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The Gilman International Scholarship Program & Boren Awards

American students can live and study in Uzbekistan, through Gilman Scholarships or Boren Awards. Both of these programs encourage study abroad in under represented locations world wide. Boren Award recipients typically accept federal government positions after graduation in return for the funding assistance, while Gilman Scholars are usually committed only to maintaining good academic standing ...


The School of Russian and Asian Studies

Learn more about Uzbekistan and its diverse culture with The School of Russian and Asian Studies. SRAS offers a study abroad program that concentrates on areas such as International Policy and Diplomacy, History, and International Relations in Uzbekistan. Participants may travel across the country through excursions, and may live in dormitories or host families during their stay. Programs are a...


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Intensive Summer Study in Samarqand (Samarkand)

Partake in an international learning program that allows students to broaden and solidify both their communicative as well as cultural capabilities as they attend in-depth classes on the Arizona State University's campus in Uzbekistan. Conducted during the summer, participants receive three hours of classroom instruction each day. Furthermore, they review the material covered in Arizona, with a...