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Degrees Abroad in England

England has one of the most prestigious higher education systems in the world. Every year the small island nation attracts thousands of students from around the globe to join its rich academic tradition (which for many universities spans back centuries). You do not have to be admitted into Oxford or Cambridge to have a rewarding experience earning your degree abroad in England – you need only academic curiosity, ambition for the best, and a great sense of adventure.


Considering its vast global impact throughout the course of history, many do not realize just how small a country England is. Part of the larger United Kingdom which includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this great world power is only roughly the size of Alabama – you can easily drive from coast to coast in just a few hours.

London is England’s capital and, along with New York across the pond, is considered to be one of the two premier global cities in the world. Home to dozens of great universities and tertiary institutions, there is hardly a more enriching place where you can spend a few years abroad earning your degree. London has a little bit of everything for everyone – it is a vast, multicultural city that is a nucleus of important artistic, economic, and political activity.

Other major English cities where you can choose to pursue a degree abroad include Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham. These cities are all less globally oriented than London, but offer a thriving urban environment for your studies nonetheless. Smaller English cities such as York, Oxford, and Cambridge are also popular destinations because of their prestigious academic institutions and large student populations. Remember that anywhere you study in England, you will never be too far away from everywhere else!

Degree Programs in England

England is home to a bevy of some of the most highly regarded  academic institutions in the world. Among the best of the best include the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, and University of Manchester. These schools can be very competitive for admittance because of their immense prestige, but typically also reserve a good amount of space for international students completing their studies abroad. 

There are many degree abroad programs and organizations that partner with British Universities to help you find the ideal placement based on your academic interests and qualifications. Regardless of whether you are pursuing a degree at the undergraduate or graduate level, going through one of these organizations can help immensely throughout the application process and with continued on-the-ground support.

While it is possible to study pretty much anything at the wide range of universities in England, some of the most popular degrees among international students include those in History, Economics, Engineering, and Political Science. As you may have assumed, English is the primary language of education here, making it possible for native and ESL speakers to gain easy access to a full course load at local universities. One of the most rewarding parts about earning your degree abroad in England is that you will be studying alongside peers from all across the world!

Scholarships & Costs

English universities can be expensive for international students, but luckily there are a huge number of scholarships out there that can help ease the financial burden. Prices vary across the country, with major cities like London being the most expensive places to study abroad, so keep this in mind while searching for the ideal program. Also remember that England still uses the Pound (GBP), which is equivalent to about $1.50 US.

Accommodation & Visas

Most international students choose to live in dormitories from the outset of their degree abroad programs in England, then may move off campus to apartments later on in their studies. Other accommodation options such as homestays are sometimes available for shorter programs as well. The university you enroll in and its location will be the primary factors determining what type of housing is available.

You will usually need to apply for a student visa as well in order to complete your degree abroad in England. Your degree abroad program or host university will help endorse you throughout this process – in the meantime you can check out our Embassy Directory for more information about what type of documentation you will need to obtain.

Benefits & Challenges

Tradition. England has been educating some of the brightest young minds in the world for centuries, and today carries on this tradition of excellence with flying colors. While academically challenging in this regard, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. 

Diversity. British universities tend to have some of the most globally diverse student populations in the world, trailing perhaps only the United States in this regard. If you are intrigued by the prospect of making friends from all across the planet, England is the place to earn your degree.

Easy Travel. While studying abroad in England, you can travel cheaply and conveniently all across the European continent during your time off. It is a great point of access to explore some of the world’s most popular travel destinations!

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Degrees Abroad in England


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