Volunteer in South Korea

5 Volunteer Abroad Programs in South Korea

Cultural Homestay International

Experience day to day life in a Korean family by volunteering abroad in South Korea with Cultural Homestay International. Home stay placements in Seoul allow participants to witness daily home life and get to know the culture first hand. Participants are provided with not only housing during the program, but they are also provided with meals and relevant training.

United Planet

Delve into South Korean culture by volunteering with United Planet. Individuals gain a better appreciation of the country's way of life as the work together with the locals in community development projects that include Disabled Care, Education, and Social activities. These programs are open to American and Canadian volunteers only.

Volunteering Worldwide with CADIP

Volunteer abroad in South Korea with CADIP. Volunteers can take part in three different programs: Social Adaptation of Blind Kids in Chuncheon, Environmental and Heritage Restoration Projects in Busan, or Intercultural Exchange with the Children of Wando Island. CADIP is committed to helping international volunteers serve local communities in ways that help strengthen and develop the communitie...