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A Guide to Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations Degrees Abroad

Studying abroad is one thing, but earning your full degree abroad while living in another country for multiple semesters or years is a whole different ballgame. By pursuing a degree abroad in marketing, advertising, or public relations, you will be setting yourself up for a successful career no doubt, while at the same time embarking on a tremendous academic and personal journey of immersion in an entirely new cultural context.

Why Earn a Degree Abroad

As the global marketplace continues to consolidate and more businesses expand internationally, earning a degree in marketing, advertising, or public relations abroad is becoming increasingly important and beneficial. An international degree will greatly enhance your career prospects while boosting your international IQ. Companies look for prospective employees who are flexible, ambitious, and great communicators to work in the marketing sector, and earning a marketing degree abroad will demonstrate that you possess all of these qualities, and so much more.


Many marketing, advertising, and public relations students dream about hitting the big time and working in a major city where the sky's the limit. When selecting a location to earn your marketing degree abroad, it is only natural that you might want to choose a foremost global city, which is likely to play host to branches of multinational companies or be a hub of world finance and culture.

In the Western world cities of this rank include New York, London, Paris, and Madrid. All of these locations offer a wealth of premier educational opportunities in the fields of marketing and advertising, is highly connected internationally, and hosts the headquarters of some of the world’s most prestigious corporations and organizations. Global cities located in Westernized nations tend to be a melting pot in their own right, so earning your marketing degree abroad in any one of these major global cities will prove a tremendously rewarding experience with unparalleled networking opportunities.

In the Far East, cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore are pinned as extremely influential cities in the global marketplace. Large swathes of Asia continue to develop rapidly and offer terrific opportunities to jump into the marketing sector of these blossoming economies. Earning your marketing degree abroad in Asia will be a highly enriching experience that will expose you to a new cultural context and challenge you both personally and professionally to reach the “top of your game.”

The latter global cities represent the cream of the crop in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations, but these are obviously only a very small sample of the locations where you can earn a degree in marketing abroad. Commit to in-depth research about what universities will offer degree programs that best match your professional interests, while also keeping in mind important factors such as language and networking opportunities, and you are sure to have an incredible academic experience abroad.

Academics & Degrees

Marketing strategies vary greatly between countries and cultures, but the same basic principles are coming to dominate the global economy. Most universities around the world offer full degrees (or at least a focus) in marketing, advertising, or public relations. Whatever school you enroll in, you will gain valuable insight about how to navigate our increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace and come to know a unique cultural vantage point.

Marketing, advertising, and public relations are each distinct disciplines, but each one still follows a similar degree trajectory. While some schools will offer you the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree in each, the fields of business and communications are typically the broader fields of study where you can form a concentration in the former disciplines at the undergraduate level.

At the graduate level you will then have the opportunity to earn your advanced degree in any of these fields or specialized subdivisions within. Many marketing degree programs are global and interdisciplinary in nature (such as a Master’s in International Marketing), offering students the opportunity to leverage their degree abroad even further towards a career in the global arena.

Many international marketing degree programs will also give you the opportunity to complete an internship in combination with your studies, which is a great chance to enhance your professional qualifications and expand your global network.

Keep in mind that language barriers can greatly shape the scope of your academic and professional opportunities around the world, so learning a new language should definitely be a part of your degree plan!


  • Networking. Making connections in the business world is perhaps the most important part of ultimately obtaining the job you are looking for. By earning your marketing degree abroad, you can begin to make professional connections all over the world, both with local business people and fellow international or local students.
  • Language. Landing a marketing job fresh out of school can be very competitive these days, and being bilingual is a huge golden star on your resume. By learning the language of your host country you will not only greatly improve your opportunities for cultural immersion, you will also make yourself stand out as a highly qualified job candidate in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations.
  • Life Experience. Simply stated: traveling the world and living in a different country is something that will stay with you forever. Beyond the invaluable professional prospects of earning a degree abroad in marketing, advertising, or public relations, it will also be a fun and exciting adventure that will never stop challenging you to grow.
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A Guide To
Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations Degrees Abroad


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