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When it comes to finding graduate programs abroad, the process is kind of a mystery. Unlike your search for undergrad institutions, there’s no CollegeBoard to help you narrow down the pool to find your perfect school. More often than not, you’re stuck clicking page of search results looking for “graduate schools abroad” because you don’t know where else to start. This is a process not only time consuming but a complete drag. 

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So you wanna get your degree abroad? 

Of course that’s where GoAbroad comes in! While you can always pay a visit to our online advisor, you can always explore on your own to see our top rated and diverse range of graduate school options. Bottom line: furthering your education shouldn’t be a mystery, especially when it comes to finding programs best for you. In our lists below we’re giving you study abroad graduate programs that will rock your socks (and your passports). Keep reading to catch some deals and discover some grad school gems.

What are the perks of doing study abroad graduate programs?

 A graduate degree abroad is definitely an experience with many positive outcomes. You can live in a new country, advance in your career, or grow your global network to name a few. While it’s not that same thing a studying abroad in your undergrad, grabbing your master’s abroad will give you a leg up in an increasingly globalized world.

One thing that makes graduate abroad so attractive is the cost. In the U.S, students rely on loans to pay for their education which on average costs $34,220 per year. Because of this, 44 million Americans hold a total of $1.4 trillion in student debt. Compare this to European countries, who offer a free education or tuitions at a way lower cost. All public colleges in Germany, Iceland, Norway and Finland are free and even though tuition doesn’t include housing, food, or insurance, your expenses are still friendlier to your wallet than any U.S. university. 

While cost is a huge positive for those looking a graduate school abroad, time is another bonus. Master’s programs in the U.S can take up to two year and that just if you have the luxury to enroll full-time. And two years is a long time. This can be time you can devote to your career or anything else you’re really passionate about. Programs abroad allow you to earn your master’s in a year. With less time and money spent obtaining your next degree abroad is more than worth it!

6 graduate programs abroad taught in English

1. Master in Global Design - IED Barcelona

If you’re just bursting out the seams with creativity and looking to level up professionally, welcome IED Barcelona. This one year program in global design has everything your inner artist dreams about. Study product design, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, or advertising and marketing to name a few. If your lack of Spanish fluency holds you back, don’t let it. This is a masters program abroad in English. So turn on your creative side and live and study in the vibrant city of Barcelona!

  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
  • Suggested course of study: Global Design Program
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There’s plenty to discover as a graduate student studying abroad!

2. Masters in Sports Management at Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

This Masters Sports Management aims to prepare future sport managers for the role of directing sporting organizations while living in Murica, Spain. Taught by top-tier faculty, the sports management program is one of many masters programs abroad in English taught at UCAM. During the course there will be an exciting international educational trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in which students can enjoy tours of Abu Dhabi’s top sports facilities. In this master’s program abroad in English, students must do a mandatory internship. Through the universities partnerships with top leaders in the sports sector, students can have the opportunity to work with professional soccer teams, Adidas and more!

  • Where: Murica, Spain
  • Suggested course of study: Sports Management Program. Also known as the “University of Sports”
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3. Richmond University Master’s Programs

A blend of both European and American educations systems you get the best of both worlds at this English university. Spend the year studying Art History, Public Relations, or Political Sciences. This school specializes in Liberal Arts in one of the world’s most diverse cities: London! 12 out of 13 of their graduate programs abroad are taught in English. The exception being their linguistics program which is taught in English or Chinese. A flexible program with options to attend part-time or full-time, Richmond University is a small school that puts you in charge of the journey to your masters. Oh, did I mention there are scholarships?

  • Where: London, United Kingdom
  • Suggested course of study: Richmond is a well-known and dually accredited Liberal Arts school, so every program offered here is top-tier!
  • More info

4. Joint Master in Economic Governance and Public Affairs at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (LUISS) and CIFE European Institute

What other program can you get two master’s degrees at once and have the opportunity to live in three cities? Not many. This year long program is super unique and is a program that truly gives you an international experience. With all graduate programs abroad taught in English, students will earn their joint degree through courses in sustainable development, global politics, economics and more.

  • Where: Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany; and Nice, France
  • Suggested course of study: Economic Governance and Public Affairs
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Depending on your preferred field of study, the best graduate programs might be abroad.

 5. Masters of Environmental Policy at Duke Kunshan University

Prepare yourself to save the planet through this stellar graduate program in China. Partnered with American school Duke University, enrolled students will have the opportunity to study at both schools; although a majority of time is spent on the Chinese campus. On the beautiful (and green) campus in Kunshan, students will have access to expert professors and top-tier research labs to dive into their studies. Although these are graduate programs abroad taught in English, Kunshan boasts a multicultural community with students from 13 countries and counting. Now this is what we call an awesome way to go green!

  • Where: Kunshan, China
  • Suggested course of study: This Environmental Policy Program is ranked number three in the world!
  • More info

6. Masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Rothburg International School

Gain internship experience in the non-profit world through this year-long graduate program. Classes for this master’s program abroad are in English and are held in the country of Israel. In this program, students take courses with focuses in Fundraising, Finances, Marketing for non-profits and more. With the opportunity to pursue research with faculty, students will also have the opportunity use their knowledge at an internship with a local nonprofit. This program is equipped to make you an agent of social change.

  • Where: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Suggested course of study: Nonprofit Management and Leadership
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6 specialized graduate programs abroad

1. Mente Argentina: Master's in International Relations

Spend 15 months in Buenos Aires and enroll in this International Relations graduate program abroad. The host school, Universidad de Belgrano, is one of Argentina’s top leaders in higher education. Students enrolled in the program through Mente Argentina will have access to perks like help and assistance with student visa requirements and guaranteed admission & enrollment. With courses taught in Spanish, it is required that students can speak at an advanced level. But if your not at that level yet don’t worry, international relations graduate program abroad offers you the possibility of attending Monthly Intensive Spanish courses before the beginning of the Master Courses.

  • Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Specialization: International Relations
  • More info

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Graduate programs abroad are a ton of work, but a ton of fun, too!

2. University of Zurich Master’s in Business Management

Learn how to do business in European and Chinese markets through this international business graduate program abroad. In a globalized world, mutual intercultural understanding is important when doing business; and this is exactly what our program aims to provide. The MAS-ECBM program offers a unique approach towards learning from industry leaders and professors from both Europe and China. Students from China, Europe, and other places around the world will attend classes together, providing an intercultural learning environment. For our internship module, students can choose to work in multinational companies based in Europe or China.

  • Where: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Specialization: Business Management and International Business
  • More info

3. Master’s in International Business at the University of Economics

Become the global business leader you’ve always imagined and enroll at the University of Economics. Aimed to prepare you for leadership roles in national or multinational companies your professional development is a top priority. On top of building skills that any future employer would love, there’s also option to study a Double Degree in countries like France, Finland, Germany, and Sweden among others and obtain 2 diplomas. Home to a diverse student population that represents more than 30 countries, there is plenty of room to learn outside the classroom as well. Multi-faceted and dynamic this international business graduate program abroad is worth it.

  • Where: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Specialization: International Business
  • More info

4. Peking University HSBC Business School Shenzhen Campus

Study alongside Chinese students in one of these international business graduate programs abroad. Choose from 3 MA programs (Management, Finance and Economics) and 1 MBA program to study at the Shenzhen campus. A prestigious university on its own, Peking’s business program is recognized internationally for its excellence. Peking University is also a part of China’s C9 league, (also known as China’s version of the Ivy League.) So consider this program the cream of the crop!

  • Where: Shenzhen, China
  • Specialization: International Business
  • More info

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Glasgow university

Fingers crossed your international university is as cute as this one!

5. Masters of Psychology at University College of London

UCL’s psychology graduate programs are one largest psychology departments in the country. With a department so large the faculty here are among the best and brightest. Filled with brilliant researchers and professors, this program ranked 2nd globally for research in the field with the global leader being Harvard. In addition to the top-notch faculty, this school offers 20 master’s degrees in various topics across the discipline. With a superhero level faculty with diverse course catalog, you can’t lose.

  • Where: London, England
  • Specialization: Psychology
  • More info

6. Masters of Psychology at University of Melbourne

Recognized as one of the finest psychology schools in the world, the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences attracts the crème de la crème. With 70 years under its belt the Melbourne’s psychology graduate programs have grown to be recognized internationally. Offering students more than just a high quality education, students get to put their knowledge to the test through training in the University’s hands on clinic. Offering services to real clients, students in this program can obtain real world experience while they earn their degree.

  • Where: Melbourne, Australia
  • Specialization: Psychology
  • More info

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4 super-affordable graduate programs abroad 

1. Master’s Programs at École Normale Supérieure

If you’re looking to study in France on a budget, this is the school is for you. One of the most affordable graduate programs abroad the only costs you’ll have are university fees that are less than $1,000. Like all public French universities, tuition is free even for students outside of the EU, (AKA you.) If you’re especially into doing research and interacting with the top professors in math and the science disciplines, this is definitely your dream school. Courses here aren’t taught in English so make sure your French skills are top-notch.

  • Where: Paris, France
  • Cost range: 600-800 EUR/year ($746-$995 USD)
  • More info

2. Master’s Programs at University of Barcelona

5,715 professors, lecturers and researchers, less than $5,000 in tuition and 564 years of history; yeah, you could say the University of Barcelona has a good thing with numbers. With 273 affordable graduate programs abroad and growing, your learning experience has no limits! Courses at this university are offered in three different languages, so if you’re not fluent in Spanish it’s no problem! Enroll the master’s program of your choice here and say ¡Hola! to savings.

  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
  • Cost range: Average tuition is 2,900 EUR/year ($3,600 USD)
  • More info
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Study abroad graduate programs are a way of life. <3

3. Master’s Programs at Freie Universität Berlin

Study at one of Germany’s most recognized institutions for free. With its literal translation as the Free University of Berlin it is One of the most affordable graduate programs abroad. It is known for its excellence in research, diverse student population, and did we mention it was FREE? Choose from over 70 master’s programs and continue your education in the backdrop of beautiful and historic Berlin.

  • Where: Berlin, Germany
  • Cost range: Free
  • More info

4. Master’s Programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Travel north of the border and you find a school whose tuition is among to lowest in Canada. Enter Memorial University of Newfoundland offering 62 study abroad graduate programs that are super affordable and cover many disciplines. Spread across 6 campuses, students here can also take advantage of the international campus in the United Kingdom if they’re looking for a change of scenery.

  • Where: St. Johns, Canada
  • Cost range: $8,880-$11,460
  • More info

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So… what are you waiting for? 

Regardless of the school you choose or the subject you’ll study, attending study abroad graduate programs and earning your masters in a foreign country will allow you to grow both academically and personally in fascinating ways. It’s a big decision to go to graduate school but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Find an incredible program of your own, live in the country of your dreams, and go succeed! 

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