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Complete a two-year masters degree program in Economics, Management, or Finance in China with Peking University HSBC Business School. Living in the rich city of Shenzhen, international students can delve into the Chinese culture along with the diverse student population. Scholarships are available to applicants with strong academic and professional records.


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Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University boasts 26 distinct undergraduate degree programs and six postgraduate degree programs. Students earn dual-degrees upon finishing an undergraduate degree, from both Xi-an Jiaotong and Liverpool University, while those who successfully complete masters degrees receive a degree from the University of Liverpool alone.


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Students can begin graduate studies in the United States and finish their degree in China with Concordia University Irvine. This International Studies masters degree program focuses on three concentration options, International Relations, International Business, and International Policy and Diplomacy. The portion of study in China is available in various Chinese cities, including Shanghai and H...


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Earn a master's degree in China with Duke Kunshan University. Situated in the city of Kunshan, participants from across the globe have the chance to broaden their knowledge in the subject area of Global Health in a new country. Students gain a better comprehension of research methods and techniques used in the field.


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Thanks to our partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in Shenzhen city, TopEDU can offer native English students the possibility to get a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to study in one of the Top 6 Universities in Asia and TOP 51 Universities in the world from September 2016! CUHK is looking for ten international students coming from English Native Speaking countries. If you are a stu...


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The China location of LIU Global offers a year-long program for American undergraduate students that includes language courses, cultural immersion and education, and independent study. Students study at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Through additional academic components, outside of the regular classes, students learn about Chinese culture, politics, society, and history.


Based in Kunming, China, students can attend The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata and explore the rich culture of China. A recommended degree abroad destination by the World Health Organisation, Medical Council of India, and National Board of Education, Kunming Medical University is the largest medical unit in Yunnan. Students therefore have the opportunity to earn a Bachelors Degree in Me...


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Open FIESTA (Open Faculties for Innovation, Education, Science, Technology, and Art) is co-established by Tsinghua University and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity at Paris. The program is located at the Graduate School at Shenzhen of Tsinghua University. By integrating gobal intelligence, the program aims to develop a leading interdisciplinary institution and a global collaborati...


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The ARAQ Network provides comprehensive support to foreign students at ten universities in China, managing their application process and providing 24-hour assistance during their entire period of study. The network covers ten highly respected universities in five Chinese cities (Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and Jiamusi). It is possible to study a Doctorate degree at a Chinese univers...


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Qingdao Technological University Qindao College offers programs in 50 majors, including 32 bachelor's degree programs in Engineering, Finance, Economics, Trade, Accounting, Computer, Design, and Art. The program is open to all students ages 18 to 60 who have at least finished high school. These programs are taught in Mandarin Chinese. The college also offers an international Chinese educatio...

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Degrees Abroad in China

China has been the most popular destination in Asia for international students to study abroad in for quite some time. The leaps and bounds that China has made in education over the past few decades have played no small part in its rapid development throughout other realms of society. Chinese universities are quickly becoming some of the best and most competitive in the world, making the chance to earn a degree in China all the more worthwhile.


China is an absolutely massive country, boasting the world’s largest population and second largest land area. There is a tremendous amount of diversity within, and any destination you choose to earn a degree in China will prove significantly different from the next.

Shanghai is the country’s largest city, and in many ways has become the face of modern China. It is the economic and financial motor of the country, complete with a highly modern infrastructure and imposing skyline. Students who wish to live at China’s center stage of industry and innovation should consider earning a degree in Shanghai as their top option.

Beijing, the country’s capital and second largest city, is no less a prestigious destination for degree programs in China than its slightly larger counterpart. Beijing has served as the seat of the Chinese government throughout centuries of change, and today the sense of global prominence is palpable. Beijing also hosts the country’s two most highly ranked universities, Peking University and Tsinghua University, both widely respected global institutions. 

Other popular destinations for degree programs in China include Hangzhou, Kunming, and Xi’an. While living and studying in China for an extended period of time, you should also take advantage of your vacations to get away from city life and explore as much of the country as possible. From the imposing mountains and deserts of the west to the sprawling coastlines of the east, China is one of the most topographically unique countries on the planet!

Academics & Degrees

China’s educational system is, to put it lightly, quite complex. There are over 2,000 colleges and universities located across the country, which is still not nearly enough to accommodate its burgeoning population of nearly 1.4 billion citizens. As such entry into Chinese universities, while open to foreign students, can prove extremely competitive. A proficient command of Mandarin is also essential in almost all cases, as this is the language of education at most Chinese universities.

There is a silver lining to this complex situation. Since the demand for higher education in China exceeds the supply, many Chinese universities have partnered with other academic institutions across the world to help handle the great amount of prospective students. As part of these partnerships, there are many satellite schools of international universities located in China, where it is possible to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English.

The most popular degree programs in China include Mandarin, Asian Studies, and International Business. However, these are only the tip of the iceberg, studying full time and earning a degree at a university in China will give you the opportunity to pursue any and every degree available, while also getting the cultural education of a lifetime!

Scholarships & Costs

Though tuition can be expensive, China remains quite an affordable destination to earn a degree abroad for many students coming from the industrialized world. Basic costs of living, such as food, housing, and transportation, will likely be more affordable than at domestic universities since China is still considered a developing country. Regardless of your financial situation, it is a good idea to take advantage of all the great scholarships out there, which help promote education abroad in China!

Accommodation & Visas

Student dormitories are the most popular option for full time undergraduate students in China, while homestays are also sometimes offered for shorter postgraduate degree programs in China. It might also be the case that after living in China for some time you will want to branch off and rent your own apartment. Though real estate costs vary from city to city, in most places you can find affordable housing without to much a problem.

You will need a student visa to earn a degree in China, though the exact type will depend on the length of your degree program and your home country. For more information regarding your specific visa requirements, you can check out GoAbroad’s Chinese Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Cultural Exchange. Earning a full degree in China will give you the opportunity to make many friends your age and learn from each other’s cultural similarities and differences. China remains a largely closed off country, so expect local students to be very engaging and interested in your viewpoints! 

Economic Boom. In case you haven’t heard, China’s economy is soaring. The country has managed to largely lift itself out of poverty over the last few decades and make huge infrastructural strides. Earning a degree abroad in China will give you the chance to become part of something special.

Master Mandarin. On a practical scale, Mandarin is one of the most highly sought after languages in the world. While earning your degree in China you will have the opportunity to take your language abilities to the next level, and carry this valuable skill with you the rest of your lifetime.

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