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A Guide to Summer Study Abroad in Germany

Your summer reading list (or movie list) always includes the Brothers Grimm tales, so why not create your own story with summer study abroad in Germany?! You’ll fulfill degree requirements while exploring charming, sunny sites — you might end up thinking you’re walking in a 3D textbook. From medieval castles and crystal clear lakes to tasty eiss-chokolade and refreshing radlers, your camera will definitely be getting a workout. Join the ranks of Einstein, Bach, and Nietzsche in the land of poets and thinkers for a once-in-a-lifetime summer in Germany!

Why Study Abroad in Germany

While spending your summer of study in Germany, you’ll delve deep in engaging and thought-provoking discussions with international students and professors in top-leading universities (heads up: many of these universities double-as palaces!). Germany is a powerhouse destination for several areas of study, such as business, economics, engineering, law, and more. After long, cold winters, the locals celebrate with never-ending parties. Experience the cultural flavor with its festivities in full swing: fireworks light up the sky, the music delights your ears, and the Hefeweizens and spargel overflow and fill your tummy with happiness.

You do have the option to study in Germany in English, but you probably already know English, right? You’re spending a summer in Germany, so why not learn German? Ja! Mastering the language allows you to share the mother tongue with many of the world’s renowned artists, musicians, and philosophers. The language courses may be intensive, but most classes are small with more one-on-one time with the professors. Germany is the second-most spoken language in Europe, the second-most spoken scientific language, and you’ll be among a pool of 100 million speakers!


You’ll never tire of the fairytale palaces, the picturesque villages, and the epic snow-capped Alps during your study abroad in Germany summer program. You’ll soon see why it’s the second-most popular expat destination in the world!

A Berlin summer will sweep you off your feet with its numerous opportunities to look history straight in the eye. On your class excursions, you’ll visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall, marvel at the Prussian Palace, and step back in time at the Brandenburg Gate. The weather is warm and sometimes a bit humid — perfect for drifting down the Landwehrkanal in a Schlauchboot, taking a dip in Liepnitzsee lake, or having a drink at a späti. This capital city’s club scene is hot hot hot, so dance the night (or day) away!

Hamburg — the gateway to the world and the Venice of northern Europe shows off endless bridges and channels. Practice the German you learned in class with locals at a barbeque in Stadtpark and throw back a shot of Mexikaner! Round up some buddies and take a boat across the Elbe River, see a romantic fountain show at Planten un Blomen park, and walk along the Hamburg Harbor. The city comes alive with vibrant colors at its annual summer festival: celebrate the Christopher Street Day parade, join the fun at the Hamburger Dom, or sip a fine wine at the Stuttgart Wine Festival.

Munich. Situated on the banks of River Isar and north of the Bavarian Alps, students who love sports and the arts alike will fall in love with this homebase while spending summer in Germany. Take a rooftop tour of the Olympic Stadium to view the mountains, explore the baroque facades at the Nymphenburg Palace, and discover the Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired Disney’s Magic Kingdom. After seeing some sights, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Sunbathe along the banks of River Isar, stroll along the wooden paths of the Englischer Garten, and enjoy some shade under a century-old chestnut tree and savor a fresh brewed beer with classmates

Tips for Summer Study in Germany

Keep in mind a few tips for your summer in Germany, and you’ll be saying “Prost!” in no time. Germany in the summer is warm and temperate, but rain showers are likely to happen — don’t forget your umbrella or raincoat. Layers are your best bet because the weather can fluctuate throughout the day. Germans also dress smart yet stylishly — but ladies, save the high heels for home, as cobblestoned streets are everywhere. Don’t forget to hit the ATM for cash before heading into restaurants, as many don’t accept credit cards.  

The best way to see the sights, explore the campuses, and soak up some Vitamin D is by bicycle. You’ll be able to rent a bicycle through a Call a Bike or Nextbike system (easily payable with a debit or credit card). The map on the website is in German, but you can read English maps at the docking stations.

Swish your hair back and forth — summer study abroad in Germany is a great excuse to attend the booming musical festivities wherever you go. From Rock am Ring, an open-air music festival at the racetrack of the Nürburgring Ring to the Fusion Festival in Neustrelitz (the “Burning Man” of Germany), you’ll be fully-immersed in music, art, and theater whether you like it or not! Want a more laid-back scene? Watch thousand of Bengal lights illuminate the Rhein River in a magical glow in places like Rüdesheim and Bingen at the Rhine in Flames festival.

German Study Abroad Scholarships

The summer season in Germany is a peak time for tourists, so accommodation, airfare, and activities will likely be higher than other times of the year. You can deepen your pockets with euros with just a few summer study abroad scholarships under your belt. Here’s a sneak peek at some available scholarships in Germany: 

  • CEA provides several summer study abroad scholarships based on need, merit, and diversity. The scope of the scholarships falls between $500 to $1000. You’re bound to be rolling in spätzle with a good essay and GPA. 
  • IES offers summer scholarships and grants up to $1000 based on need, diversity, and merit. Applicants typically need to be attending a school that is a member of the IES Abroad Consortium.
  • API awards thousands of dollars every year to students from all backgrounds. API’s scholarships range from $200 to $750. The deadline for the majority of the summer scholarships is April 1st.

Your eyes may be in shock from all of the available scholarships, so pace yourself and keep in mind the application requirements and deadlines. You’ll thank yourself later after receiving scholarships to pay for an extra round. Inquire the program about available scholarships and for tips and tricks with applications.’s Scholarship Directory also offers a plethora of available summer scholarships in Germany, so check it out!

Benefits & Challenges

Still wondering why study abroad in Germany? You’ll be joining a global community and gaining new perspectives. You’re also just a hop, skip, and jump away to the neighboring countries of Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, and France for weekend excursions. The German you learn will help you navigate the (pretzel) twists and turns in these countries! Employers will also appreciate your German language mastery as it will open up economic and networking opportunities.

Germans stress efficiency, timeliness, and punctuality, especially with its transit system. You’ll come to find that Germans are hardworking and proud of their work-oriented country. However, because it’s summer, you’ll come to relax in the sunshine on their lazy days and festivities. Just keep in mind the customs and etiquette, and in no time, you’ll fit right in!

Be the leading character in your own fairytale and spend your summer studying in Germany!

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Summer Study Abroad in Germany


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USAC GERMANY: Lüneburg - European Studies & Sustainability

Study German Language, European Studies, and Sustainability in Lüneburg, Germany through the program offered by the University Studies Abroad Consortium. The program is ideal for students who want to learn German and focus on European Studies, especially Germany’s role in the European Union. The Lüneburg program offers courses from three academic areas: German Language, Sustainability, and ...

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ISA Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city whose history has been bombed, rebuilt, torn, divided, liberated and unified all within the 20th century. A flash point during the cold war, modern Berlin is a city with ambition, whose prospects for the future seem to coincide with that of Europe as a whole. Paris’s enviable rival, Berlin is dripping with Prussian architecture that displays the might of the once great European...

Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany

CIEE Summer in Berlin

"Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the rich culture of one of Europe's most dynamic cities. Match the academic experience with your interests, aspirations, and degree requirements. Through coursework in a wide range of subjects, excursions, and cultural events, you’ll gain critical insight into contemporary Germany and Europe. Summer Open Campus in Berlin allows you to focus on one cou...

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New York University Berlin

NYU Berlin has two academic facilities. The first is an impressive historic building in the Kulturbrauerei complex, a former brewery located in stylish Prenzlauer Berg, a district popular with students, artists, and young professionals. It contains classrooms, a computer lab, a student lounge, and a group meeting space. A second facility houses studio space for art classes and is situated in St...

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German Studies Research Grant

This specialized DAAD program offers up to ten German Studies Research Grants to highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students who are nominated by their department/program chairs. The grant may be used for short-term research (one to two months) in either Germany or North America. DAAD is a self-governing, public-funded, or private organisation of higher education institutions in G...

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API at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Berlin, Germany

Erleben Sie Deutschland! Students who have a desire to improve their German language and cultural knowledge yet only have a limited time to do so, are ideal for this short term study abroad program offered during the summer. While housed in local apartments, students will be fully immersed in both language and culture through classes and city-wide activities. They will have an incredible opport...


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TU Berlin Summer and Winter University Courses 2018

Come and discover Berlin, the cultural capital of Europe! The TU Berlin Summer and Winter University offers a broad range of challenging and interesting courses from diverse disciplines. The program provides students with up to 13 ECTS credit points to take back to their home university and is offered in a flexible format of three study blocks. Upcoming courses commence on: SUMMER 201...


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Master in Brand Management

Do you want to drive the success of top brands? In the digital world where information travels faster than ever and where new media platforms are outperforming conventional ones, the traditional concepts of branding and marketing need an overhaul. At the same time, the changing demographics and evolving user behavior have given rise to new challenges and opportunities. To create and manage bran...


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Athena Study Abroad in Heidelberg, Germany

Studying abroad in charming Heidelberg, Germany means living in a city steeped in history, yet is on the cutting edge with high-tech industry. Heidelberg Castle rests on a hill overlooking all below, a reminder of what once was, while a modern city bustles below with innovation. Heidelberg offers courses specializing in business and economics, but also has many additional courses in German, ...


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Budget Low Cost - German Language & Culture - 9 Locations

Study German Language and Culture in nine locations in Germany. The program offers flexible dates: weekly - monthly terms. It is open to all students and adults worldwide. Minimum age to qualify for the program is 16. This low-cost program lets you earn credit. It provides low cost housing options, including German host families. Cultural activities and excursions are included. Airport t...


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Love nursing? Shadow in Germany. 20+ AAMC-compliant hrs/wk.

The Atlantis Fellowship gives pre-medical and pre-health students AAMC-compliant, ethical shadowing hours in international hospitals. The Atlantis mission is to help pre-medical and pre-health students pursue their callings in medicine passionately through their interactions with international healthcare. Atlantis is committed to partnering with students on their way to becoming a nurse, whi...


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Study Business Abroad With CEA

It is no secret that with an increasingly interconnected global economy, international experience is quickly becoming a requirement in the business world. CEA recognizes the trend toward international integration and offers business programs throughout the world that focus on not only improving knowledge but also adding weight to résumés. Take advantage of intercultural networking opportuni...


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Intensive German Language in Leipzig

A four-week program of intensive German language instruction. Courses are taught at the Herder Institute of the University of Leipzig, a school with over 50 years of excellence in advancing German Language skills and teaching about German culture and civilization. Students with at least one semester of German may apply. Located in the heart of Europe in the former East Germany, the city of ...