is vital to medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and countless other important industries; therefore, because of its significance, biochemistry can be studied nearly anywhere in the world. Whether you choose a location that interests you or travel to a place renowned for biochemistry research, your study abroad experience is bound to be enlightening.

Study abroad programs in Australia attract students from all over the world, because of the nation’s thoroughly developed biochemistry programs and well published, experienced professors. Australian universities cover a wide range of research topics, from pharmacology to the cell biology of tumor suppressing genes. Studying biochemistry in Sydney, the nation’s capital and famous oceanfront city, or in Brisbane, a northern city with year-round ideal warm climate, will afford every student equal opportunities for education and recreation.

Spain presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be tutored under celebrated biochemists, while exploring a country steeped in centuries old culture and improving your Spanish language skills. England and Ireland are other popular biochemistry study abroad destinations in Western Europe, as courses are taught in English and the location is ideal for those looking to explore the rest of Europe on breaks and weekends.

Germany is a world leader in biochemical pharmaceutical research and product development; some labs even offer undergraduate student research internships in tandem with course credit. Leading the world in biochemistry education, as well as the industry in general, is Japan; a country many students fall in love with during their time abroad because of the friendly attitude of its citizens, welcoming atmosphere, and cultural focus and importance put on education.

Studying Biochemistry Abroad

Typically, biochemistry majors need to take both a chemistry course and a math course each semester to complete requirements for graduation. Almost any academic institution abroad will offer both general courses related to biochemistry, such as chemistry and organic chemistry courses and advanced math courses like calculus.

Biochemistry study abroad programs are also excellent opportunities to get involved in laboratory courses, or even laboratory work for undergraduate students outside of the classroom. Different laboratories around the world are often equipped with different equipment, and being in a lab operating with different units and procedures can make you a flexible and skillful addition to any research team.

Though studying abroad is often thought of as having to take non-related elective courses, it is possible to find upper level biochemistry classes in most developed countries with well-established education systems, including courses that may not be available at your home institution. In the past, biochemistry majors have been pleasantly surprised discovering courses like bioinformatics, virology, biomedicine, and immunology offered by partner institutions or study abroad program providers abroad.

Doing research into what courses are offered in each biochemistry study abroad program is a vital step in preparing to go abroad; your academic advisor may be able to help you plan your time abroad and confirm course credits for required prerequisite classes too.

Once you are certain you are taking the courses needed for your biochemistry degree program, adding elective courses that are native to the country you are studying in, including language, food-related, or history courses, can round out your schedule and enrich your study abroad experience.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

As the importance of biochemistry is recognized worldwide, many countries have developed robust biochemistry degree programs, making it a great time to study biochemistry abroad. It has never been easier to find accredited institutions with excellent chemistry and biology courses nearly anywhere in the world, so you can travel while working on your degree requirements.

After graduation, biochemistry majors are introduced to a highly competitive industry of lab and research jobs, or else must enter the daunting arena of graduate programs. Whichever your path may be, having biochemistry study abroad experience on your resume can illustrate to potential employers or admissions committees that you value international education and have gained important life skills, often including communication outside your first language.

Biochemistry is a study with the potential to improve lives around the world, with the advent of pharmaceuticals, medical procedures, and genetic applications. Studying biochemistry abroad can give you a chance to glimpse the global importance of the field, while opening up your eyes to new personal experiences, networking connections, and a passion for international travel.

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A Guide To
Studying Biochemistry Abroad


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Boston University: Madrid Science Program

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API at the University College Cork, NUI

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Shadow doctors in Portugal. 20+ AAMC-compliant hrs/week.

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International Exchange Programs at Sharjah, UAE

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Sicily Applied Biotechnology Program

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