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Wildlife Rescue in Australia

Guarantee an enriching experience contributing to a wildlife rescue program aimed at rescuing Australian indigenous animals forced out from their natural habitat, as well as those orphaned, injured, or have fallen ill due to increasing interaction with human activities. The placement will be in picturesque Stanley State Forest, in the state of Victoria. You will work at a wildlife shelter, ...


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Australia 21-Day Road Trip

The Australian Road Trip takes you through the beautiful cities of Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne over 21 days. During your time travelling along the East Coast and visiting some of Australia’s most vibrant cities, you will be able to experience some of the country’s unique culture, natural beauty, wildlife and architecture and also get to know some locals. So that you’re able to fam...


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Conservation Volunteering in Australia

The immense country, Australia, attracts many tourists each year, due to its diverse landscapes. This programme allows you to explore the country away from the beaten track, helping to preserve some of the natural wonders Australia has to offer. From deserts to snowy mountains, from colorful coral reef to bustling cities, there is so much to see – it is no surprise Australia remains so popul...


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Wildlife Care & Rehab Australia

If you love wildlife and have always dreamed of traveling to Australia then this is the opportunity for you! Fronteering is arranging unique opportunities to volunteer at wildlife rehab & rescue programs across Southern Australia in New South Wales. Every year thousands of animals south of Sydney get injured or orphaned. Join our project to help rescue and rehabilitate these magnificent creatur...


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You, A 'Roo, and Australia Zoo

Take an exceptional opportunity to volunteer at Steve Irwin’s famous Australia Zoo! Go behind the scenes and perform zoo tasks in various animal departments as a team. Learn from the zookeepers as you assist them with their duties and participate in conservation workshops. Get up close and personal with wombats, wallabies, echidnas, and kangaroos! Then you'll have fun in the sun on a sand is...


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Pacific Discovery Australia Summer Program - 4 weeks

Combine sustainability education, community service, cultural immersion, and leadership development with adventure travel. Volunteer at an environmental education center in Keppel Bay Islands National Park; Learn to surf at a 3-day surf camp; Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef; Go canyoning in the Blue Mountains National Park; Hike and explore Fraser Island National Park; Gain insight into Ab...


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Conservation Volunteers, Australia & New Zealand

Volunteer across a range of locations in Australia and New Zealand and get involved in a range of conservation activities. Working in teams of 10, volunteers will be given the opportunity to take part in tree planting, trail construction, wildlife surveys, weed control, heritage restoration, and conservation fencing. There are 16 locations in Australia including Perth, Darwin, and Canberra) and...