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A Guide to Summer Study Abroad in Japan

Experience the adventure of a lifetime and continue your studies — with a twist — by spending a summer abroad in Japan! Ready to have the best summer break of your life and pick up some Japanese along the way? Hai!? Good! Japan is a fusion of ancient traditions and modern cityscapes, from zen rock gardens to exotic nightclubs. Discover why summers are the best time of year to taste the nagashi-sōmen, watch sumo championships, dance the Bon-odori, and raft down the Yoshinogawa River. Watch your studies come to life in a jaw-dropping cultural kaleidoscope. Be like a ninja and get a slice of this heaven by spending a summer abroad in Japan!

Why Spend Summer Abroad in Japan

Take advantage of your short break by learning from creative innovators on this isolated island— did we mention it boasts ecological, economical, and efficient means in nearly any field of study? The prosperous country of Japan has a diverse economy with some of the largest companies in the world, especially in the areas of research, engineering, and economics. When you’re not hitting the books to earn extra credits, you’ll enjoy some of the top experiences Japan has to offer: scuba diving with manta rays in the Izu Peninsula, colorful mass folk dancing at the festivities, and kicking back with a Sapporo to muse the urban landscapes from patios and rooftops.

Step outside of your comfort zone and learn more about Asian etiquette, customs, and aesthetics by learning Japanese during your summer study abroad in Japan. While you do have the option of taking a few courses here or there in English, most classes are in this local tongue. Not only that, but knowing the language will also help you navigate your way through the country and order some delicious, chilled soba noodles from the locals like a pro. The courses may be intensive, but most summer study abroad programs in Japan offer homestay experiences for you to help you practice more.


Comprised of 7,000 islands, summer study abroad in Japan will please any student who is a cultural lover or adventure seeker (or both). From endless coastlines to rugged mountains to iconic skyscrapers, get in on the fun in one of these awesome Japanese cities.

Tokyo. Immerse yourself with views of neon-lit streetscapes, manga, anime, and Hello Kitty all from the Sky Tree Tower in the capital city. Relax with classmates and a brewski at the Meiji Kinenkan beer garden. Savor some sushi or mochi at a five-Michelin-star restaurant. Rock your heart out at the Summer Sonic rock festival, watch traditional dances of Okinawa at the Shinjuku Eisa festival, and join the water fight at the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri. Class excursions could include trips to the breathtaking Mt. Fuji or to the seaside city Kamakura.

Kyoto, located on the Tamba highlands of central Honshu island, is home to many study abroad summer programs in Japan. Stroll through the exclusive geisha area of the Gion District, explore the gardens around the Ginkaku-Ji Temple, and walk through a refreshing bamboo grove in the Arashiyama area. Leave your backpack behind as you stop for green tea ice cream for a cool treat. Watch a procession of large Yamahoko floats at the Kyoto Gion Matsuri festival or celebrate the Gozan Okuribi festival where five large bonfires light up the mountain slopes.

Fukuoka, which is situated in southern Japan on the Kyushu island. Visit Marine Park Uminonakamichi on the northern side of the Bay of Hakata, where you can take rides at the amusement park, soak up some sun on the beaches, and enjoy seeing dolphins, seals, and otters (oh my!). Celebrate the beginning of summer at the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, an annual event of more than 700 years where Yamakasa floats are displayed. Don’t forget to ooh and awe over 6,000 rounds of fireworks light up the sky at the Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks event!

Tips for Summer Study in Japan

Depending on where you want to spend your summer in Japan, the weather may get a little too hot and humid for your liking. Take care to hydrate often — perhaps invest in an insulated tea bottle to keep your whistle wet all day. You might choose to carry a pocket fan, handkerchief, and body sheets to wipe the sweat off your brow too. If you have the need for light air-conditioned breezes, hole up in communal areas like museums and cat cafes — perfect places to cool down and chat with (or pet) some locals while taking your summer abroad to Japan.

To beat the heat, be sure to visit Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, which has milder weather. Hike the picturesque mountains and explore the rugged and remote areas of some national parks: Yotei-zan, Rishiri-zan, Daisetsuzan National Park and Shiretoko National Park. Many of the areas in these parks are only accessible during the summer, so you’re in for a treat!

Summer is also the perfect time of year to see flowers that come alive and delight your senses. Marvel at the statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, while visiting Hasedera and strolling through the hydrangea garden. Peer at the 50,000 lavender bushes at the Tambara Flower Park or breathe the smell of lavender at the flower fields of Furano.

Summer Abroad Scholarships Japan

While you’ll overall spend less than a full semester, Japan has a lot of tourists in the summer, and airfare and accommodation can be a bit spendy. However, you bet your bottom dollar (er, yen) that you’ll cut down the costs with summer study abroad scholarships in Japan! Here’s a couple of suggested scholarships to help you get started:

  • CEA awards plenty of scholarships based on need, merit, and diversity. The scholarships range from $500-$1000! The requirements differ for each of them, but most require a personal essay, a recommendation letter, and a good GPA. 
  • TEAN Abroad offers a full ride scholarship for summer term with a value of up to $26,000! Applicants will need to meet the GPA of the program they’re in and submit a one-page essay. March 1st is the deadline! 
  • IES Abroad provides summer study abroad scholarship of $1000! Applicants will need to be attending a university that is a member of the ISA Consortium and submit an application with a personal essay and a profile.

That extra yen will come in handy for another cup of kakigori. The list may seem endless, but take heart! You’ll find a few that will speak to you, so just keep chugging along. Don’t forget to check for summer study abroad scholarship requirements and deadlines — most deadlines are several months before the summer begins. Take a look-see at’s Scholarship Directory for oodles of available summer study abroad scholarships in Japan.

Benefits & Challenges

You’ll acquire valuable international viewpoints in a global community by spending a summer in Japan. Hundreds of U.S. companies have branches in Japan, and hundreds of Japanese companies are U.S. competitors. Unlock business opportunities domestically and internationally and win the favor of Japanese customers and clients by taking courses to learn the language. Employers will gasp in delight when they recognize your multicultural prowess, knowing you’ll be a valuable asset to their team in any global field.

While Japan is a blend of eastern and western customs, you may experience a good dose of culture shock while there. You may not be accustomed to seeing naked people at public baths, putting on slippers while in a bathroom, or slurping your noodles loud and proud. Arm yourself with proper etiquette knowledge before going to Japan. The locals are warm and welcoming, so the least you can do is return their niceties with polite behavior.

Whether you’re cooling off in the mountains or busting out lyrics with karaoke, you’ll never want to leave the Land of the Rising Sun. You’ll end up writing your own memoirs (like a geisha) after spending a summer of study abroad in Japan!

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Four-Week Intensive Japanese Language Program

Join the Four-Week Intensive Japanese Language Program of Seinan Gakuin University. This is a language education experience for overseas students. You will learn from highly experienced lecturers, who have worked in exchange programs at our school as well as in other national and international universities. Whether you are attending a partner or non-partner institution, your application is w...

Buildings found inside Seinan Gakuin University in Japan.

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Summer in Japan (Tokyo)

Japan is a land of endless contrasts and extremes, from ancient shrines to the modern, fast-paced life of Tokyo. Our Summer in Japan program gives you the opportunity to explore a unique, refreshing, and incredibly exciting side of the world. You’ll live in influential Tokyo and study with the close-knit community at Seisen University. Experience the country’s natural beauty, taste delicious fo...


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Temple University, Japan Campus: Semester/Year Program

The Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), study abroad programs offer U.S. undergraduates the opportunity to study in Tokyo for a semester, summer or full academic year. TUJ offers distinct advantages for students with a strong interest in Japan specifically, and Asia more broadly. The most significant advantage is the opportunity to study with Japanese students, who comprise about 50 percent ...


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Lincoln University Intensive Japanese Language and Culture

Lincoln University is pleased to partner with KCP International Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan to offer these two unique and challenging programs for students this summer. Choose between our short-term, 8-week summer option, perfect for students attending universities following the semester calendar system, and our long-term summer program, ideal for students attending quarter calenda...

KCP students on a weekend trip in Japan

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Athena Study Abroad - Summer in Kyoto, Japan

The three week long summer program in Japan is an enchanted cultural and artistic pilgrimage. The program will visit some of the most beloved sites of Kyoto, as well as often overlooked destinations, which will ensure a well-rounded immersion experience within Japanese culture. CLASSES The classes are held on important historical and cultural sites or in a classroom setting at the accommo...

Students walking along the streets of Higashi Geisha District in Japan.

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Budget Low Cost - Japanese Language & Culture Schools

Immersing in Japanese language and culture doesn’t have to involve expensive fees. The solution? Study with the assistance of CSA, an organization that provides access to low-cost programs with flexible dates and weekly to monthly schedules all year round. Choose from six beautiful locations in Japan - Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto, Hita (Oita), Fukuoka, and Sapporo. These are mostly intensive programs...


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Hokkaido Summer Institute Program, Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University (HU) in Japan established the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) in 2016. 120 courses, 105 courses for graduate students and 15 courses for undergraduate students, will be offered by HU faculties and more than 160 world-leading researchers from over 110 institutions around the world in 2018. HSI2018 covers most of the disciplines of the university, and enables you to expand ...


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CIEE Summer Japanese Studies Program in Tokyo, Japan

Old and new. Traditional and ultra-modern. Japan is a country of amazing and exciting contrasts and a fantastic place to spend your summer. Tokyo, the economic, technical, and political hub of the country, is truly one of the world’s most vibrant and fascinating capitals—and a fashionista’s and gastronome’s delight! With homestay options, language training, and exceptional cross-cultural activ...


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All Asia Abroad: Exciting Summer Terms in Tokyo and Kyoto!

HISAs All Asia Abroad Program Accredited Trip Intensive Summer Sessions in Tokyo and Kyoto. The Tokyo and Kyoto sessions can be paired to earn a full 12 credits and spend about 2 months exploring both modern and traditional Japanese culture through a creative lens. Tokyo session runs from June 14th to July 4th and classes include Film Studies: A Look at 4 Main Japanese Directors and Literat...


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Seasonal Japanese Course (Autumn, Winter, Spring, & Summer)

Hokkaido Japanese Language School’s Seasonal Courses take our standard 15 Japanese lessons per week and add 2 traditional culture experiences per week for six weeks. Our students have the chance to experience a variety of Japanese culture, such as trying on kimono, making sushi, and tea ceremonies. Japanese volunteers participate in many of these events, giving students the opportunity to impro...


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Learn Japanese with the Best: Study Abroad in Japan!

Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) is a Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture at either of our schools in Tokyo, or in Fukuoka City. The institution offers a variety of courses including conversational Japanese, Japanese through pop culture, traditional culture, and more. We arrange accommodation including homestays, dormit...


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Meiji Academy - Study Japanese in Fukuoka!

Meiji Academy is you gateway to Japan by offering an abundance of different Japanese courses! You can choose the type of class that fits your interest and learning style best. This way you will learn Japanese in the most efficient and fun way. Our Standard Japanese course has 20 lessons per week and is taught in small classes up to 6 people. The Intensive Course has 4 extra private classes per...

Save Course Japan

Japan has a lot of fun and interesting activities to let you fulfill all your anime fantasies. On our 3 week Otaku Japan Course you will spend your morning learning Japanese at Akamonkai and in the afternoons you will get to explore the sights and sounds of Japans modern pop culture mecca with likeminded travelers. Our trip is powered by Go! Go! Nihon which specializes in all things Japanese...


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Study traditional Japanese craft techniques, apply those techniques to contemporary product design and have the opportunity to have your product manufactured and distributed globally by MoMA Wholesale. Made in Yame is a three week intensive product design program that takes you deep into the cultural heart of Japan. Study with the finest craftspeople, visit ancient temples and shrines and re...