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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Tokyo

The beating heart of a civilization which has thrived independently for thousands of years, Tokyo is not only central to Japan’s complex and fascinating history, it has also become one of today’s most important international cities. Phrases like “culturally rich” do not do Tokyo justice in the slightest; with over 35 million people inhabiting the greater metropolitan area, the city is like an entire universe within itself. For students looking to explore an entirely different way of life, study abroad in Japan will provide one of the world’s most impressively efficient and occasionally surreal cities. Curious students will meet their match in Tokyo!

Study Abroad Programs in Tokyo

Japan is the world’s third leading economy, and the reasons behind this can largely be found in a culture of efficiency and top-notch education. While Japan is most widely known for its cutting edge technology industry, other popular areas of academic study in Tokyo include business, law, popular media, humanities, and economics.

The University of Tokyo is widely considered Japan’s premier university, and one of the most prestigious academic institutions in all of Asia, making it a fantasitc place to study abroad in Tokyo. Beyond this, Tokyo boasts over one hundred other colleges and universities throughout the metropolitan area, including Musashi University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

The language barrier can be a hinderance to many students interested in study abroad in Tokyo; attending many local schools can be nearly impossible without Japanese language skills, since classes are taught primarily in Japanese. However many larger institutions are making a push to attract more international students to study abroad in Tokyo, by offering a wider array of English-taught classes. Most study abroad programs in Tokyo will also have their own branches or connections to international schools within the city, making an English education easily accessible to foreign students who want to study in Tokyo.

Another quirk of the Japanese University system is that semesters typically run from April to September and October to March, slightly offset from the academic year of most Western universities. Many study abroad programs in Tokyo take this into account and make adjustments by adding cultural immersion or intensive language programs to compensate for time lost or gained. Prospective students who wish to study abroad in Tokyo should plan accordingly with their home universities on how to work around the term differences.

Life in Tokyo

Japanese culture is starkly different from most Western societies. Surprisingly though, students who study abroad in Tokyo will often find that these differences often make adjusting easier rather than difficult. The Japanese take pride in politeness, mutual respect, honor, cleanliness, and just about every quality that make a place civilized and easily adaptable to. For a region inhabited by 35 million people, Tokyo is an astonishingly peaceful and efficiently run city. It is safe, clean, and the intricate metro system brilliantly connects every corner of the city.

It goes without saying that students who study in Tokyo will never get bored. There are seemingly an infinite amount of fun activities and cultural intricacies to explore as a stranger to this mega-city. Exotic markets, niche bars, ancient temples, sumo wrestling, karaoke, the list goes on and on. Natives of Tokyo are always friendly and eagerly hospitable to foreigners. Make the effort to befriend locals and explore all the nooks and crannies that make Tokyo such a never-ending puzzle to be experienced.

Keep in mind though, study abroad in Tokyo will not be cheap; Japan has a thriving economy and life in the big city can take its toll on your wallet. As one of the most globalized cities in the world, Tokyo ranks up there with New York, London, and Paris when it comes to cost of living. Don’t let this deter you from the idea of study abroad in Tokyo though. Financial aid is readily available to most students, and just like most major cities it is easy enough to eat and travel cheaply if you are thrifty (for more information on scholarships available for study abroad in Tokyo check out GoAbroad’s Scholarships Directory).

Accommodation & Visas

It may not come as a shock that living space is generally limited in Tokyo. As a tiny island nation, Japan is famous for making everything smaller and more efficient, and this includes lodging. Yet, while not exactly spacious, living quarters can be surprisingly comfortable. Adaptation comes with the territory.

Those who study abroad in Tokyo will likely be able to choose between apartment, homestay, or dorm style living. Apartments will be for the more independently driven student who enjoys privacy and their own space, while homestays offer a more authentic cultural experience, as part of the family, and home-cooked meals. Consult your specific study abroad program provider to discuss available accommodation options and make the best choice for you.

Although most Westerners do not need a visa to travel in Japan, you will likely need to obtain a student visa to study in Tokyo for an extended period of time. As Tokyo is an enormous international city and seeks constantly to attract foreign students to its universities, the visa process is not difficult. In general, most study abroad programs in Japan will help guide you through the visa situation. If not, start the process with plenty of time to avoid last minute tangles, and consult GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for more instructions.

Benefits & Challenges

Perfect for Curious Souls. Life moves quickly and efficiently in the Land of the Rising Sun. At times living in Tokyo may feel like science fiction, making it a fantastic growth experience for any student who is willing to take the first step.

A Distinct Culture. As an island nation Japanese civilization has to an extent remained isolated throughout history. And today, even though Tokyo is ranked as the fourth most global city in the world, you will still have the opportunity of experiencing a distinctly autonomous culture as impressive as it is endlessly intricate.

Mesmerizing at first, the city will soon enough come to feel like home. If you are up to the challenge of studying abroad in Tokyo, then come and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Tokyo


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Budget Academic Programs in Tokyo with CSA!

Participate in a low-cost study abroad program in Tokyo through the Center for Study Abroad. CSA provides student with low-cost, quality programs in a wide range of languages and subject areas, including Applied Science, Economics, and Landscape Architecture. All programs are available throughout the year and accept students of any nationality.


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ISA Study Abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan’s proud and bustling capital, is place of action, intrigue, culture, lights, fun, festivals and more. A city whose energy will literally replace your morning cup of coffee, Tokyo entices visitors with a mystique of endless possibilities and fascinating eastern culture. Said to be the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, this city is the embodiment of big city life in all ...


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CIEE Summer Japanese Studies Program in Tokyo, Japan

Old and new. Traditional and ultra-modern. Japan is a country of amazing and exciting contrasts and a fantastic place to spend your summer. Tokyo, the economic, technical, and political hub of the country, is truly one of the world’s most vibrant and fascinating capitals—and a fashionista’s and gastronome’s delight! With homestay options, language training, and exceptional cross-cultural activ...


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Asia Summer Abroad Program in Business (ASAP)

Experience studying abroad in one of the most populous cities in the world, Tokyo, through Marist College. Students can take part in the Asia Study Abroad Program (ASAP) during the spring semester and learn more about international business, gain essential skills in a global environment, and earn 12 to 15 academic credits along the way. The program is open to worldwide participants interested i...


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Study and Learn Japanese in Tokyo, Japan

Develop Japanese language skills through studying abroad at KCP International Japanese Language School in Tokyo. The school provides students with high-quality instruction, language immersion classes, and personalized attention. The program is available to participants of any nationality year round. Participants can select from three housing options: Homestays, Dormitories, or Independent Living.


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All Asia Abroad: Exciting Summer Terms in Tokyo and Kyoto!

HISAs All Asia Abroad Program Accredited Trip Intensive Summer Sessions in Tokyo and Kyoto. The Tokyo and Kyoto sessions can be paired to earn a full 12 credits and spend about 2 months exploring both modern and traditional Japanese culture through a creative lens. Tokyo session runs from June 14th to July 4th and classes include Film Studies: A Look at 4 Main Japanese Directors and Literat...


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Learn Japanese with the Best: Study Abroad in Japan!

Genki Japanese & Culture School (GenkiJACS) is a Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture at either of our schools in Tokyo, or in Fukuoka City. The institution offers a variety of courses including conversational Japanese, Japanese through pop culture, traditional culture, and more. We arrange accommodation including homestays, dormit...


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Internship in Japan

Study Abroad in Tokyo through programs provided by Internship in Japan. Students will gain global perspectives while taking classes in various fields, such as Computer Information Systems, Web Design, and Finance. The program requires participants to be 18 to 28 years of age, with excellent English and/or Japanese skills.

Save Course Japan

Japan has a lot of fun and interesting activities to let you fulfill all your anime fantasies. On our 3 week Otaku Japan Course you will spend your morning learning Japanese at Akamonkai and in the afternoons you will get to explore the sights and sounds of Japans modern pop culture mecca with likeminded travelers. Our trip is powered by Go! Go! Nihon which specializes in all things Japanese...


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Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Waseda BK is located in Asakusabashi,Tokyo. It is only a 10-minute walk from the animation district of Akihabara. It is also located in 5-minute by train from Asakusa where is famous for Tokyo Skytree and Sensoji Temple. We offer several courses. Feel free to visit our website and contact us if you have any questions! Regular Courses * If you are aiming to learn about Japanese culture, work...