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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Trinidad & Tobago

Students who are looking for an opportunity to study abroad in a country that has a top-rated university, exciting cricket and football games, and doubles sandwiches (yes, that’s a thing!) should consider the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Whether you’re exploring the Gasparee Cave or discovering hundreds of bird species, you’ll have a wonderfully unique experience when you study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago. Although not as well-known as many other Caribbean countries, it offers the appeal of beautiful beaches and rainforested hills with a cultural heritage that is brimming in diversity and adventures.

Where to Study in Trinidad & Tobago

The most southern of the Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Tobago is made up of two islands located seven miles off the coast of Venezuela. The geography, wildlife, and agriculture here is more similar to South American countries than to other Caribbean islands. Here are our picks for the best places to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain. This capital of the country lies in the northwestern area of Trinidad. If you’re here during the spring term, you won’t want to miss out on one of the largest Carnivals in the world here, where you’ll shimmy your hips, listen to calypso and soca music, limbo until you drop, and watch streaming parades. You’ll also want to explore the National Museum and Art Gallery to learn more about the country’s history, experience an electric nightlife with new lifelong friends from class, and mosey through the Royal Botanic Gardens for a peaceful moment or two. 

Tobago. While smaller than Trinidad, this island packs a lot of punch and makes a splash with its tropical delights such as its numerous beaches and cabanas to rent. Mountain bike on the trails, hike through Rainforest Reserve, and get a bite to eat afterwards at the central market. The island is a diver’s paradise because it lies outside of the hurricane belt and boasts coral communities and shipwrecks, where you’ll see marine wildlife like rays, turtles, sharks, and tropical fish like the jewfish.

Costs of Studying in Trinidad & Tobago

Many of the schools in Trinidad and Tobago have partnerships that allow students to pay their regular tuition to their home school and then the tuition is transferred to the local university appropriately. 

However, the overall cost of studying in Trinidad and Tobago depends on your program choice, length, and number of courses. Jumpstart your payments by applying for scholarships to help line your pockets a little more.

Student Housing Options

Housing is often available on local campuses. Dorm rooms are simple, yet clean and comfortable, and typically include a bed, dresser, desk, and sink, as well as a ceiling fan and ventilated windows for airflow.

Students from numerous Caribbean islands, as well as countries such as the US and Canada, live in the dorms quite frequently. These interactions with other students enhance opportunities to learn about the Caribbean culture.

Visas for Trinidad & Tobago

All international students will need to obtain a student permit, which involves an application, photo, acceptance letter, proof of financial support, and a passport. The permit lasts up to a year and will need to be renewed if staying longer. The requirements may change, so be sure to keep in contact with the study abroad program coordinator and to visit GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for any additional assistance.

GoAbroad's Insider Tips

Weather. There’s the dry season from January to May and the rainy season from June to December. Civilians are restricted from wearing any type of camouflage clothing because it is reserved for military personnel. 

Food. The highlight of your time here. A variety of curries are reflective of the Indian heritage while many stewed meats and rice dishes are reflective of the African heritage. They say the best way to travel is through your tummy, right?

Students who choose to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago will not regret it; the opportunities for academic growth and development foreign universities are enhanced by the wide variety of cultural experiences.

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A Guide To
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