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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Cordoba

Voted the “Cultural Capital” of the America’s back in 2006, Cordoba is the perfect blend of traditional cultures and thrilling, youthful development. An ideal location for a volunteer abroad placement, the city offers a culturally immersive experience, Spanish language learning opportunities and an enormous range of projects to work on. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a volunteer program in Cordoba that suits your needs, and won’t be disappointed by the city’s offerings as a home from home throughout the experience either. Make this the year you volunteer in Cordoba!

Volunteer Life in Cordoba

Cordoba’s rapid rate of ongoing development makes it a fun city to live in whilst you complete your volunteer placement. You will meet lots of young Argentinian students with whom to share a plate of empanadas and some cultural nuances. The city is also brim-full with interesting sites and museums, allowing you to learn more about Argentina’s history and traditions during your placement.

Not to mention that Argentina, as countries go, has one of the best ranges of top-notch material for your bucket list on offer, so consider taking some time to explore more broadly before your placement begins or after its completion. From the tango-fuelled streets of Buenos Aires to the salt flats of the north and mountain ranges of the south, no one can be disappointed here!

When it comes to the practicalities, most volunteer programs will include accommodation either in shared dormitory style housing or a local homestay. This means that most of the costs are covered up front and you only need focus on a budget for weekend travel and evening outings. When choosing a program pay attention to these details - some participants may enjoy a homestay for the opportunities it offers to connect with the locals and further immerse into the culture, whilst others may opt for a shared volunteer house where they have more possibilities to socialize with fellow volunteers.

Meals might also be provided some days as well, helping you to manage your budget, but be sure to make time to sample some of the amazing street food that the city has to offer as well, it’s pretty much unmissable!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

A hugely important element of any volunteer abroad placement is the opportunities it opens to engage with the local community. You are there not only to support them, but also to learn something of the culture which you can take home and apply to your normal lifestyle. Cordoba is almost perfect for this, known amongst Argentinians for its parties which run throughout the week, there is never a shortage of opportunities to mingle with the locals and gain a better insight into life in the city. Of course, you are in the city to volunteer, and won’t have time to party through to sunrise every night, but catching up with the locals in the evening will be an ideal chance to learn more from them about how life really is while you volunteer in Cordoba.

Not to mention the amazing surrounding countryside, offering ample opportunities for rural exploration, hiking and adventuring amongst beautiful landscapes!

Cordoba - the ideal place to dive head-first into Argentinean life. Volunteering opportunities are broad-ranging and will match most skill and interest sets. You’re pretty much guaranteed a good time, as well as plenty of real opportunities to connect with the culture.

Read our comprehensive guide to volunteering in Argentina here.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Cordoba


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