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AIFS Study Abroad in Athens, Greece (January Term)

Earn 3 semester credits during a 3-week January term studying abroad in Athens, Greece. All courses are taught in English. Students can choose from: Topography and Monuments of Ancient Athens; Modern Greece: A Troubled History; or International Business. Live in student apartments in a beautiful university residence complex just a short walk from the campus, with a meal allowance and interne...

The Louvre in Paris, France in springtime

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Semester in Greece (Athens)

Imagine strolling to class with ancient ruins as your backdrop. With a Semester in Greece, the city of Athens will unfold before you, and glimpsing the Acropolis will become second nature. Although Athens is Europe’s oldest city, you’ll also enjoy its modern flair and contemporary art. This historic metropolis has a vibrant street life and laid-back lifestyle. You’ll take classes at Hellenic Am...

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Study Abroad in Greece with CYA! (Semester/Academic Year)

CYA has offered study abroad programs in a wide range of academic disciplines for over 50 years. With supplemental activities varying from archaeological digs to onsite courses, study-travel, and volunteer opportunities, students are able to actively engage with their course material. Students live in apartments in downtown Athens and will be inspired to immerse themselves in the environment an...


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The Spring Session in Paros, Greece

The Spring Session is held at our permanent facility on the Greek island of Paros. Paros is situated in the Cycladic group of islands, 100 miles southeast of Athens. Partly because of its famous marble, Paros has been an important part of civilization since 5,000 BC. In the village of Parikia, where the school is located, houses and churches gleam brilliant white and the waterfront is lined wit...


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Athena Study Abroad in Paros Island, Greece

The picturesque island of Paros is considered to be one of Greece's most beautiful island treasures. Paros' traditional villages of white-washed houses, narrow streets, flowered balconies, blue domed churches and hilly, vineyard-covered countrysides create the perfect backdrop for a study abroad experience of historic proportions. Athena's partner school in Greece, Hellenic International St...

The Heroic City of Naousa in Macedonia, Greece

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ISA Study Abroad in Athens, Greece

As the "birthplace of democracy," students can walk in the same footsteps of the world's greatest philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. With a recorded history of over 3,400 years, the history of Athens is almost incomparable to any other city in the world. While the remains of ancient Athens is still prevalent throughout the city today, the city is as young and vibrant as ever. Students will ...

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Study in Greece with HISA

HISA is an accredited, engaging and trip-intensive study abroad program on the vibrant and exciting Cycladic Greek island of Paros. Students can take courses in Arts and Humanities towards their majors, as electives or just for fun. Emphasis is placed on self-exploration and individual creative expression, all within a Greek island atmosphere of beauty, personal freedom and artistic inspiratio...

HISA students in Greece

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Study Abroad with American College of Thessaloniki

What better place to study than somewhere with a rich culture and history as well as a breathtaking geography! These are exactly what you will get (and more!) when studying abroad at American College of Thessaloniki. Come for a semester, summer, or entire year. Earn college credits, an MBA, or a Bachelor’s degree, depending on your academic goals. You have the freedom to pick courses, from busi...


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Odyssey in Athens Study Abroad Program, Webster Athens

Odyssey in Athens is a study abroad program offered through Webster University Athens. Located in the center of Athens in the Plaka area- the historic section - right below the Acropolis, this campus is a perfect location for formal study and study abroad. Students from all over the US with a wide variety of majors can participate and receive academic credit that transfers back to the stude...


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Forum Europe Summer: Travel Around 9 Cities in 1 Month

Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn up to 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of European culture, economy and soc...

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IPSL Greece: Greek History & Culture and Micro-Enterprise

Are you interested in social activism, youth empowerment and micro-enterprise? Choose IPSL’s Thessaloniki Summer, Spring or Fall program! Learn the practical skills of community organizing & social activism (COSA) along with courses on: • Modern Greek Language • Greek History and Culture • The Rise of Social Activism in Greece • Re-Charging Greek Youth to Revitalize Micro-Enterprise and Tourism...


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Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility

Examine macroeconomics and the global finance system through the lens of social justice and the ethics of sustainable business. GenevaFrom its base in Geneva, this program provides a thorough background in international banking and finance through a social justice lens using an experiential, case study approach. The program addresses the causes and implications of the unstable global financi...


Arcadia in Greece

This program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and experience the full mosaic of Greek culture. You’ll be encouraged to become an active participant in the Greek community and to learn about Greek culture through experience. The wonders of this magnetic ancient and modern country will be yours to explore. Arcadia in Greece has many courses which include study of topical connec...


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PAIDEIA Study Abroad Programs in Greece

Spend a semester studying abroad in Greece through PAIDEIAs academic programs. Students can take a minimum of four courses per semester, or the maximum of five courses. They can choose to stay at a hotel or at rental apartments. All the courses are provided in the English language, with complementary Modern Greek Language lessons. The courses are taught by regular professors at the Univers...