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Teaching Abroad in Moscow

Moscow is one of the largest and most influential cities in all of Europe, and has been at the center of much of the continent’s recent historical developments. While the rest of the world watches the cup of Russian drama runneth over, the only thing that is certain is that Moscow remains a major world player with great international influence in trade, politics, and culture. English may have once been a foreign language reserved for the hot shots, but today all of Russia is yearning for the ability to speak English for many reasons, making teaching abroad in Moscow an incredible professional opportunity.

Life in Moscow for Teachers

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, so those who teach abroad in Moscow will certainly have their hands full taking in all there is to offer. From the Kremlin to St. Basil’s Cathedral to Ostankino Tower, be prepared to explore a giant metropolis where the old comes up against the new. Culturally, Moscow is a tremendous display of the Russian national character. The food, architecture, museums, people, everything about teaching abroad in Moscow will provide an authentic experience of one of the world’s oldest and greatest societies.

Teachers will likely find that though the overall cost of living in Russia has increased, everyday costs are reasonable and comparably low when you make smart financial decisions. While the cost of living in Moscow may be high, public transportation is very affordable. Moscow’s metropolitan area is serviced by the largest metro system in Europe, boasting nearly 200 stops around the cityscape, so you will have no problem getting from your humble abode to work to a night on the town.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Moscow is a unique and very impressive location to teach abroad, especially in the eyes of future employers. As a major center of global business, it will look great on your resume having practical work experience teaching abroad in Moscow.

In addition, Russian is one of six official languages used by the United Nations, making it very useful for future job prospects in the international arena. Whatever profession you are pursuing, taking the time to pick up some Russian while teaching abroad in Moscow will be a big boost to your resume and career.

Teaching abroad in a city that can’t seem to get out of the negative spotlight, will allow you to teach more than just English. You will ultimately be teaching tolerance, respect, and understanding. Teaching abroad in Moscow gives you the opportunity to work with locals to help better the lives of the city’s less fortunate and the chance to experience life in one of the world’s most unique and important cities while giving something back. Your teaching abroad experience in Moscow will undeniably shine for others to see.

For more stellar info, read our comprehensive guide on teaching abroad in Russia here.

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Teaching Abroad in Moscow


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