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A Guide to Management Degrees Abroad

What kind of management style do you envision yourself having? Being clueless like Michael Scott in “The Office” or being awesome like Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation”?! Climb the corporate ladder a little faster than others with a degree abroad in management. The package for this subject in a foreign country will include learning how to lead teams, delegate tasks, plan strategically, navigate uncharted territory, and more. You’ll be investing in yourself and your future while having an adventure in another country. The key to earning a management degree abroad? A go-getter attitude and open mind, of course!

Why Earn Your Degree Abroad in Management?

A company is only as good as its people, and good people come from all around the world. The business world is filled with a variety of people from different backgrounds and ideologies; the early bird gets the worm, so don’t wait to start building your international network. By earning your degree abroad in management, you’re increasing your career potential with international experience and networking and receiving a range of new ideas and approaches. Plus, getting the experience of a lifetime is another bonus!

Degrees in management are typically earned alongside another degree or with a specific field subject in mind. Choosing the right school and program is important and picking the right location can alter the course of your entire college career and beyond. Studying in an industry-leading city will elevate your experience and keep your motivation on full blast while you work towards graduation. 

Beyond earning your management degree, an abroad experience increases and expands your skill set. Navigating new cities, methods of transportation, and maybe even learning a foreign language (strongly recommended) develops your short-term and long-term ability to make quick decisions, process and assess situations, and utilize resources: the building blocks of management! Imagine building resume skills by seeking out the perfect study spot in town — earning your degree in management abroad seems like the best solution.

Where to Earn a Management Degree

Close your eyes and imagine your dream job. Are you managing a fashion line? A sports team? A restaurant? The resources and people of a corporation or non-profit organization? The ideal location for a management degree will vary based on that vision, so it’s important to do your research with your own dream in mind. Visualize, plan ahead, and make it happen. 

England, especially London, is an international business leader, known for its prowess in economics and finances (as well as a good cup o’ tea). This foggy city will set you up for a bright future in business and resources, and the Eurorail stations will connect you with travel, adventure, and networking opportunities throughout Europe. France and Italy can also be beneficial in economics and finances and can add twists of art, fashion, and cuisines to the mix. You might also encounter a greater chance for language learning! Can you say je suis prêt (I’m ready) and andiamo (let’s go)!? 

Almost every international business will connect with Asia, making China, Singapore, and other eastern countries a great place to look at degrees in management. Supply chain management and international relations will take the forefront at many universities, setting you up to be a leader in the global marketplace. Exciting night markets, towering skyscrapers, and unique foods will provide both entertainment and inspiration as you work towards innovation. Applying knowledge from your home country and comparing it to these countries could potentially lead to newfound ideas and inspiration for management.

Near the bottom of the world, but far from the bottom of the best, Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer. In addition to the standard economics and finances, agricultural industries have a strong niche in the land down under. It’s also a wonderful area for thrill seekers: surfing, camping, skydiving, caving, and more will provide a heart-pumping contrast to lectures and study sessions.

Types of Management Degree Programs

Each management program will have its own fit and flair with various focuses, styles, lengths, and degrees. Some universities offer focused management degrees in two to four years while others offer focused studies alongside broader business degrees. Some may include internships, and others might be split between two locations (two for one!). It’s important to do your research to find the best adventure (ahem, degree) for you.

At the undergraduate level, introductory classes to economics, finances, marketing, human resources, and so on will take up the beginning years, along with courses in computing, law, and theory. Specific focuses — hospitality, for example, will have courses in accounting and operations specific to hotels as opposed to merchandise stores will filter in and develop as the degree progresses. Many universities host degree-enhancing programs and organizations to boost networking and practical application; some programs do require internships or job experience before graduation. 

Master degrees build on the foundations earned at the undergraduate level, emphasizing on core skills, such as finances and system managements, and setting up for ground-breaking innovation that you can use in the career field. Most corporations and organizations will require an MBA as qualification for a position — providing extra opportunity for a degree abroad!

Along with your research for the perfect program, look into scholarships and financial aid to help make it happen! While earning entire degrees abroad can be surprisingly cheap, there's no harm in getting all the additional spending money you can.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Speak the language. In addition to potential foreign languages, there are differences in cultural and social languages as well. Styles of humor, sarcasm, confrontation, and communication might cause some ruffled feathers as you navigate these barriers, but the learning experiences will not only improve you as a person, but as a manager, too! Mastering these cultural norms will connect you to the country and make you more respectable and admirable to various cultures.

Lead. Degrees in management are about leading people, and studying abroad is about leading an adventurous life. By finding the right program, getting there and getting established, you’re practicing decision making, resource management, and networking — and you haven’t even made it to the classroom yet! 

Network. Meeting new people and making new connections happens almost daily while at university, and even more so when you’re abroad. Moving away from home, while an exciting and worthwhile adventure, can but strains on previously-formed networks and groups; it’s important, both socially and professionally, to make new contacts and continue growing while still calling home to friends and family. 

Not only would you be earning a management degree, you’ll also earn lifetime experience, career options, and lifelong friends. Do your research and set off for the beginning of your adventure!

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