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The Hague University is a vocationally oriented university of approximately 23,000 students, and offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from European Studies to Informatics, some of which are offered entirely in English. It is a modern educational institute, striving to create optimal study and work conditions for its students and staff. The campus is surrounded ...


Hallo! Welcome to the enchanting country of the Netherlands, often referred to as Holland, where tons of fun, excitement and a thrilling adventure await you! The people of this small nation are fiercely proud, and with good reason. The Netherlands is home to many beautiful structures, such as the Binnenhof and the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Choose the Netherlands as your YFU destination and venture ...


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The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers students the opportunity to study in the Netherlands in the summer. The summer school is a cutting-edge two or four-week modular course and looks at solving global issues through connecting the public and private sectors. Join the school and explore society's future in the United Nations City of Peace, Justice, and Security with its 131 internatio...