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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Nagoya

One of the largest and most prosperous cities in Japan, Nagoya has for long been an influential force within this dynamic island country. Sprawled along the Pacific coast of the central Honshu region, international students who study abroad in Nagoya will discover a city of immense cultural and historical intrigue. While things may be different now than when the Nagoya castle was first erected in the early 17th century, you will nonetheless gain a deep appreciation for all those roots which have brought this city (and country) to its modern fruition.

Subjects & Courses

Nagoya is home to a handful of the top institutions of higher learning in Japan (among them Nagoya University, Nanzan University, and Nagoya Institute of Technology). While some English-taught classes may be available at these local colleges, it is more generally expected that you have a passable command of the Japanese language in order to gain access to such full enrollment while you study abroad in Nagoya.

An alternative option is to apply through a study abroad program in Nagoya to attend a smaller international or satellite school, where classes are specifically designed for foreign students. If you are not adept in the Japanese language, then studying with local faculty at one of these small academic institutions is a good way to benefit from English-taught classes which can provide you a valuable context to understanding your new temporary home.

Regardless of where you study abroad in Nagoya, some of the most popular subjects among international students in the city tend to include Asian studies, history, international business, philosophy, and Japanese language. Your course options will be more limited if you cannot speak Japanese, so if you want the full experience while you study abroad in Nagoya, then start brushing up on your language prowess today!

Life in Nagoya

Over 9 million people live in Nagoya’s metropolitan area, making it officially the fourth largest city in Japan. It’s strategic location at the center of the Japanese mainland, and its possession of one of the most profitable ports in the country, have all boosted Nagoya’s development into a major economic, political, and cultural nucleus of Japan.

While you will likely experience some culture shock when your first arrive to study abroad in Nagoya (especially if you have never before been to Japan), this will soon wear off as you begin to gain a more intimate familiarity  with your new surroundings. Japan takes pride in a largely autonomous national character and culture, which have manifested from its centuries of development as an isolated island nation, and today make it an incredibly unique and enriching place to visit.

Some of Nagoya’s most popular landmarks include the Nagoya castle, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and Nagoya TV Tower. The city is also home to a huge diversity of renowned restaurants, museums, festivals, and other cultural opportunities, which will all make for well-occupied time while you study abroad in Nagoya. Nagoya is very efficiently connected to the rest of Japan via high speed rail as well, making travel across the countryside quick and easy.

Scholarships & Costs

While Japan is one of the most expensive countries in Asia (the city of Nagoya being no exception), it is still very much possible to get by on a student’s budget if you are thrifty. Cooking for yourself, shopping locally, and utilizing public transportation can all help protect your wallet. You should also check out our Scholarship Directory to learn about available financial aid opportunities while you study abroad in Nagoya.

Accommodation & Visas

As a general principle you should expect living quarters to be less spacious, but no less comfortable, while staying anywhere in Japan (the country is very densely populated, but Japanese know how to make efficient use of space). The most common housing options offered while you study abroad in Nagoya are typically a homestay, student dormitories, or an individual apartment, depending on the structure of your program.

Whether or not you will need a student visa in order to study abroad in Nagoya depends on your home country and the length of your planned stay. International students from many countries can live in Japan for up to three months before applying for documentation; for more information regarding your individual circumstances, check out our Japanese Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Culture Lessons. Life in Japan is very different from the Western world, but you may just find the adaptation process to be surprisingly smooth. Japanese place high cultural value on hospitality, cleanliness, and mutual respect, all making for a very pleasant and educational experience.

Easy Travel. Japan is a very small country, and is also very efficiently connected via a system of railways, making it easy to travel anywhere across the country from your home base in Nagoya. 

Language Opportunity. Japanese is a difficult language to learn, but it will pay off big time if you put in the time and effort. You never know what international opportunities may pop up down the line if you become fluent!

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