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A Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Asia

Asia is home to nearly 4.5 billion people, constituting roughly 60 percent of the world’s population. Do you actually need any more reasons to choose Asia for your high school program abroad? High school students that are looking for an educational adventure will find nothing but golden opportunity through high school programs in Asia. Asia’s sheer size is only rivaled by the tremendous amount of cultural diversity that exists within. At the center of civilization, high school programs in Asia will open your eyes to just how vast a world we live in.


Asia is the world’s largest continent, so it will be easiest to cover potential locations for high school programs in Asia by breaking it down into sub-regions. There are 48 recognized countries encompassed by the region of Asia. However, since the Middle East is considered its own region by most geographers, we will focus on high school programs in the following sub-regions:

In East Asia, China, Japan, and South Korea are all very popular destinations for high school programs abroad. The history of these countries is long and closely intertwined, each having developed from ancient civilizations into unique and globally influential modern states.

In Southeast Asia, most countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, provide incredibly enticing destinations for high school programs abroad. Southeast Asia is largely a developing region, with a recent history that has been the focal point of much regional conflict. Today the region stands out as a safe and fascinating place for high school students to travel to and explore, culturally and geographically.

Moving further west, the Indian subcontinent, which includes India, Nepal, and Bhutan, is another distinct Asian sub-region, offering high school students an enriching opportunity to expand their education abroad. Largely sheltered by the Himalayas to the north, the Indian subcontinent shares a connected history and a deeply spiritual culture.

High School Programs in Asia

High school programs in Asia tend to take on a variety of different forms. First, there are traditional study abroad programs, which enable students to attend classes at a local high school or other academic institution within their country of choice. While subject matter obviously varies depending on the country, most classes are in the realm of general introductory courses to that country’s history and culture.

Language immersion programs are generally the most popular form of high school programs in Asia, as a large number of Asian languages are becoming increasingly more and more in demand globally.

Due to the lack of development in many Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia, volunteer programs are very popular. High school students who choose to volunteer in Asia will spend their time contributing to a variety of community service projects, rather than attending classes for academic credit. Available volunteer opportunities vary by the country, as each country has its own set of project needs. High school volunteer programs can be extremely rewarding experiences, especially if you have never traveled to a developing country.

Last on the list is the broader categories of adventure travel and cultural exploration programs. These high school programs in Asia are unique in that they usually entail travel to several destinations throughout a particular region, following a full on agenda jam packed with fun, culturally immersive activities. Studying and volunteering can be, but are not necessarily, an additional component of these types of high school programs in Asia.

High school programs in Asia generally last between one and eight weeks and run over the summer. There are a huge amount of opportunities out there, so take the time to look into as many different options as you can!

Scholarships & Costs

High school programs abroad can be costly, but the good news is that Asia is at-large an inexpensive continent to travel to and around. While some Asian destinations, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, are an exception to this rule, you can typically expect on-the-ground prices to be much cheaper than in the developed world.

By utilizing all the available resources out there to fund programs abroad, such as fundraising platforms and scholarship opportunities, it is possible for high school students from nearly anywhere to make their dream trip become a reality!

Accommodation & Visas

Home stays are the most popular form of housing provided to students participating in high school programs in Asia, although student dormitories are also made available in some circumstances as well. If you are traveling throughout several different regions as part of your program, then expect to stay in a variety of accommodations. Safety is a priority for high school programs in Asia, so parents fear not, students will be well-supervised!

Whether or not you will need to obtain a visa to participate in a high school program in Asia will depend on the country you are visiting, where you are coming from, and how long you plan to stay. For more specific information regarding your visa requirements, you can check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Expand Your World. High school tends to be a bubble for many students, but by traveling abroad will give students a healthy dose of perspective on the world, which is definitely not possible to the same extent at home. Some things you used to care about might seem very small and unimportant upon your return!

Connect. The people you travel with and meet during your high school program in Asia will make for some of the most rewarding connections you ever make. Don’t be too shy to converse with as many people as possible during your time abroad.

Stand Out. While the experience itself should be your main motivation, high school programs in Asia will also be a nice boost to your college applications. It will show schools you are a well-rounded and ambitious future student.

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A Guide To
High School Programs Abroad in Asia


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Study abroad with GVI in locations such as India and Thailand. High School students can spend two to four weeks immersing in a new culture and language while learning various skills. The programs accept students of any nationality from 15 to 17 years of age.


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SPI High School Study Abroad in China

Discover Asia by studying in China with SPI Study Abroad. Programs are in Beijing, Kunming, and Qingdao. This is offered for two to fours weeks and available for high school students from around the world. Get to explore the Great Wall of China in Beijing, improve your Chinese, and try your hand in calligraphy.


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High School Programs with Projects Abroad

Since 1992, Projects Abroad has been sending international participants to different areas of the world to experience various cultures and develop their life-skills through meaningful activities. Travel through Asia and enroll in one of the local high schools in countries including India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This program includes Community Service, Language Immersions, and Cultural Exploration.


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Study Abroad in Japan

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery. A Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, cultures, and communities of a real family in one of more than 40 countries around the globe. An adventure where you'll learn---in a year, semester, or a summer---what life is like for teens in another part of the world. An experience th...


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Safe & Affordable Gap Year in China with CIP

China Internship Placements (CIP) gap year programs in China places participants on the international scene to boost their profiles before they enter college. Participants get exposed to international experiences with a wide variety of choices and components. The organization briefs participants about their selected career path and future opportunities and threats in their home countries. In th...


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Travel For Teens: Thailand Service and Adventure

Thailand is an earthly paradise full of incredible contrasts, untouched beauty, and adrenaline-charged adventure. Our all-encompassing program showcases the best parts of this country and starts with an enriching 30-hour service project spent improving a local school at a hill tribe in Northern Thailand through various construction and maintenance projects. During your service work, you will ha...


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Thailand Community Service - 25 Days

From the canals of Bangkok and nearby floating markets, to magnificent stone ruins and truly spectacular temples in Ayutthaya, and on through the limestone cliffs and Railay Bay in the southern province of Krabi we experience it all in this student trip to Thailand! Rewarding community service experiences with children deepen our understanding and relationship with our hosts as we learn about ...


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Cross-Continental Gap Year with Global QUEST

Did you know that 96% of gap year participants reported personal development, as well as increased self-confidence and maturity? This makes your “free” year before college or university more than several months of traveling, but also a period of growth and bold decisions. If you’re interested in joining a gap year program, sign up for our Cross-Continental Gap Program at Global QUEST. Throug...


Experiment in International Living

Offering exciting volunteer programs and immersive cultural explorations for over 75 years, The Experiment in International Living program provides engaging travel programs for high school students in Asia. Programs give high school students the opportunity to study the culture of countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Mongolia.


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GoBeyond India - Tibetan Village Experience

Dharamsala became the new home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile in 1960, when the prime minister of India granted political asylum to Tibetans. Dharamsala has since become a center for Tibetan activity with numerous organizations, monasteries and nunneries, schools and over 19,000 residents. Since relocating to India, the Tibetan refugees have struggled to maintain their...


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Explore Asia with our Summer Immersions for Teens!

Gain an international learning experience in Asia with LanguBridge Education Centre. Students may choose to study in South Korea, China, or Japan. This study program allows teenagers to learn more about Asian languages and immerse themselves into the region's culture. Programs are usually offered during the summer and participation is limited to high school students.


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High School Language Exchange Program

Go Abroad China's high school program is specifically for high school age international students who can come to China through this program and connect with Chinese high school students. They will engage in language exchange, and learn how their peers study and approach high school life. Furthermore, international high school students will have the opportunity to also have Mandarin classes, par...


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Semester in India, explore the Northern Plains and Himalayas

When you study abroad in India with us, you'll spend 3 months traversing the diverse ecological and spiritual landscape of the Himalayas, the Indus River Valley and the birthplace of 3 major world religions. Experience how these diverse belief systems live and work side by side in tolerance as you, too, live and work alongside them. Challenge your engagement with your own life as you volunteer ...


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Summer & Gap Year Programs with API High School and Gap Year

Academic Programs International (API) High School offers various Summer programs for high school students, and API Gap Year offers programs for recent high school graduates. These consist of study, adventure, volunteer, and immersion offerings in Europe Latin America, and Asia. All of our gap year programs (and some of our summer programs) are offered for college credit, and all provide an eye-...


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