Volunteer Abroad in England

20 Volunteer Abroad Programs in England

The Intern Group

Admire the beauty of England and volunteer with The Intern Group. Assist in childcare programs, feeding the homeless, or teaching a new sport. Placement is offered in the beautiful city of London and is open to worldwide participants.

UK - Supporting People with Disabilities

Volunteer abroad in England with GoEco. Volunteers can take part in the Supporting People with Disabilities program in England's rural areas or the bustling city of London. The program accepts volunteers who are 16 to 80 years old, have two positive references, and are willing to work hard, learn, and get involved.

Volunteer Abroad with an i-to-i TEFL Certificate

Experience volunteering abroad in London, Brighton, or York with i-to-i UK in England. Volunteers can take part in placements that provide them with the opportunity to earn TEFL certification. Programs are open to worldwide participants who are at least 18 years of age and fluent in the English language.

Earthwatch Institute

Join the Earthwatch Institute in England and experience volunteering abroad. Programs are available in South Shields, Brighton, and Oxford. Volunteers can take part in placements that covers a wide variety of activities, such as assisting on a climate change research project or scouting Foxes, Badgers, and Hedgehogs.

United Planet

Indulge in the English culture, language, and history while engaging in a volunteer program with United Planet. Located in London, each placement last for about seven months to a year. Volunteer options include Community Organizing, Culture, and Youth. Participation is limited to American and Canadian citizens.

City Travel Review

Volunteer abroad with City Travel Review. The program offers language classes, workshops, and many more activities for participants of the Travel Writing and Research Team Work Project. Located in London, volunteers from all over the world can participate in the project during the summer months.

Christian Activity Instructors UK

Partake in this UK-based program which gives a focus on Christian projects and is open to people from across the globe who are over 18 years old, fluent in the English language, and who have Christian church backgrounds. Developed by Agape Adventures, participants have the chance to choose from a number of projects to work on depending largely on that site which best fits them. They may opt to ...

World Choice Education

Travel to England through a volunteer program. World Choice Education has programs in the fields of Gardening, Environment, and Nutrition, and are based in the cities of Bath, Bournemouth, Bradford, and 18 other cities. Participants may stay in the program for up to 6 months and live home-stays in a farm, organic land, or a small holding. Programs are open to worldwide participants.