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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Berlin

With a storied past that is central to some of the brightest and darkest chapters in European history, today Berlin is one of the most influential cities in Europe and an enriching place for young people from all over the world to study abroad in Germany. Equally a hub of innovation and scientific research, as it is filled with arts and culture, students from many different academic backgrounds can find numerous reasons to study abroad in Berlin; all that’s left to do is make it happen!

Study Abroad Programs in Berlin

As a major global city with influence in a diversity of fields, international students can study abroad in Berlin within all different kinds of academic subjects. Some of the most commonly pursued disciplines include German, European studies, international relations, engineering, and philosophy. You are by no means limited to these subject areas while studying in Berlin; scroll through GoAbroad's list of study abroad programs in Berlin to get an idea of all the different academic pursuits you can undertake.

While it is possible to study abroad in Berlin at a local university, only students who are fluent enough in German to comprehend their course-load will generally take full advantage of this option. For non-German speakers, there are a variety of international or satellite schools also located throughout the city. While your course options may be more limited at these schools, many classes are also custom designed for international students, which can be a great education about the city itself.

Students can study abroad in Berlin for a summer term, single semester, or full academic year, depending on the level of immersion they want out of the experience. Some summer study abroad programs in Europe even stop in Berlin as part of a larger European tour, a great option for students who want to experience as much of the continent as possible!

Life in Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin has gone through more changes in the past century than perhaps any other city in the world. A preeminent global power at the beginning of the 20th century, World War I would cripple Germany economically and pave way for the Nazis to force their way into power. After the tragedies of World War II, Berlin became divided between the communist East and democratic West, serving again as a nucleus of the Cold War until finally in 1989 the Berlin wall came down.

Over the past few decades Berlin has been constructing for itself a new identity in the 21st century. It is a very progressive global city in science, industry, politics, and the arts, and its influence only continues to grow. Walking the streets history is never that far behind; from the Brandenburg Gate to the Holocaust Memorial to the ruins of the Berlin Wall, Berlin embraces its tumultuous past as a constant motivation for brighter days ahead.

You should make a sincere effort to explore as much of the city as possible while studying abroad in Berlin. With world class museums, restaurants, concert venues, and an infamously thriving nightlife, there will never be a shortage of new things to do and try in this incredible city.

Scholarships & Costs

Since a large part of the city was deprived economically under communism, Berlin remains a relatively affordable option for international students who want to study abroad in Germany, especially by European standards. There are also a wide range of scholarship opportunities for those who study abroad in Berlin, so be sure to check out these ways to take your tuition the furthest.

Accommodation & Visas

Those who study abroad in Berlin can choose from living in student dormitories, homestays, or individual apartments. Each of these has their pros and cons, and no one knows better than you what type of housing will provide for the type of experience you want. When looking for housing, eastern Berlin is still generally more affordable than the west, though the two halves of the city are beginning to equal out.

Unless you are coming from within the European Union, you will generally need to apply for a student visa if your study abroad program in Berlin lasts for longer than three months. Germany’s visa policy varies depending on what your home country is, so be sure to check out GoAbroad's Embassy Directory for more information that applies to your specific circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Cultural Immersion. To be blunt, Berlin is an incredibly fun city. The nightlife is out of this world, and there are always tons of interesting cultural opportunities to take advantage of while studying in Berlin.

Recent History. As opposed to many older European cities, one of the coolest parts about Berlin is how recently the crux of its history has played out. Architecture and monuments that are only a few decades old already stand testament to a distinct past era.

Language Immersion. As the country becomes more and more influential on the global stage, German continues to grow as an immensely valuable second language to know. If you decide to study abroad in Berlin, you'll have a great opportunity to improve your comprehension of the German language.

Don't waste anytime contemplating, just do it; experience life in Germany by choosing to study abroad in Berlin now!

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Discover Berlin with CIEE Study Abroad

Visitors to Berlin are amazed at the juxtaposition between its youthful vibe and its volatile history. Study abroad with the Council on International Educational Exchange and discover the real culture and traditions of Germany, while being immersed in academics ranging from architecture to sustainability. Programs available for semester, summer, and six-week Open Campus blocks.

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Semester in Germany (Reutlingen)

Sprechen sie Deustche? You will after you study abroad in Reutlingen, Germany. You’ll travel to Germany with Valparaiso University and study German language while taking courses in English on topics such as history, art, and economics. You’ll live with students from all over the world on Reutlingen University’s campus, which has a long legacy as a textile school. The city itself is in a unique ...


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Summer Study in Germany with AIFS

Study abroad through this dynamic program offered by the American Institute for Foreign Study in Germany. The program is set in the fascinating city of Berlin, which is known for being a cultural, political, and media hub. Participants may choose from a number of academic courses, including Political Science, History, and International Business.


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Exciting Summer and Semester Programs in Germany

Discover Berlin, Germany while studying abroad through IES Abroad. Develop a higher fluency in German while studying a variety of subjects such as Art History, Literature, and Jewish Studies at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin or Freie Universitat. Students of any nationality can take part in week-long field study trips, live with a local family or in a shared apartments, and join cultural ...


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ISA Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city whose history has been bombed, rebuilt, torn, divided, liberated and unified all within the 20th century. A flash point during the cold war, modern Berlin is a city with ambition, whose prospects for the future seem to coincide with that of Europe as a whole. Paris’s enviable rival, Berlin is dripping with Prussian architecture that displays the might of the once great European...


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New York University

Experience Berlin while studying abroad through New York University. Students take up to four courses including a German language course appropriate for their level. The program accepts American students with a minimum GPA of 3.0.


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German Language School in Berlin

Live, study, and immerse in Berlin with Eurocentres. Students can take part in three courses, namely General Language Skills, Goethe, and Open Choice course. The programs are available year round and are open to participants of any nationality.


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Study European Business and Economics in Berlin

Study abroad in Germany's capital city of Berlin with CEA Global Education. The program lets American and Canadian students study a variety of subjects over the summer including German Language and Culture, European Studies, and International Business. Students study alongside other international and local students at Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin or Berlin School of Economics and Law.


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DAAD University Summer Course Grant

DAAD provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate level university students for participation in a 3- to 4-week summer language course offered by higher education institutions in Germany. A minimum of A1 language level German is prerequisite. DAAD is a self-governing, public-funded, or private organisation of higher education institutions in Germany. They aim to promote international ...


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Women's and Gender Studies in Europe

Carleton College, one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges, now operates the Women's and Gender Studies in Europe (WGSE) program previously offered by Antioch Education Abroad. Since 1984, the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (WGSE) program has offered students a unique opportunity to explore feminist and queer theory in practice across Western and East Central Europe. The program e...


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Summer Study Abroad Program in one of 4 cities, 4 weeks

The four-week courses offer students from around the world a great opportunity to develop an academic project in the area of culture and civilization under supervision of International School of Management university lecturers while at the same time improving their existing German language skills. Program details: • Age group: 17 years an older • Course duration: 4 weeks Cities: Berli...


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TU Berlin Summer and Winter University Courses 2018

Come and discover Berlin, the cultural capital of Europe! The TU Berlin Summer and Winter University offers a broad range of challenging and interesting courses from diverse disciplines. The program provides students with up to 13 ECTS credit points to take back to their home university and is offered in a flexible format of three study blocks. Upcoming courses commence on: SUMMER 201...


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