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Degrees Abroad in Italy

Earn your degree abroad in Italy, the motherland of the Roman Republic, Renaissance, and fine red wines. From the stunning cathedrals of the Vatican City to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the chic fashion districts of Milan, there is a bit of something for everyone in this cultural, culinary goliath of the Mediterranean. Moving beyond the fine exterior of Italy by enrolling full time at an Italian university will take students deep into the complex history and artistically-rich lifestyle of one of the most stunningly beautiful and fascinating countries in the world.


Rome, Milan, and Bologna are three of Italy’s largest cities and also boast some of the top universities in the country, hence these cities can be some of the best places to study abroad in Italy. The University of Bologna, University of Rome, and University of Milan are perennially listed at the top of Italy’s national rankings and all offer at least some English courses and study abroad programs. Studying at large national universities such as these will give the prospective foreign student a top-notch education along with access to the variety of educational, social, and professional opportunities that come with life in a big city.

Florence also features a top public school in the University of Florence, as well as a variety of prestigious arts schools such as the Accademia Italiana, Accademia D’Arte, and the Florence University of the Arts.

The much smaller city of Pisa offers an interesting study abroad destination with unique program opportunities - the University of Pisa is a top-five Italian university and its student population comprises over half of the regional population, making it the archetypal Italian college town.

Every region  of Italy has its own unique flavor, so do your research beforehand and try to find the location that is best fit for you. The Italian public education system is quite expansive, so most major cities feature universities where it will be possible to earn an international degree. Regardless of where you land, utilize travel to take full advantage of the tremendous cultural diversity that Italy has to offer!

Academics & Degrees

Italy is host to some of the most premier Fashion Design and Merchandising schools in the world, making these pursuits very popular among those obtaining a degree abroad in Italy. Italian Language, Art, Architecture, Communications, Business, and Economics are other popular areas of study for international students in Italy

Higher education in Italy is generally divided into a three year “Laurea Triennale” degree followed by a two year “Laurea Magistrale” degree. These generally equate to the undergraduate and masters degrees offered by other Western institutions. The academic terms typically run from September to January and February to July, with summer and winter breaks in between.

Classes are for the most part taught in Italian, although many colleges will offer at least some classes in English. Some universities and colleges, such as the American University of Rome, offer entire degree programs entirely in English. Large lecture halls are typical of most Italian classes, and grades are typically based on exams and independent study.

Scholarships & Costs

Public education is made quite affordable for students earning a degree in Italy, with average tuition fees generally hovering around 1,000 Euro for the major state universities. Fees may increase for international students depending on their area of study, however. Private universities will also be much more expensive. It is good to make contact early with prospective universities to inquire more about costs and the application process for earning your degree in Italy.

There are many scholarships, both Italian and international, which are also made available to foreign students. Check out GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory for financial aid to study in Italy as an international student.

Accommodation & Visas

Throughout your degree program in Italy you will likely have the opportunity to experience both student dormitory housing and apartment living. Different universities vary on the type of housing offered to international students, so it is best to contact your target school early to discuss options. Dormitory living is a great way to embed yourself in the Italian student community and make friends from around the world while you are earning your degree. Apartment living allows for a more autonomous lifestyle and can be a nice way to lead an independent lifestyle in a major Italian city during your degree program.

You should be able to obtain a student visa fairly easy granted you meet the personal and financial requisites. Your degree abroad program or university of enrollment will help guide you through this process. For more information on the visa requirements for your home country, consult GoAbroad’s Italian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Going abroad to earn a full degree anywhere in the world is a big commitment - you will be taking on an entirely new lifestyle, new culture, and (ideally) new language. Foreign students will soon discover that Italy soars to the top of global refinement in all of the latter categories, making studying in Italy all the more exciting. 

Italians are a fun loving, laid back, artistically minded people. Lolling in the warm breeze of the Mediterranean you will also enjoy some of the best food, architecture, and natural beauty that Europe has to offer while earning your degree abroad.

Everyone knows that college comprises the best few years of your life. Make your academic career even better by pursuing a degree abroad and enjoy “la dolce vita” in Italy. 

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Degrees Abroad in Italy


122 Degree Programs Abroad in Italy


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Students have the chance to earn a degree in Italy and choose from a plethora of bachelors as well as masters academic programs offered by IED - Istituto Europeo di Design. Based in six cities including Rome, Milan, and Florence, these programs are a blend of the areas of product design and communication. These are further supplemented by intense workshops and some substantial scientific compon...


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An American university offering both semester and summer programs, John Cabot University provides students with 350+ course options each semester in International Affairs, Communications, Business, Economics, and more. Immerse yourself in Italian culture and make JCU’s beautiful Roman campus your home base for European travels while you earn college credits to stay on track for graduation.


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Get a degree at the Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) with Academic Programs International Italy. With a wide variety of degree programs offered to American and Canadian students, API provides an environment conducive for learning in the historic city of Florence. Participants will receive an enriching and comprehensive degree program while exploring the sights of their host city and interacting ...


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Located in the hills overlooking Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, the Accademia dell'Arte offers conservatory-style, study abroad programs in Physical Theatre, Dance, and Music, Summer & Winter intensive programs, and a fully accredited two and a half year MFA in Physical Theatre.


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The Accademia Europea di Firenze is an international school that welcomes people of all academic backgrounds and offers programs in academia as well as the performing arts. With fully qualified Italian teachers and academic professors, and music, art and dance teachers of the highest standard, a study abroad experience in Florence and at AEF is enriching, all-encompassing and authentic.


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The major objectives of the ICD are to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of cultural diplomacy and create a platform to promote and sustain intercultural dialogue at all levels. The ICD sees the role of researching, promoting and developing the field of cultural diplomacy as an integral part of its mission.


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Participants in the MFA in Communication Design program get the opportunity to expand exponentially or explore intensively their personal practice through direct exposure to contemporary and historical 2D design approaches in European and international scopes. Critical dialogue and active participation are encouraged through frequent exchanges with faculty members, best lecturers, and visiting...


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Our design school courses have been specifically created to give a detailed understanding of Italy's rich culture. The Florence Institute's courses teach the foundation of interior design by combining modern technology with inventive traditions. Our graphic design school courses teach tradition, theory and the latest graphic software.


Lorenzo de' Medici has partnered with Marist College to offer the first four-year U.S. Bachelor's Degree Program in Florence. This degree program has been designed to meet the academic needs of qualified students from around the world. Our program gives students the opportunity to interact with a multitude of cultures and build the kinds of skills and experience they need to succeed in this inc...


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Students can earn a degree in Italy through an opportunity from SAI Programs. Participants can choose from a variety of academic courses from Florence University of the Arts such as Hospitality, Culinary Arts, or Photography. Students will have the chance to explore the breathtaking sites in their respective host neighborhoods, learn more about the Italian language, and experience genuine Itali...