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IES Abroad

IES Abroad offers 120+ programs in more than 35 locations worldwide for undergraduate students. We're a little obsessed with study abroad, and not at all ashamed to admit it. We are a highly-charged force of study abroad enthusiasts. Every day we have the privilege of witnessing how study abroad changes our students' lives. That's the reason we do what we do: to provide once-in-a-lifetime ed...

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USAC THE NETHERLANDS: Maastricht - Business Studies

The Maastricht program is ideal for students interested in earning credit toward their degree while engaging in hands-on, student-led learning in an international setting. Regardless of the term you choose, your coursework will be supplemented with experiences such as field trips, museum visits, and seminars on locations. Since the majority of Dutch citizens are fluent in English (and extremely...

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AIFS Study Abroad: European Art and Architecture (Summer)

Spend an exciting and completely enriching summer traveling to major cities in five different countries - London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; Lausanne, Switzerland; and Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy! These cities are considered the historic art and architectural centers of Europe. Earn 3 credits taking European Art and Architecture through Richmond, the American Inter...


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Center For Study Abroad (CSA) - Direct Low Cost - Budget

Study Liberal Arts & Sciences at the VRIJE (VU) University of Amsterdam. You can join a low-cost program offered by CSA, and earn credits. The program is open to all students and adults worldwide. A transcript will be issued by VU. Cultural activities and excursions. Low cost housing options are available. Participants can choose between Semester, Year, Quarter, Summer, and Monthly terms. They ...


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ISA Study Abroad in Amsterdam

In this interdisciplinary and academically rigorous program, students will have the opportunity to study alongside Dutch and other international students for a semester or full academic year at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Course offerings are highly specialized, focusing on research methodology across various disciplines including arts and humanities, social sciences, computer science, e...



Deepen your business and communications knowledge while broadening your understanding of the role the Netherlands plays in the global market during CIEE’s Summer Business and Communications program in Amsterdam. Courses on Dutch business, the changing media landscape, and more; excursions to fascinating sites; and interactions with local business people will ensure you leave with practical busi...


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Live & Learn Dutch in the Netherlands

Learn Dutch with Languages Abroad in Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands. It is Located in the Northern part of the country and very close to Germany. It is one of the most liberal minded countries in the world, and the Netherlands is extremely welcoming to visitors. As part of the Live and Learn program, you'll have the unique opportunity of living in the home of your own private...


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VU Amsterdam Summer School

Spend the summer studying a challenging and interdisciplinary topic in the vibrant UNESCO World Heritage city of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Summer School offers small-scale courses in a wide range of fields at an excellent research university, VU University Amsterdam. The courses in the summer school are classified into three levels: the Beginner Bachelor, Advanced Bachelor and Master. Offere...


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Maastricht University: Summer Programme in European Studies

The six-week Summer Program in European Studies at CES Maastricht is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic European study experience while earning credits towards their major. Students will choose from a variety of courses or study tours taught in English at Maastricht University, one of the highest ranking universities in the Netherlands. Course topics fit most majors and...


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University of Amsterdam

Housing and urban issues have come to the forefront of social, economic and environmental debates in recent years as metropolitan modes of living have become even more widespread and globally pervasive. In this three-week programme students will explore the fundamental issues that are shaping the development and evolution of cities in the 21st century. With a focus on real urban places, set in...


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The Hague Summer School

The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers students the opportunity to study in the Netherlands in the summer. The summer school is a cutting-edge two or four-week modular course and looks at solving global issues through connecting the public and private sectors. Join the school and explore society's future in the United Nations City of Peace, Justice, and Security with its 131 internatio...