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As a student at New Zealand's oldest university, the University of Otago, you will become part of a distinguished educational experience in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. You will enjoy dynamic faculty members and unique courses in the cultural capital of New Zealand's South Island. The University of Otago is highly regarded for the quality of research produced by its students. Internationally r...


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American Institute For Foreign Study

Spend a semester or academic year in Barcelona with AIFS. Earn up to 15 credits studying at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). No previous Spanish language study is required. Choose from the following academic programs: - Hispanic and European Studies (HESP) - ESCI-UPF International Business, a joint certificate program from the ESCI International Business School and UPF - STEM (Sci...


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IES Abroad

IES Abroad offers 120+ programs in more than 35 locations worldwide for undergraduate students. We're a little obsessed with study abroad, and not at all ashamed to admit it. We are a highly-charged force of study abroad enthusiasts. Every day we have the privilege of witnessing how study abroad changes our students' lives. That's the reason we do what we do: to provide once-in-a-lifetime ed...


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Boston University Study Abroad

Join the Madrid Internship Program, and enhance your Spanish language skills while working in one of the most important commercial centers in Europe. Participants with sufficient language skills enroll in three courses while taking part in an internship. The program runs for 15 to 20 hours per week. Program participants will enroll in three four-credit courses offered through Madrid Spanish ...


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Athena Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

What better place to learn Spanish than Spain? This program is perfect for students looking to either learn or advance their knowledge of the Spanish language. Semester students complement their Spanish language courses with three to four content area electives. Elementary-level semester students may follow the language-only program to progress through several levels in one semester. Langua...


Direct Low Cost - City University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Study at the City University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Low cost. Earn credit. Transcript issued by CUHK. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Chinese Language and Culture courses for all levels. Courses taught in English available. Low cost housing options. Cultural activities and excursions. Can pay in $U.S. dollars, or Hong Kong dollars. Go direct with CSA !


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USAC THE NETHERLANDS: Maastricht - Business Studies

The Maastricht program is ideal for students interested in earning credit toward their degree while engaging in hands-on, student-led learning in an international setting. Regardless of the term you choose, your coursework will be supplemented with experiences such as field trips, museum visits, and seminars on locations. Since the majority of Dutch citizens are fluent in English (and extremely...


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Academic Programs International

Buenos Aires is the second biggest metropolitan area in South America, just after São Paulo. It is a dynamic, diverse, and modern city that still possesses a strong understanding of its cultural roots and is ideal for the adventurous and the independent. Students who are excited about the prospect of studying in a beautiful, cosmopolitan city and being able to explore everything Buenos Aires ha...


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ISA (International Studies Abroad)

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, home to one in three New Zealanders. The "Super City," as it is often referred to, touches the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side and the Tasman Sea on the western side. The city is a fast-paced urban environment of international businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues, sporting events, and shopping centers, all bordered by Auckland's three harb...



According to the World Health Organization, Thailand has “a long and successful history of health development,” yet it continues to struggle with public health issues such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. On CIEE’s Community Public Health program, you’ll examine these issues and more on regional and national levels through classroom instruction, fieldwork, and research with the help of health agen...


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Spanish Studies Summer Term: Spanish for the Health Professional

Develop your Spanish language skills for your career in health services while discovering the beautiful and ancient city of Seville. With the rising need for Spanish language and cultural awareness in the medical field, it is increasingly important that health professionals be able to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues. For this reason, Spanish Studies Abr...


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Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn up to 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of European...


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Atlantis Project

Shadow doctors 20+ hours/week in Lithuania through the Atlantis Fellowship. 1-8 week Fellowships during winter, spring, or summer breaks. ...


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Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)

Ecuador is your portal to South American life, food and culture! Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador and the country's commercial center, is an hour drive from tropical beaches, Amazon basin and Andes mountains. ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL CONCENTRATIONS - Business, Law & Diplomacy - Ecology & Environment - PreMedicine, Health & Nutrition - Spanish Language & Ecuadorian Culture SESSIO...


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Mente Argentina: Semester & Academic Year at Top Universities in Argentina

Study abroad for a semester or an academic year in Argentina through Mente Argentina's flexible, exciting Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs. Study in an Argentine university and obtain academic credit at their home university. Mente Argentina has made agreements with the most prestigious universities in Argentina. We offer individualized pre-departure consulting for each student t...