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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Salzburg

Salzburg is a town that makes visitors want to sing — literally. This birthplace of Mozart and location of The Sound of Music is renowned for its beautiful mountainous surrounding and the baroque architecture in the older part of town, the Altstadt. When you aren’t figuring out which hills are alive with music, you can also work hard while you intern abroad in Salzburg. An opportunity to find an internship in this Austrian city will combine real-world experience with unforgettable experiences.

What you need to know about interning abroad in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg’s organizations and businesses are great places to show just how capable and hard-working you are. Read on to see exactly how this Alpine city can be the ideal location for an internship in a variety of fields, despite being a fairly small population center.  

Popular types of internships in Salzburg. One clear option for interning in Salzburg is a Music internship, to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Salzburg is also a great option if you want a paid internship in Austria in Business. If the written word is your preferred path and you are a Marketing and Communication major who wants to explore internships abroad in Salzburg, you’ll get a great chance to exercise your skills, especially when practicing your German.  

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long-term internships in Salzburg. By choosing a short-term internship, like a summer internship in Salzburg, you take advantage of the gorgeous weather and the views of the Alps while also getting valuable work experience. At the same time, a longer internship, up to a whole year where you live and work in Salzburg, can move you from just getting started to feeling at home in Austria. You’ll also get to see the dramatic shifts in the seasons, which can be a cool indicator that you’ve really taken root in a place.

Unpaid vs. paid internships in Salzburg. Austria is part of the Eurozone, so one nice aspect is that the Euro is fairly stable, even if it is slightly more or less valuable depending on what currency you want to exchange. For that reason, some people are willing to take an unpaid internship in Salzburg if they are interested in improving their work experience, especially if they will then return to studies elsewhere. The ideal of getting a paid internship in Austria, however, is not a bad idea: Many businesses know that students have valuable skills and will pay, at least minimally. 

If you know you cannot afford your unpaid internship in Salzburg but still want to go, ask if you can work 20 hours a week instead and try to get a small part time job; usually with subsidized housing and eating simply, it is possible to survive on part-time wages.

Life Abroad in Salzburg, Austria for International Interns

Salzburg offers a diverse variety of living options, from the opulent to the humble. To get the richest experience, you are best off to seek housing in a university dormitory if some has been set aside for members of your internship program. It tends to combine the frugality of communal living with some independence. Another great option is to rent a room from a family or participate in an official homestay; these homestays sometimes bundle in a meal or two a day, so you can try some of the Austrian cuisine while saving a few minutes here and there in your busy internship day.

The altitude of Salzburg may take some getting used to, being almost 1500 feet above sea level, but it is technically a valley compared to the rest of the area. A great way to see the areas nearby is by train, so consider spending days hiking in the countryside or taking advantage of world-class skiing when the weather is right. Staying active in the city proper is easy with bike-friendly roadways and plenty of ways to rent or buy a bicycle and then sell it when your internship is over.

GoAbroad Insider Tips for international interns in Salzburg

Tours take guests out to see each of the locations for filming in The Sound of Music, and iconic film about how one family came together and created a unique resistance to Hitler’s regime. If you prefer to explore on your own, there are palaces, castles, and abbeys to explore on your days off. If you’re into the more technical fields, you’ll love Hangar 7, a unique building housing exhibitions of aeronautical architects, and House of Nature, a large interactive science museum.

You may be surprised to see just how small a town Salzburg is; only 150,000 people live here. For an intern, this is a strength, not a weakness. If ever your networking skills were going to do you some good, it’s in a small city where any one person you meet is likely to know someone who can help you on your career journey. Take advantage of the opportunity to do language exchanges to improve your German, with an eye open to the possibilities of getting to know new friends and colleagues whenever possible.

Salzburg is just across the border from Germany, so with a quick train ride you can journey to many other European cities, including cities like Vienna, where your internship in Salzburg might prove helpful in making Austrian connections. 

Your time making connections, showing how great a worker you are, and enjoying the scenery and sights on the weekends will not be wasted in Salzburg. 

Singing for joy after your internship in Salzburg? Check out our comprehensive guide on interning in Austria!

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