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Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize

Help build a sustainable home for orphans in Belize with Kaya Responsible Travel. Volunteers will get involved in a home-building project to give back to orphaned communities in need of support, encouragement, respect, and love. This is a self-sustainable community farm dedicated to the promotion of self-reliance, harmonious living, and providing a safe, stable, and healthy home for abused and ...


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Film Camp for At-Risk Youth in Belize

This four-week camp (split into 2 two-week sessions) gives you the chance to use your film production skills to empower at-risk youth in the city of San Ignacio, Belize, locally known as Cayo. You will share your knowledge to guide the film camp students in producing films that will be shared through online media throughout Belize.


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Customized International Volunteering Placements in Belize

The international volunteering placements we offer are highly personalized and provide the greatest flexibility to match your specific needs. We use the same efficiency that has become the trademark of study in Belize programs. As with our study programs, we make sure our volunteers play an active role and are able to provide a long-lasting impact on the community they work at. At TEP, we pride...


Belize: Marine Biology Expedition

During our stay in Belize, Smithsonian Student Adventures | Walking Tree Travel will be partnering with an organization that coordinates marine conservation projects that focus on conserving the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and World Heritage Site, along with the associated marine ecosystems and the diverse marine life that is so important to the people that live near the coast. The organ...


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SEE Turtles: Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering

Participate in a sea turtle conservation effort in your choice of location - Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, or Cuba. SEE Turtles offers this wonderful opportunity to become part in wildlife protection, especially one that focuses on endangered marine creatures. While each project is different, volunteering on this program usually involves patrolling the nesting beach with a team of r...


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Medical Elective/rotation/internship/volunteer/

Specialty in medical student placement with local health care institutions for the completion of medical rotations/elective placements and medical volunteer. Similar placement for all health care student in Nursing practicums, Counselling, mental health, Public health with qualified local precursors in the Developing world. As well as all Health care and counselling practitioners volunteer plac...