The Top 15 American Universities with International Campuses

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After getting a taste of international travel on a volunteer trip, high school program, or an awesome backpacking summer adventure, you aren’t just thinking about study abroad for just a semester, you’re jumping all the way into full degree abroad programs abroad. With the many benefits of obtaining your degree abroad, who can blame you? There's just one caveat though—you want to attend American universities with campuses abroad.

Many American students (or any students, really) interested in full degree abroad programs might be nervous about whether or not it will “count” in the U.S., no matter if they’re continuing their education or trying to join the workforce.

The Top 15 U.S. Universities with International Campuses

That's why finding American universities with international campuses is essential for these students. A lot of U.S. institutions have built American universities abroad, or are partnered with international institutions, in order to offer more to their students seeking graduate and undergraduate degrees. In fact, American colleges and universities operate about 80 branches overseas that teach in English.

While these American universities abroad may be more popular for short-term or semester study abroad programs, it’s not impossible to earn your entire degree abroad at one of these U.S. universities with international campuses. You might even be able to attend a few different international campuses during your degree program!

Here’s our approved list of American university locations around the world at every education level:

Getting your undergraduate degree abroad

These schools offer full undergraduate study in Europe in English. That’s great for those with a foreign-language-phobia, but don’t be afraid to at least give the local language a try while you get your degree for an added bonus on your resume.

1. John Cabot University – Rome, Italy

If millennium-old historical sites, ornate statues, and rich culture and religion take your breath away, then studying in Rome may be the place for you. John Cabot offers a liberal arts education with international experts in the field right along small class sizes, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost among the crowd in this global city. Also, word on the street is they may offer their first full MA program in 2017!

Rome, Italy
Between John Cabot University and the American University of Rome, you know your degree won’t be an impasta.

2. McDaniel College Budapest – Budapest, Hungary

McDaniel College Budapest is the European Campus of U.S. based McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. A liberal arts college with flexibility in programs and dual majors, McDaniel lets you head to Hungary undecided and take the time you need to figure out your course of study. All the while, you’ll enjoy four years of scenic architecture, youthful city life, and the majestic River Danube in this “Paris of the East.”

Getting your bachelors OR graduate degree abroad

One of the best perks of earning your undergraduate or graduate degree abroad is the international focus often present within the coursework. While not all subject areas may be offered at U.S. universities with international campuses, studies in politics, history, business, the arts, and more will benefit from a multicultural perspective, so it is no surprise that these are some of the most popular degrees to earn abroad.

3. The American Business School Paris – Paris, France

As its name suggests, students can prepare themselves for a career in international business administration, business development, and entrepreneurship from the American Business School in Paris. Located in the Capital of Fashion, students who know the difference between Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix will also find a perfect fit with degree program offerings in the luxury industry. Yes, you can wear your favorite pair of heels and get your MBA, too.

larc de triomphe at sunset
Create your own grande œuvre where the greatest creative minds came to think, work, and soak in la vie Française.

4. American University of Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon

Many U.S. universities with international campuses offer a limited number of degrees and course offerings. This is NOT the case at the American University of Beirut! Five schools of study offer over 120 undergraduate and graduate programs. This is another one of those jackpot overseas universities that teach in English, but if you do want to master the art of Arabic, you’ll have your chance to do it here.

5. American University in Dubai – Dubai, U.A.E.

Over 100 nationalities are represented at the American University in Dubai, offering a truly international experience at American universities abroad. As one of the fastest, biggest, and tallest cities in the world, life will never get boring. To survive the high cost of living, you may need to save up from your summer jobs or consider working abroad while earning your degree. Just make sure to keep a couple of weekends open to de-stress at the beach. 

6. American University of Paris - Paris, France 

Living within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the river Seine while obtaining your full degree program abroad sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s true! The American University of Paris puts you both in the center of a vibrant city as well as the center of high quality and enriching classrooms. Many courses of study maintain an international perspective, preparing graduates for our globalized world.

Waterfront in Dubai, UAE
In this growing titan of an international city, you’ll get a world class education at American University Dubai.

7. New York University – Florence, Italy

At NYU Florence, all disciplines of study encourage a combination of theory and practice out in the real world. You’ll get to explore the rich history and culture of the city, plus get the chance to mix and mingle with a variety of students from across the United States as well as Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. This is the place to learn politics, culture, and economics—not to mention art history. Florence will literally become your classroom as you obtain your degree. 

8. Franklin University Switzerland – Lugano, Switzerland

If you are all about cross-cultural learning, Franklin University Switzerland is the place for you. Not only is travel encouraged, it is required of students each semester! (Say what?!) Called “Academic Travel,” it is an integral part of the curriculum and allows for experiential learning in a liberal arts field. When you aren’t busy learning through travel, the Swiss Alps and lakeside city will still keep you active.

9. Saint Louis University Madrid Campus – Madrid, Spain 

The Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus offers a university in Europe that teaches in English, with an exhilarating city to immerse yourself in while becoming fluent in Spanish – an automatic way to increase your value in the U.S. job market! You’ll have the opportunity to complete your full degree program abroad, or combine years in Madrid with years in the States for an even larger pool of courses and concentrations to choose from.

Apartment buildings in Madrid, Spain
You won’t want to siesta on the opportunity to earn your degree abroad in Madrid.

10. Schiller International University – Multiple Locations

At Schiller International University, you’re in the driver's seat when it comes to the course of your degree program – you can transfer between campuses, take a break between semesters, or study all year long. Choose between campuses in Heidelberg, Germany, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Tampa Bay, Florida, and (newly) London, UK. For those really on the go, you can also choose to complete a semester or more online. 

The best graduate schools abroad for US citizens

If you get accepted into a renowned U.S. graduate program, cool. If you get accepted into a renowned graduate program at one of these U.S. universities with international campuses, double cool! What better way to stay up-to-date and fine-tune your area of study than to take an international outlook on the field. 

11. Concordia University Irvine MA in International Studies – Multiple Locations, China 

Concordia University Irvine combines a one-year accelerated masters degree with employed teaching in China! Living, working, and studying in one of China’s cultural and financial centers, you’ll get a full immersion experience while building your understanding of international relations and exploring new interests along the way. 

12. Duke Kunshan University – Kunshan, China

Duke Kunshan University offers four master’s programs, all that culminate in a degree from Duke University, one of the top-ranked universities in the world. The university blends Chinese tradition with liberal education to challenge students in future-forward thinking and prepare them to take on global challenges. You can't often come across opportunities at American universities abroad quite like this one!

Shanghai, China at dusk
Learn from (and in) this emerging world power when you study at Concordia University in multiple locations across the country, including Shanghai.

13. Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore – Singapore 

A collaboration between Duke University and the National University of Singapore, this Medical School offers MD and PhD programs geared toward research and education. While Singapore may be a small country, you will be living among a diversity of people, food, and culture. 

14. Georgia Tech Lorraine – Metz, France 

Metz is known for its information technology and automotive industries, so it’s no wonder why the Georgia Institute of Technology choose this region for its European campus. Obtain your entire master’s degree in France with the option of partnering with local universities for your studies, or spend time in both U.S. and France based campuses.

15. St. John’s University Rome Campus – Rome, Italy

New York’s St. John’s University recruits diverse minds for its Rome Campus with Master’s programs in international relations and business. Study near the Vatican while interning with the United Nations, and reap the benefits of learning in a political history hotspot turned international hub.

Which of these American universities with international campuses is right for YOU?

You have a plethora of options at your fingertips to get your brain abroad and get your American accredited degree (And this isn’t even all of them!). Remember, with great options comes great responsibility to do your research for American universities abroad. Don’t just look for universities in Europe because the lessons are taught in English. Make sure to look up program details, talk to alumni, and read reviews.

As the world gets more and more globalized, the list of U.S. universities with international campuses will only grow. You newest problem won’t be trying to find the right school, it will be trying to figure out how to talk about your international degree without humblebragging. But, that sounds like a much better problem to have.

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