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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Thessaloniki

As the cultural capital of Greece, a host to numerous festivals, and a major center of education, you’ll have a legendary time studying abroad in Thessaloniki! In Greece’s second-largest city, you’ll marvel archaeological sites and feast on bougatsa pastries before you even set foot in the classroom. Thessaloniki lies at the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea, blends eastern and western european cultures, and you could visit its neighboring countries of Italy and Turkey if you so choose. Study abroad in Thessaloniki to experience an education that would even make Aristotle jealous!

Student Life in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki appeals to students of all types — from adventure seekers to cultural lovers. Whether you’re interested in sports, culture, cuisine, or all three, you’ll discover sights and activities that are sure to appease you. Explore the ruins of the Roman Forum, take a go at baseline canyoning, visit the award winning Museum of Byzantine Culture, or watch football at  Kaftanzoglio Stadium. Thessaloniki also boasts vibrant nightlife where you can party all night long — not to mention the city boasts the most bars and cafes per capita than any city in Europe! 

The cost of living in Thessaloniki is fairly affordable compared to most big cities with rent only being between $300-$500 a month on average and water being less than a $1. Most programs offer homestay arrangements, which are a great room and board money saver. Clothes and recreation/entertainment are a bit higher, but you could always budget that money appropriately. Program costs depend on number of courses taken, duration, and offerings, but scholarships and fundraising can help with that.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While you’re studying in Thessaloniki, you’ll for sure have to check out a few landmarks and foodie spots in your free time. The most important landmarks you should check out: The White Tower for a view of the Thermaikos Gulf, the Ladadika district for the architecture and restaurants, and the seaside promenade for the coastal landscape. For views overlooking the entire city, visit the walls of The Castle of Thessaloniki in Ano Poli. Also, if you’re in Thessaloniki in October, be sure to celebrate Dimitria, a cultural festival, with new friends and the locals. 

Thessaloniki is fairly student-centered with many popular student hangouts. Visit Bit-Bazaar and nearby streets for for shops that offer cheap wine and delicious appetizers. For some of the best crepes in the city, visit Gounari street, which is near Navarinou square. The area around Kamara (the Arch of Galerius) also boasts some cheaper cafes and bars that are great for students who are looking to save some money. 

Whether you’re studying business, liberal arts, or STEM courses, you’ll learn a lot outside of the classroom in this major political, economic, and industrial center of Greece that bridges various cultures. Even though this city was hit hard during the economic crisis, it remains as lively as ever. With its warm and hospitable locals, top universities in the world, and breathtaking waterfront views and sunsets, you won’t regret choosing to study abroad in Thessaloniki. 

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Thessaloniki


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Study Abroad with American College of Thessaloniki

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Study Abroad in Greece

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PAIDEIA Summer Study Abroad Programs in Greece

PAIDEIA offers the opportunity for students to choose between different summer programs in Greece. The program includes excursions to Greek Islands at no extra cost. A summer class in July includes a study tour around Greece visiting well known archaeological sites, museums and monuments of Greece. Paideia operates also high school level summer programs and an educator's summer enrichment...


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IPSL Greece: Greek History & Culture and Micro-Enterprise

Thessaloniki is a 2,300 year old city still playing a vital and active role as an integral international trading city for much of Southern Europe. It has been called Greece’s ‘cultural capital.’ Those interested in Grecian history will adore Thessaloniki’s unique history as a symbol of the Byzantine Empire, a free state under Roman rule, captured during Ottoman rule, and the city where the Youn...


All Around Greece Adventure Study Program

Go on an all-around Greece adventure, from the mainland to the islands, with Dimitris Farm/Vineyard. Participants will experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, going on a road trip across the Greek mainland and then hopping from one Greek island to another. Participants will experience the culture of Greece, and learn about its history and its natural beauty. Participants will also learn abou...


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Greek Summer

Experience the real Greece during an exciting adventure for four and a half weeks. Greek Summer let students participate in educational excursions to the cultural and historic sites of Greece, combined with adventure in breath-taking settings such as hiking at Mt. Olympus, boating the Sporades islands and swimming in pristine Halkidiki beaches. Students can stay and live with the families in a ...


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CCIS: Thessaloniki--American College of Thessaloniki

Participate in an international study experience with American College of Thessaloniki through CCIS. The ACT academic programs are excellent, with Greek and other international faculty teaching courses to a mix of study abroad students and degree-seeking students from both Greece, and other nearby countries. The ideal participant will choose to study at ACT for its strong academic quality a...


UA in Greece: Birth of Western Civilization

The University of Alabama is offering students the opportunity to earn up to six course credits while visiting the most important archaeological and historical sites in Greece. Starting with a pre-historic settlement on the island of Santorini (dating to the 17th century B.C.) and ending with a visit at the tombs of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, students get an amazing persp...