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A Guide to Hospitality Degrees Abroad

Do your most memorable travels involve enchanting abodes and gastronomic delights? Perhaps you can’t get the dreams of a plush paradise of a five-star penthouse or the rustic magic of a remote hostel out of your head. Hospitality and travel go hand and hand, so combine your love of both and contribute your personal travel experiences to improve the accommodations and activities of others. By pursuing a degree at hospitality management universities internationally, you’ll get a first-class look at this global industry. The connections you make will prepare you for the main event: taking on hotel and restaurant management anywhere in the world upon graduation!

Why Earn a Hospitality Degree Abroad

Working in a hotel or restaurant is a suite option when it comes to international mobility. Going to hotel management schools abroad is the first step to learning the ins and outs of this dynamic, diverse community alongside the next Cesar Ritz or Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa. Wherever you decide to study in the world will be an opportunity to learn from the tourist businesses in that location or region and take note of their best practices (especially helpful in comparison to those experienced in your home country or on previous travels). In addition, you’ll learn from a global group of teachers who will bring their own expertise and knowledge to the table. 

Earning your hospitality and tourism degree abroad will also be a five-star opportunity to gain the intercultural communication skills that will be necessary for your future career. No matter where your studies take you, your customers will likely be from countries in all corners of the world. With a hospitality degree abroad, you’ll not only learn the customs to succeed and serve in international destinations, but also you’ll develop the skills to satisfy and engage with all kinds of people. Start practicing your best ni hao, danke, adios, and onegaishimasu now to better satisfy your customers in the future.

If starting your own hotel, restaurant, or tourism company is in your tempur-pedic dreams ;-), attending the best hospitality schools in the world is the most productive way to open your innovative horizons and gain a competitive edge. Fusions of Asian and Mexican cuisine, the latest boutique hotels created with igloos in Romania, or massive tents in Kenyan nature reserves are born out of part imagination, part observation, and part education. Combining your studies with global exploration might just be your wake-up call to the next big idea in hospitality. 


Every country around the world has their unique customs and business savvy that make a stay there something special. However, where you choose to attend foreign hospitality management universities will shape the cultural nuances of your future concierge abilities to solve any problem with the appropriate style. 

One continent known for its rich tradition of Michelin stars and Relais & Chateaux chateaux is Europe. In this region with a long hospitality history, you’ll find plenty of programs in countries, such as Italy, England, France, and Spain. Each of these countries offers their unique flair to the hospitality world from the dainty art of British teatime to the savory complexity of Spanish tapas. The opportunity to study in one of these countries and then travel to the others nearby will undoubtedly expand your hospitality horizons.

Hone in on opportunities in Switzerland for an upscale course in fine dining, wining, and reclining. When not bingeing on Toblerone, hot chocolate, or alpine skiing, you’ll gain a top-notch education in all the rich traditions of Swiss hospitality and class. With insider internship connections, Swiss programs also offer students an awesome combination of practical and taught experiences throughout their degree program. At the crossroads of three languages and cultures, Switzerland is a unique locale to spring into your hospitality studies. 

Head “Down Under” to snuggle up with kangaroos and koalas with a hospitality degree program in Australia. Whether studying in major cities like Perth or Adelaide, or smaller cities like Newcastle, Australia is brimming with options to refine your inclinations to manage tourist experiences abroad. When not practicing your manager’s mediation or budgeting skills, you’ll have fun in the warmth and friendliness of Australian hospitality itself. With a love of travel, a drive for adventure, and a jolly spirit, Oz’s culture will complement your studies and inspire your future in the industry. 

Hospitality Degree Programs

A hospitality and tourism degree covers a number of aspects of the industry: hotels, restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, tours, and many more. Yet, when it comes to formal study, most international degree options revolve around accommodation and culinary establishments and are available at the bachelor’s, master’s, and even the doctoral level. Many colleges with hotel management programs focus on the business aspects of the industry, so look for degrees in hospitality with titles like a BBA or MBA.

Although working in tourism, restaurants, and hotels might seem like easy-learned, on-the-job customer service work, the advantage of a degree from the best hospitality schools in the world is that you’ll be able to quickly elevate yourself up to the management level. Studying at a reputable, international institution is the best way to sidestep any doubts of your hospitable capabilities in any country. With a recognized qualification, you’ll be able to confidently apply for positions from Dubai to New York to luxury cruise lines sailing the high seas.  

Plus, with higher salary possibilities and greater control over your work environment, why not take your passion for hospitality to the highest management level? Look for degree programs at hotel management schools that combine taught courses on marketing and administration with hands-on internships and key career resources. Use your degree studies to add some pillow chocolate surprises to both the education and experience sections of your resume. 

Benefits & Challenges

Live the suite life. Getting a degree from hospitality management universities in other countries is the perfect opportunity to constantly experience your field both inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll have amazing opportunities to live in the tourism industry of another country and gain invaluable insight into the global nature of the hospitality scene. Get ready for an engaging, 360-degree course in hospitality that will only act as the starter to the satisfying, main meal of your career.

First-class culture. The country where you choose to study hospitality will give you an intimate view into the customs and culture of that region. Make the most of your degree destination by taking note of these unique characteristics and adding them to your skillset. Location is very important when starting your studies, but how you apply that cultural expertise as you continue your career will be your innovative edge. The best part of the hospitality industry is that the home country of your work in one job might be home to the culture of your most frequent guests in the next. 

From learning to cater to prestigious guests, like Prince William or the Dalai Lama, to how to keep the business afloat, a degree in hospitality management abroad will prepare you for any crazy curveballs. Best of all, you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too by studying in a new culture that will inform your hospitality expertise. 

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Master´s in Hospitality Management

Take your Master’s in Hospitality at the UCAM University. The programme is designed for individuals with a great capacity for management of equipment and the necessary attitude for carrying out complex problem solving employing decision-making, oriented toward the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation. Interested participants must have a focus on quality requirements, cultural diver...


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School of Business & Management at Asia Pacific University

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Middlesex University, London UK

At Middlesex, no matter where in the world our students come from, we give them the tools and opportunities they need to make their own path to success, to grow as individuals and to stand out from their peers back at home. We offer a broad range of industry relevant courses and our academics draw on their experience and employ practical teaching techniques. We provide our students with the op...


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Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South America, Asia and mainland Europe undertake a semester or a whole year at Bangor and transfer the credits achieved to the home University. This means that students who are taking a degree course at another university can vi...


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TEAN: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in New Zealand

For those wanting to study abroad beyond a semester, TEAN can assist you in finding a program in New Zealand to earn your Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or PhD. Our services are free to you. We do not charge you for the work we do on your behalf. By utilizing TEAN's services you are saving money on international postage, phone calls and more. TEAN is an official representative of the be...


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University of Otago - Study Abroad

The University of Otago welcomes study abroad students from universities throughout the world, and enrolls international students in degrees from bachelors through to PhD. Live among local students of the university, all within 15 minutes walk of campus and the Dunedin city center in New Zealand. The two to six-bedroom houses or apartments typically have at least one local student living in the...


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Study Abroad at Curtin University

Study at Western Australia’s largest and most preferred university. Ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide Curtin has campuses in Perth, Malaysia and Singapore and welcomes a diversity of nationalities and cultures. Over 50,000 students from more than 130 countries are studying one of our internationally recognized degrees. Based on Curtin’s high proportion of internationa...


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Gastronomy and Hospitality Internships in France

Gastronomie France offers to students the unique opportunity to carry out their internship in the best hotels and restaurants in France. Interns will be placed in selected prestigious French establishments, which range from gastronomical and traditional restaurants to Michelin star restaurants. Interns will learn from passionate and dedicated French chefs and hotel managers keen to share ...


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Dublin City University Study Abroad and Degree Abroad Programmes

Thinking about where you would like to study, what you want to study and how you apply? Dublin City University (DCU) is a warm and welcoming environment for students from over 114 countries who wish to take a semester in Dublin, a full time undergraduate degree or a postgraduate masters programme. The International Office will help you with advice on all aspects of study in DCU including cou...


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ISA Study Abroad in Lille, France

Lille is a charming city in the Nord-Pas de Calais region of Northern France that has retained its exceptional Flemish heritage while offering the luxuries of a modern city. Lille was developed around the Deûle River and has been home to a number or political influences and cultures, many of which can still be seen on the façades of its ancient and eclectic architecture. Once an industrial hub,...


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Semester Study & Intern in SPAIN

This study abroad program is perfect for a student, with at minimum intermediate level Spanish skills, who wants an authentic study abroad experience. Away from the crowds of American students who study abroad in more popular destinations like Barcelona or Madrid, you will find yourself fully immersed in the language and culture. You will take classes at an accredited Spanish university and tak...


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Mediterranean Agribusiness School (MABS) Summer Program

This comprehensive program includes lectures delivered by reputed speakers, hands-on experience & case-studies provided by top-level professionals from companies and both national and international institutions, as well as field trips and technical visits. The program is ideal for undergraduates, recent graduates or young professionals who are interested in enjoying a unique experience, lear...


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Customer service internship in a 5* Hotel in the city centre

Our collaborator is a well-known design hotel in the centre of the capital of Andalusia being a reference in the whole country for its design, location, and concept. The hotel is located in the historical Centre of Seville in front of the Cathedral and a couple of minutes away from the shopping streets. The hotel is exclusive, having only 60 rooms of 5 different types. Every room is fully equi...


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SAI Programs :: Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Florence

Located in the historic center, Apicius International School of Hospitality offers the finest academic food and wine studies in all of Italy. Programs are designed either for people who approach "the art of Italian cooking" for the first time, or are experts in the field who wish to refresh and deepen their cultural and practical experience of Italian cooking. We consider cooking to be an art, ...


Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management

This programme is designed to comply with the strict requirements of the Swiss federal government whilst staying true to the values that have made IMI one of the finest hospitality schools in the world today. Combining practical training with academic excellence, we are committed to helping students fulfill their true potential. We support our students through small classes and individual learn...