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The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is a leading institution of research and higher education dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues.

Your Degree Abroad with Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

The major objectives of the ICD are to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of cultural diplomacy and create a platform to promote and sustain intercultural dialogue at all levels. The ICD sees the role of researching, promoting and developing the field of cultural diplomacy as an integral part of its mission.

International Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Chemistry, Physics and Biology

The interdisciplinary MAINZ Graduate School of Excellence provides an advanced education in the interdisciplinary fields of materials science. For students working towards a doctoral degree, we offer continuing education opportunities through seminars and lecture courses, supervision by our PIs, and contact with academia. Based on a spirit of community among the MAINZ participants, the school s...

Degree Abroad with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

APU's fundamental objective is to cultivate young talent for the Asia Pacific Age. In response to the demand for capable human resources with highly specialized postgraduate education, APU established two international schools in April of 2003, which will further develop the academic discipline beyond the undergraduate level and cultivate truly international human resources.

Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (ND/NMD)

Facilitated by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, the Doctor of Naturopathy/Natural Medicine (N.D./N.M.D.)is a distance learning course that is ideal for individuals who intend to undertake education in the medical and health industry. This program equips students with sufficient knowledge and application of natural healing methods, such as botanical medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, phy...

Get a Degree in Italy now with IMT

IMT's specially designed campus fosters the continual presence of visiting scholars that contribute to creating a stimulating and intellectually lively environment. At the same time, IMT is also an institute of technology where numerous research projects are undertaken to apply cutting-edge scientific results to solve problems of economic, industrial, and societal interest.

PhD in Optics & Photonics

Earn a doctorate degree abroad through this international opportunity offered by Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP). This program allows participants to be part of an exceptional PhD course which prides itself for an excellent research environment and for conducting trainings that are both well-balanced and perfectly structured. There are many reasons why you should choose the K...