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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Vienna

With a long history as one of Europe’s most enriching cultural centers, and perennially ranked today as one of the world’s most livable cities, it is no wonder why so many interns seek a placement in Vienna. As Austria’s capital and the sixth largest city in the European Union, Vienna has for many centuries been one of the most important cultural hubs on the continent. The city is also a majorly influential economic and political center in the current global landscape, meaning that you can find a whole slew of different types of internships abroad in Vienna!

Life in Vienna

Known as the City of Music, Vienna has a dynamic, young atmosphere that oozes good music with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant Monday through Sunday club scene, and multitudes of street performers tickling your ear on the daily. You’re bound to have a gut time as an intern in Vienna! 

Vienna is also famous for its elite coffee culture. Despite incursions by Starbucks and Italian-style espresso bars, the kaffeehauskultur is still the traditional way to drink a cup of coffee and authentically experience life in Vienna. 

Keep those pinkies up! The Viennese appreciation of the finer things in life extends beyond its opulent coffeehouses into elegant vinothek cellars and in rustic taverns in the vineyards fringing the city serving up only the finest Austrian wines. Local and international delicacies fill the Viennese plates, and world-renowned chefs radiating creativity can be found experimenting with local produce and fresh new flavor combinations in equally innovative venues. But traditional, wood-paneled beislns are always a staple, dishing up hearty portions of Wiener schnitzel and goulash.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

When it comes to life inside the office walls as you’re interning in Vienna, be prepared to work hard and at a high level. Make sure you indulge plentifully in the coffee culture to be able to keep up with the highly professional, efficient work culture. In addition, Austrians highly value punctuality, so do what you have to do to ALWAYS be on time. 

Outside of the office walls, Vienna is potentially one of the safest cities in the world for its size. There are no slums or districts you need to avoid. And don’t worry about getting tired of city life. Living in Vienna you will leave you only a short trip away from the Alps, where all sorts of outdoor adventures await you.  

Don’t even think up leaving Vienna without perusing at least one of the many outdoor markets held daily. Small stands and characteristically Viennese hut-like shops host a large variety of vendors and wares, from the upscale to the dirt-cheap. Each market houses several shops of different kinds from butchers to bakers to candlestick makers. Additionally, many of locations hold true farmers markets, often on Saturday mornings. 

Vienna is steeped in history and has a significant legacy as one of the most influential cities on the continent. From the Habsburg dynasty in the middle ages to its current central position in international affairs, Vienna has for a long time been one of Europe’s most flourishing cities, and today, nothing is different. Vienna's past is alive in its present, and when you choose to intern abroad in Vienna, you’ll be a part of its future. 

For even more information, check out our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Austria.

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