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A Guide to Adventure Travel Abroad in Italy

From the Italian Alps in the north through the rolling vineyards and hill towns dotting the central countryside to the scenic Mediterranean coastlines of the south, Italy is a landscape which everyone should explore at least once in their lifetime. Embarking on an adventure travel program in Italy is the opportunity to gear up for the journey of a lifetime across this exciting Southern European country, building experiences and relationships that will endure far beyond the duration of your trip. Are you ready to make the leap?


Because of its unusual shape jutting into the Mediterranean Sea from the south of Europe, Italy is often referred to by locals as lo Stivale, which means ‘the Boot’ in Italian. The third most populous country in the European Union, Italy is home to several famous cities, an imposing amount of ancient and medieval architecture, and an immense diversity of landscapes which beg to be explored.

Adventure travel programs in Italy will often take you to multiple destinations throughout the countryside, which means that you will get to sample a little bit of everything during the duration of your travels. To begin with, some of the most popular cities visited during adventure travel in Italy include Rome, Florence, and Venice. Each of these destinations boasts beautiful architecture and fascinating histories, both of which are largely distinct from one another no less.

Beyond the cities, you might also move on to explore regions such as Sicily, Siena, or Sorrento while you adventure travel in Italy. Sicily is an autonomous province and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, sitting just off the southern tip of the Italian mainland. Siena is a province in the central region of Tuscany, and Sorrento spans a peninsula on the country’s southwest coast overlooking Naples. These are only a few of the many places you can visit by embarking on an adventure travel program in Italy!

Adventure Travel in Italy

Adventure travel programs in Italy come in all shapes and sizes, as the country encompasses a tremendous amount of different ecosystems and cultures which have risen within them.

As one of the oldest and most influential cultures in the world, history buffs may enjoy adventure travel in Italy within the realm of archaeology, student tours, or heritage tourism. From the ancient Romans through the Italian Renaissance to the forging of the Kingdom of Italy, you will be hard-pressed to find a more influential region to explore on the European continent.

For those that are more interested in outdoor activities, adventure travel programs in Italy also cover the spread of exciting opportunities in nature. From land adventures such as trekking and snowboarding in the Alps to aquatic activities such as scuba diving or sailing in the country’s extensive Mediterranean waters, thrill seekers will not be left wanting while they adventure travel in Italy.

Lastly, for environmentally-conscious travellers who want to leave behind a positive impact on their surroundings, eco tours are also a very popular option. These combine all the thrills of a normal adventure travel program in Italy with the opportunity to give a little something back through environmental studies and volunteer projects. A little caring can go a long way!

Costs & Affordability

Adventure travel programs in Italy are fairly expensive, encompassing all the costs of food, housing, transportation, and activities throughout the duration of your trip. You may also want to bring some pocket money for souvenirs and any additional entertainment you might be inclined to seek out while abroad. Programs vary widely in affordability depending on their length and what activities you will be engaging in, so research carefully to find the perfect fit for your interests and budget!

Accommodation & Visas

As you will often be moving around frequently during adventure travel in Italy, you will accordingly stay within a variety of different accommodations. Hotels and inns of various types are popular, and you may additionally get the chance to stay in quirkier accommodations ranging all the way from farms and ranches to medieval castles.  Be sure to inquire for a detailed itinerary with your program provider to scout out what your living quarters will look like in advance!

Italy’s visa policy will vary depending on where your home country is; many adventure travellers will only need to apply if they intend to stay in the country for longer than three months, while others may have to obtain documentation prior to arrival. For more information regarding your individual circumstances, be sure to check out our Italian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Mediterranean Destination. If you have never been to a Mediterranean country before, then Italy is the perfect place to begin exploring. Long one of the most influential countries and cultures in the region, you will only benefit more by its unrivaled scenic beauty.

Italian Roots. Italians have a fun-loving, animated culture which you will enjoy immensely while travelling throughout the country. Family is also very important, and it will show in their tremendous hospitality.

Freedom to Explore. The sense of freedom that you will enjoy while you adventure travel in Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So cut loose, open your mind, and make this the adventure of your lifetime!

Embarking on an adventure travel program in Italy is the rare opportunity to combine thrill-seeking activities with the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most historically influential nations. Who said an education can’t be fun?

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Adventure Travel Abroad in Italy


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