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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Rotterdam

Dreaming of beautiful countryside roads, where you pedal away on your bicycle into the sunset with your dog Toto? This doesn’t have to be merely a dream. It can be real life — your life when you study abroad in Rotterdam (well, maybe not the Toto part, but the beautiful countryside roads, fields full of tulips, and awesome sunset are totally a possibility!). There are many awesome study abroad programs in Rotterdam to help you get over the rainbow. Oh, and, Amsterdam is only 16 Euros and a 31 minute train ride away. Who’s ready to go to the Netherlands and study abroad in Rotterdam?!

What you need to know to study abroad in Rotterdam, Netherlands

When people think Netherlands, most think Amsterdam, but they’re probably obsessed with coffeeshops (if you catch our drift). To be perfectly blunt, we think you should study in Rotterdam instead! Rotterdam is like a secret gem waiting for you to experience a lifetime of adventure. 

Popular subjects to study. There are plenty of subjects to study while you study in Rotterdam, but most students come to pursue their International Business and Management studies or to dust off their Dutch language skills

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. If you are looking to study abroad with a short term program, somewhere less than three months (or even a summer), Rotterdam is the ideal location. Traveling across the entire country of Netherlands takes a mere three hours, meaning that you can explore the entire country despite your limited time; however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to see (think post-WWII architecture!).

If you are considering a long term program, 3+ months, don’t count Rotterdam out. Students who participate in long term programs have more options to select from in regards to subjects to study and there multiple universities in Rotterdam to choose from. It is important to note, thought, that if you are from the US or Canada and you would like to stay in Rotterdam for more than 90 days, you will have to get a residence permit. 

Attending universities vs. other program types. There are many universities in rotterdam for international students! But, if you still don’t feel comfortable navigating the process alone, there are plenty of other options, like: studying abroad in Rotterdam with a program through your home university, through a third party organization (like the ones listed on this page!), or on a faculty led program. There are plenty of options when it comes to studying in Rotterdam!

Life in Rotterdam, Netherlands for international students

As part of an extremely liberal country, Rotterdam and other Dutch cities are open to guests from all over the world. As previously mentioned, Rotterdam is home to Erasmus universities, so students are no foreigners in this city. 

If it’s not for the university, many visitors come to Rotterdam for its eclectic art scene made up of many art institutions and galleries displaying the most controversial art. The cool thing is that you don’t even need to visit the numerous art institutions and galleries I just mentioned to experience this rich culture, because the city is paved with inspiring street art. You also shouldn’t forget about the loud music and theater scene pulsating through the city.

GoAbroad’s inside scoop on studying abroad in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Just because they speak English, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn Dutch! Language is a huge part of every country’s culture, so if you want to fully immerse, prepare by learning the basics of their language. And, when I say basic, I mean it. No one expects you to learn ALL 26 ways of saying Goodbye in Dutch.

Indonesian food in the Netherlands? No way… but, actually, yes way. Have you ever heard of the Dutch East Indies, aka the Dutch colony which has become the modern day Indonesia? Well that’s real. Be ready to experience some of the best Indonesian food outside of Indonesia when you study abroad in Rotterdam.

Travel beyond the borders and start crossing places off your bucket list — even though there is plenty to see in Rotterdam, take advantage of the MANY countries that are only a quick bus or train ride away. Europe is so rich in culture and history that there is absolutely, positively, no chance you will regret visiting new countries. 

Studying abroad in Rotterdam holds the perfect balance between old and new, and big and small creating an ethnic environment that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. And, wait, there also is a beach.

Opening a new tab to book your flight? Get even more info with our comprehensive guide on studying in Netherlands.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Rotterdam


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