10 Best Places to Teach English in the Americas in 2018

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If you don’t already know, teaching is the way to travel this year. Leave mommy and daddy’s savings account alone and make your own dough doing something that’s meaningful and profitable. Although the world is literally your oyster when it comes to teaching English abroad, why not narrow your search to the fascinating region of the Americas? 

When most people think of the Americas, usually one country comes to mind: the USA. However, this region is so much more than the States. In fact, it involves twelve sprawling countries in South America, 7 Latin American nations in Central America, as well as Canada and Mexico in North American continent.

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Kid in library

Ready to teach English in the New World?

How about teach English abroad South America style? English teaching jobs in Latin America could include teaching elementary school kids English songs and games or helping adults learn how to make chit chat with English speaking tourists. TESOL jobs USA could mean helping immigrants better assimilate in American cities by teaching them survival English phrases. If you’re a licensed teacher, you could even sign up for teaching jobs in South America international schools.

Ready to explore more options? Our community of meaningful travelers have spoken. Here are the 10 best places to teach English in the Americas in 2018.

1. Cuba

Vintage cars parked on a street in front of colorful buildings in Havana

Teach English in a city that oozes Old World charm!

In 2018, one of the most popular places to travel and teach English abroad is Cuba. If you know a bit of Spanish, you will have the pick of the lot of ESL jobs in Havana, Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba. Even if all you can muster is “¿Donde está la biblioteca?”, you can still teach English to Cubanos and learn the language quickly in a totally immersive environment. In your free time, channel your best Old Man and the Sea impression while fishing on a skiff in the blue or learn to make a mean mojito.

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Cuba with GeoVisions

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2. Brazil

Girl carrying school books

Teaching English in Brazil will put you on a new path.

Did you know that Brazil is the best place to teach English in South America? It’s really something special as the largest country and the only one that speaks Portuguese on the entire continent. You could find yourself tutoring Brazilian businessmen in São Paulo on the right way to close a business deal or teaching loads of classes at escolas de idiomas (language schools) in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. When you’re done with your teach English abroad South America aventura, work on your capoeira or samba skills to impress the folks back home.

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Brazil with ITTT

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3. Colombia

Yellow window and door in Colombia

Your classroom might look a little different during ESL opportunities in Colombia.

If you’d like to try teach English abroad South America, please reassure your parents that Colombia is no longer run by Pablo Escobar and his cronies. Instead, sing the virtues of the country, like its awesome coffee, beautiful Caribbean beaches, and one of the cleanest Spanish accents on the continent. In fact, Colombia is one of the best places to find English teaching jobs in Latin America, with lots of language schools to choose from in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Colombia with Teach English: ESL

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4. United States

American flag hanging on a wooden wall

Forget learning a new language and teach ESL in the USA!

Forget teach abroad Latin America and the best place to teach English abroad in South America! If you’d like to teach abroad in an English-speaking country in the Americas, find ESL jobs in USA. You’re bound to find something you like in any of its 50 states, from sea to shining sea. The bulk of opportunities can be found in inner-city areas in New York City, California, and Arizona where people are desperate to learn English to find work or improve their grades at school. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in the US with TIE

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5.  Argentina

Plane over argentina

Explore the world’s eighth largest country while teaching abroad!

Want to suss out the top English teaching jobs in Latin America? Why not teach English in South America, Argentina to be exact? This massive country is a joy to work in, with wide open spaces, European-style cities, and some of the best steak and chimichurri sauce you can find on the planet! There’s always a high demand for English teachers to teach local tour guides or to get Argentinian kids fluent in the language. Find the best opportunities and language schools in Buenos Aires as well as Mendoza and Cordoba. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Argentina with TEFL Heaven

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6. Mexico

Colorful kitchen wares on display

Let your eyes run riot while teaching English in Mexico.

Tired of supermarket chips and guac and dying to sample authentic Mexican food for a change? Teach English in Mexico to satisfy those cravings and make some pesos to boot! This North American country is one of the most popular TEFL destinations in the world because of its ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures, white sand beaches, colorful festivals, and  traditional arts and crafts. Find English teaching jobs in Latin America in sprawling Mexico City or in quaint cities like Puebla and Oaxaca. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Mexico with Teaching House

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7. The Caribbean

Coconut tree hanging over a blue beach

It’s always island time in the Caribbean!

Why teach English in a cold, dark classroom in Europe when you could be teaching students under the warm Caribbean sun instead? Forget what you think you know about these tropical islands. They are so much more than sun, sea, and sand and you’re bound to find out what goes on under the surface while teaching abroad there. Discover real melting pots that combine African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and indigenous cultures and languages you never heard of, like Papiamento and Creole languages.

Recommended program: Teach abroad in the Caribbean with Premier TEFL

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8. Costa Rica

Toucan sitting on a branch

Get to know ALL the locals while teaching in Costa Rica

Don’t want to teach English in South America? Summer it up in Costa Rica instead where it’s never winter! This Central American gem is world famous for its laid-back philosophy of pura vida, living the simplest and purest life you can. Popular locations to teach abroad in Costa Rica include the capital, San Jose, as well as Alajuela, Cartago, San Pedro, and Heredia. Wherever you choose, there’s bound to be mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and forests nearby to refresh your soul after slaying it in the TEFL classroom. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Costa Rica with Maximo Nivel

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9. Chile

Mountain range in Torres de Paine, Chile

Climb every mountain while teaching ESL in Chile.

Still trying to find the best place to teach English in South America? Try skinny minny Chile on for size. However, don’t let its slim shape fool you! This Latin American country is chock a block with glaciers, deserts, cities, mountains, and plains. Find the best teach English abroad South America jobs in Santiago, including government-sponsored programs, volunteer opportunities, and private language school gigs. Other popular teach abroad locations include Valparaiso, Pablo Neruda’s hometown, and beachy Vina del Mar. 

Recommended program: Teach abroad in Chile with TeachingChile

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10.  Dominican Republic

Young dominican girl playing guitar

While you’re teaching in the DR, try to learn a thing or two from your students, too.

Want to make your life really easy? Do like Columbus and head to the Dominican Republic instead of scratching your head trying to find the best place to teach English in South America. The DR is not only a hopping island destination in the Caribbean, it’s also a great place to find ESL jobs. You could find yourself teaching locals in Santo Domingo, Santiago, or Cabrera. In the evenings, practice your Spanish by hitting the bars and nightclubs for bachata and merengue all night long.

Recommended program: Teach abroad in the Dominican Republic with CIEE

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