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A Guide to Study Abroad in Kenya

Do you want to be like every other student and study abroad in Europe? Or, do you want an experience that will fulfill your passion for travel and culture and increase your skills as a scholar and future employee? Studying abroad in Kenya will give you the benefit of stepping out of classrooms (and comfort zones) to engage in extracurricular activities that will supplement your academic schedule beyond what you could ever have available at home.

Best Places to Study Abroad in Kenya

Kenya’s infrastructure is made up of a tantalizing mixture of wildlife and picturesque scenery––even in the cities! Study abroad opportunities in Kenya are plentiful in both metropolitan and rural areas. Cities usually offer a greater variety of programs and mainstream university options, but if the call of the wild has your number, there are still plenty of possibilities to explore! Here are the most popular places to study abroad in Kenya.

Students who choose to study abroad in Nairobi will find themselves choosing between seven university campuses, where they can focus on a range of interdisciplinary studies and work hands-on with experts in their field of choice. Nairobi offers a concrete jungle to roam around and explore, with seriously good food and exciting nightlife abounding in the heart of the city. On the fringe, students can enjoy a safari at Nairobi National Park or rugby match at the Impala grounds. After working up an appetite, be sure to head to the Carnivore for dinner you will never forget!

A charming, cosmopolitan port city (that is really fun to say with a Kenyan accent), Mombasa is lodged along the lush, palm-fringed coastline of the Indian Ocean, offering a laid-back beach vibe that is swimming with fun activities! Spend your free time exploring the beaches or snorkeling and diving in one of the protected marine parks and reserves to unwind your mind after a long day of studying.

For those looking to get out of the city and experience the beauty of a savannah sunset, the rural areas of Kenya offer many study abroad programs as well. If you’re interested in environmental or wildlife sciences, be sure to give the plains and off-the-beaten-path locations a look. Kenya is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and national parks in the world that are just begging to be awed.

Costs of Studying in Kenya

The Kenyan Shilling (aka the bob) is still quite weak compared to the U.S. dollar and the Euro. As a result, studying abroad in Kenya tends to be very affordable. Study abroad programs in Kenya typically charge students a set amount in fees; but what’s included will vary from program to program. Most opportunities will include tuition, accommodation, meals, and, of course, a sense of purpose. Visas, vaccinations, and flight fares are usually left up to students to cover. If money is tight, be sure to create a FundMyTravel account and check out GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory.

Accommodations in Kenya

The specifics of your new abode will largely depend on where you are studying abroad in Kenya. If you are studying in one of Kenya’s major cities, you will most likely live in a shared apartment or dorm. If you are all about that wilderness life, your accommodations will likely involve a homestay. Remember that Kenya is a developing country, so many Western luxuries, such as hot water, AC, and Wi-Fi, may not always be available. If you can keep an open mind you will find that living without luxuries isn’t actually taking away anything, but adding to your experience.

Student Visas for Kenya

Entering Kenya is straightforward, particularly at international airports. Single-entry visas are typically available upon arrival for most nationalities and are valid for three months. If your program runs longer, or you want to factor in some time to explore afterwards, this gives you a good excuse to hop the border for a mini vacay to Tanzania when it’s time to renew. For more information on visas, check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

A resume showcasing a study abroad experience in Kenya will give you an unquestionable career advantage. When an interviewer sees that you opted for life with bugs and lions in Kenya, instead of croissants and cute little scooters, you will undoubtedly set the bar high. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are challenges to be faced. Steering clear of Kenya’s big cities at night, not showing off valuables, and avoiding solo trips to downtown Nairobi are precautions worth taking when you study abroad in Kenya. Lastly, remember to take time to be awed by the intense beauty offered by the Kenyan countryside and the people who inhabit it.

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The Turkana Basin Institute at Stony Brook University

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Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya

Gain exposure to numerous key areas of conservation science and participate in on-the-ground field research in wildlife ecology in this (roughly) two-week program. The Wildlife and Conservation in Kenya focuses on the following areas: - Conservation in action (general programs, conflict issues, policies, and management practices) - The environment and geography of Kenya - Ecosystem studies...


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Elective Africa

Elective Africa has been organizing medical electives and projects placements in Africa for over 10 years. We are not some online reference bureau that takes your application and hands you over to some unknown project in some foreign land. We have designed these medical electives and projects ourselves and we have staff on the ground supporting all our placements.


Project Dragonfly, Miami University

Travel to Kenya on a unique study program with Project Dragonfly, Miami University. Students join educators, community leaders, and conservationists in finding sustainable solutions to the peaceful coexistence of wildlife and humans in the region. Students may conduct their own studies focusing on the country's diverse animal species.