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11 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Toronto


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Come take this amazing opportunity and provide assistance by rescuing, caring, nurturing, and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife! The project is located in Ontario, within close proximity to Canada's famous Great Lakes! Take note that working with wildlife on the Center is physically demanding and it is by no means an 'easy holiday option’! The program duration is from four weeks ...


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If you're looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity abroad, then take an i-to-i TEFL qualification. With our range of online TEFL courses based in Canada, you'll be able to start teaching and travelling quicker than you thought possible! As an established TEFL course provider in Canada, we've qualified thousands of teachers in TEFL and helped send these graduates overseas to start their ...


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Conservation volunteering in Canada is a unique full-time program that provides hands-on experience at a registered Canadian charity or park. The program provides young adults from around the world the opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Canada while making a difference and gaining valuable experience. Participants can be placed for 4-16 weeks with an environmental conservation or...


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The International Career Studies program operates with the help of a number of our Canadian and international partners through which internship placements are organized. As a company, we specialize in helping students find internship programs that will help them gain valuable skills and experience in the workplace. We strive to organize internships that go beyond the classroom and provide pract...


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Join the International Volunteer Programme, which brings together international volunteers to work on short-term projects. They run a wide range of projects, such as Restoration, Conservation, Construction, Archaeology, Culture, and Art. They also host socially based projects like childrens play-schemes, working with children and adults with special needs, and teaching. The projects run fo...