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Study Abroad in Greece with CYA! (Summer)

Students interested in short-term, intensive study abroad are invited to take advantage of CYA's summer program, which offers unique, experience-based opportunities for learning. Summer is an exceptional time to study in Greece. Our unique courses are tailored to combine academics with authentic experiences, taking advantage of the sun, the sea and the vibrant summer culture from Athens to ...


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Wine & Gastronomy Educational Programs

Visit Greece & learn in depth on the stages of wine production through our Experience programs. Our aim is to create experience programs around the wonderful world of wine & gastronomy. Our Programs are: Viticultural Work * If your study Oenology (the art of winemaking), if you are an winemaker enthusiast or just want an extraordinary life changing experience, then this program is tai...


NEW! - The Cycladic Civilisation

Join us on a 10-day journey, following a route that unveils the vibrant Cycladic Civilization that spanned from 3200 to 2000 BCE. This program uses material culture, religion, mythology, architecture, art, and archaeology to provide insights into ancient temples and schematic, pure white marble female figurines. The latter is said to possess high aesthetic power, owing to an enigmatic form. De...


UA in Greece: Birth of Western Civilization

The University of Alabama is offering students the opportunity to earn up to six course credits while visiting the most important archaeological and historical sites in Greece. Starting with a pre-historic settlement on the island of Santorini (dating to the 17th century B.C.) and ending with a visit at the tombs of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, students get an amazing persp...


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Ancient World Odyssey: Study Classics and English in Greece

Take an odyssey into the ancient world with the MEI International Academy. Get the chance to listen to epic stories of gladiatorial combat as you set foot on the sands of the Colosseum, walk the cobblestoned streets of the ancient capital of Constantine, and study on the steps of the Parthenon. The Ancient World Odyssey program lets you travel back in time using interactive and cutting-edge te...