High School Programs in Koh Samui

4 High School Programs in Koh Samui


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Volunteer at an Elephant sanctuary and learn all about these beautiful animals while riding, bathing and playing with your new pals. Experience the beauty of Northern Thailand and take a walk on the wild side in Mae Hong Son as you explore long neck hill tribe villages, caves and waterfalls. This program is similar to the Elephant Service and Explorers trip, but with a week long extension to tr...


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Join us for a two-week adventure program in Southern Thailand. Snorkel and scuba dive while you observe stunning marine life in these tropical waters, explore lush island jungles, rock climb with professionals on the cliffs of Railay Beach, and immerse yourself in the relaxed, laid-back vibe of this tropical region.


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For this English teaching program, you will be teaching in local schools or working in conjunction with the Burmese Migrant Project. The ages of your students will range from kindergarten age to sixth graders aged up to 12 years and you will be teaching one hour of English a week to grades 1-3 and two hours of English each week to grades 4-6. You will be co-teaching with a Thai English teacher ...