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Budget Low Cost - Spanish Language & Culture - 12 Locations

Study Spanish Language and Culture in the country where it is spoken - Spain! Choose from various locations - Barcelona, Cadiz, Ibiza, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, etc. - to find a school and environment conducive for your learning. A placement test will be given upon arrival orientation. CSA gives you access to low-cost, high-quality study programs that let you earn credit and enjoy the best...


Spain & Portugal - 18 Days

Join this global adventure program, which is open to students completing 9th and 10th grades. If you are completing 11th and 12th grades, sign up for our ON TOUR Spain & Portugal. From the energetic atmosphere of big cities - Madrid and Lisbon - to the historic charm of small towns - Toledo and Lagos, there are plenty of wonderful opportunities waiting for you in both countries! Expect to ha...


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Camino de Santiago Walking tour

Walking the Camino de Santiago can be an enriching experience on a personal level but also stressful if you do not know your way around Spain, if you do not speak Spanish or if you are scared of getting lost. To deal with these issues we have created a comprehensive guide and once you have signed up for our program you will have a telephone and email service available to deal with any issues. Y...


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Educational Tours and School Trips to Spain

Our educational tours in Spain typically consist of cultural activities and excursions both in Seville/Cadiz, as well as in other cities in Andalusia, or even Madrid, Barcelona, etc. Classes can be added, if desired. Housing can be with families in Seville/Cadiz for more of an immersion experience, or hotels. In other cities, we offer housing in hotels, residences, etc.. Some of the educa...


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Summer Abroad with Bold Earth Teen Adventures

Join Bold Earth Teen Adventures as we host more than 20 trips on 6 continents! We are a worldwide leader in adventure travel for teens, with over 10,000 high school students from over 40 countries having participated in our programs since 1976. Bold Earth organizes small group trips, bringing together 12-16 enthusiastic teenagers ages 12 to 18 years old and 2-3 skilled leaders. Living with t...