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Westcoast Connection | Major League Madness

Join Westcoast Connection on the summer of a lifetime on this ultimate baseball fantasy tour. Gain experiences you normally won’t enjoy when watching a game as a regular viewer! Get that sought-after autograph from your favorite player. Sit in the dugout or catch a foul ball. Together with fellow baseball fanatics from around the world, you will have the chance to tour Major League Ballparks a...


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Alaska or Bust! A Road Trip Across America

Join us for a life-changing road trip that takes thirteen girls ages 13-17 more than 6000 miles from Washington D.C. all the way to Alaska, as we record our experiences through a video/ photography documentary. Led by two experienced Alaskan guides with a background in teaching and sociology, this trip takes you on a road adventure that will expand your understanding of the diversity of peop...


Experience Local Traditions and Culture with World Homestay

What better way to truly experience and immerse in local culture and language while in a foreign country than to live with locals themselves? This is exactly what you can guarantee by coordinating with World Homestay when finding housing abroad. We connect you with host families from around the world, arranging your homestay directly with a family without involving any agency! It’s that dir...