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Spend a semester or academic year in the classic city of London with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 12 credits through a variety of courses studying at Richmond, the American International University in London. AIFS in London offers a unique academic program. Because of the wide range of degrees offered by Richmond, AIFS students have an array of courses to choose from to help fulfill and complemen...


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Located in Sydney and featuring a 12-day guided research trip, this eight-week program from Boston University offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to produce and study travel writing texts in both the creative and the professional forms of travel writing. On the road, workshops focus on the Australian small town through the lens of Australia's people, culture, society, his...


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The Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University makes China accessible to international visiting and exchange students, no matter their study interest. With curriculum all taught in English, 14 academic departments, including science, engineering, culture, design, business, and more  all combined with Chinese language and cultural study and taught by some of Asia's foremost experts  the university is...


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Develop Creative Writing skills in programs from Athena Study Abroad. Open to American participants, the program is focused on intense cultural immersion that connects students with locals of the host country. Accommodations are available in student apartments, homestays, and university dormitories.


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Syracuse University's London Center is located in the heart of this vibrant city. It offers professional courses in theater, public communications, business, design, music industry, and architecture, as well as a broad selection of liberal arts courses. Internships can place students in professional settings and provide superior preparation for a career in today's global economy. Living in loca...


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Study at the University of South Wales (USW) in Pontypridd. Join a low-cost program offered by CSA, and earn credits. The programme is open to all students and adults worldwide. A transcript will be issued by USW. Students can take Liberal Arts & Science courses taught in English. Cultural activities and excursions are included. Low-cost housing options are available. Semester, Year, Quarter, S...


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Gain inspiration from passionate art pieces, fascinating architecture, and vibrant culture while studying Creative Writing abroad with API. The organization offers quality academic courses alongside internship and volunteering opportunities. Students enjoy lively classes and extracurricular activities.


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Stirling is one of Scotland's most historic cities, which many major battles for Scottish independence took place in and around. Once the capital of Scotland, the city is surrounded by a large medieval fortress now mixed in with a contemporary, university town. Lush and green, Stirling is often called "The Gateway to the Highlands." The city is extremely student-oriented, pedestrian friendly, a...


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Experience Brighton's colorful history, architecture, character, and cosmopolitan culture while studying Creative Writing with the University Studies Abroad Consortium. The program offers students the chance to study at the prestigious University of Brighton. Students can enroll for a semester or an academic year.


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CIEE Global Internship programs are built just for you! All of our locations offer a wide range of internship opportunities across a diverse set of industries. When you apply, we work directly with you to find an internship that suits your unique needs and professional goals. Students on this program begin by taking two CIEE elective courses offered on a 6-week academic block system. Elective...


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Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to build your resume while you experience the world, learn a new language, and make international friends. As an American university in the historic center of Rome, Italy, John Cabot University allows you to become a part of our international campus community representing 70 countries while you experience the incredible city of Rome. We accept st...


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Take part in an intellectually challenging Creative Writing program with Semester at Sea. The leading shipboard program provides students with the unique opportunity to circumnavigate the world while completing an academic program. Participants get the chance to travel to many different countries while participating in field excursions.


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Realize your potential through a liberal arts semester at Duke Kunshan University. The Global Learning Semester (GLS) program for undergraduate students features an interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum designed to enhance any major taught in English by leading faculty from Duke University, Duke Kunshan University and other renowned institutions. GLS students cultivate critical thinking ...

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Studying Creative Writing Abroad

Writers who decide to venture away from home to see the world, open up a sea of inspiration and potential stories, as they begin to no longer see the world through one single perspective. Traveling abroad sparks creativity beyond what many other experiences can, so by studying creative writing abroad, students will be expanding their realm of writing immensely. Those who study creative writing abroad will be challenged to think about the world in new ways; as students begin to experience new things and are challenged to find a way to describe the way they feel, their writing abilities will grow.

Why Study Creative Writing Abroad

Writers who travel gain knowledge, unique experiences, and credibility that all contribute to the believability of their stories. A good writer will usually spend a significant amount of time in a particular place before setting a story there, because of the importance of every detail when it comes to setting. Hence, if you study creative writing abroad it will do wonders for your story telling abilities, to say the least.

Ernest Hemingway sparked his writing career in Paris, and made several returns to Europe for specific projects in addition to living in Cuba off and on for twenty years. Vladimir Nabokov was also known for taking road trips across the U.S. with his wife to avoid their hatred of flying. These are famous writers that you should consider to be role models, so following in their foot steps would be a great step in the right direction!

While traveling abroad, reality can seem like fiction, allowing your stories to write themselves. Travel is an extremely useful tool for inspiration and can widen the scope of potential content and settings for stories, therefore if you study creative writing abroad, you will further not only your writing abilities but your writing career in general.


England. There is no shortage of writing inspiration in England. The nation is filled with a thriving art culture that allows for an influx of creativity, from museums and art galleries to live music and poetry and literature events. On top of the booming art scene in the nation’s capital of London and other major cities, England is home to some of the world’s best universities for literature, writing, and the arts. Beyond these countless internationally acclaimed English universities, England is also home to many study abroad programs specifically for American students, making the opportunity to study creative writing abroad in England even more accessible to American students.

Italy. Renowned for its rich cultural history, Italian art and storytelling can be traced from modern day back to the early Roman empire. With such a dense history, Italy was built on stories of the past written by skilled writers whose writing has helped keep history alive. If you study creative writing abroad in Italy, you will be surrounded by ancient art, architecture, and literature, which can all teach you  new writing skills and inspire you in new ways. Interpreting Italian history can open up an endless stream of inspiration and creative possibilities, and expand your approach to writing as a whole too!

Australia. Australia’s astounding scenery and diverse, eclectic people make for a perfect setting to study creative writing abroad. Both large consumers and supporters of the arts, Australians also take pride in their creative personalities, one of which may serve as just the inspiration you need for a future piece. The people of Australia are very welcoming to foreigners and live by quite egalitarian values, making studying in Australia a less intimidating endeavor. International creative writing students will have the chance to select from many well respected Australian universities as well as American affiliate study abroad programs in various cities around the country.

Courses & Programs

Students who choose to study creative writing abroad have the option of taking courses in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, scriptwriting, and screenwriting around the world. Most study abroad programs will offer a large number of writing and literature courses, which will expand writing skills and student’s understanding of the local approach to writing both presently and historically. Other courses related to writing will hone in on production techniques and activities or workshops to practice creating original content. It is common for classes to visit famous sites, such as museums, art galleries, palaces, and cathedrals to gain cultural context and personal inspiration. Most creative writing study abroad programs will emphasize the development of student’s writing skills, personal voice, and editing or grammar skills.

Fall and Spring semester study abroad programs are good choices for popular tourist destinations, as the popular sites will be less crowded, but the Summers give large cities a whole new life, so it’s really up to personal preference as to when you decide to study creative writing abroad. Experience is typically not required for most creative writing study abroad programs, but most still require a transcript, an online application, and at least one letter of recommendation. Some of the more selective schools may ask that you meet a certain GPA requirement or submit writing samples.

Benefits & Challenges

Studying creative writing abroad will literally open up a world of opportunities to expand your writing potential. Gaining an observant, global perspective is crucial to being a good writer, and by traveling the world you will develop new perspectives and passions. By learning about new cultures you will be uniquely inspired and learn more about various styles and approaches to writing, making the opportunity study creative writing abroad once you should never pass up!

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