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Spend time in some of Buenos Aires' best clinics, hospitals, and public health research institutions, supporting both patients and nursing staff! Volunteers gather data and study community and clinical health challenges, including both large-scale pandemics and rare illnesses. Volunteers may have the chance to observe surgeries and attend rounds with staff, as well as assisting with public ...


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International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the world's leading volunteer travel organization, providing affordable, safe and responsible volunteer programs in over 30 different destinations around the world. With program fees starting from just USD 10 per day, IVHQ is the volunteer organization of choice for thousands of volunteers every year. Established in 2007, IVHQ has supported over 55,0...


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Find our Why More and More People are Choosing to Become a Love Volunteer! Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries! Why are we cheaper than other organisations? Firstly, we are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company ...


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Interning abroad on a Medicine & Healthcare internship in Argentina can be done as part of a gap year, career break, or during a short vacation from your studies. As a Medicine & Healthcare intern, you will gain a great deal of valuable international work experience alongside some of the most skilled doctors in the country. While the shell of some hospital buildings may look slightly neglected,...


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Participate in a volunteer placement in Buenos Aires and make a difference while focusing on microfinance and economic development. Volunteers will work on projects such as economic research, analyzing entrepreneurship for local emerging markets, and mentoring or teaching. Potential placements could be evaluating the effects of community interventions, working with local business people to ...


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Explore Buenos Aires as you volunteer with ELI Abroad with orphans, street children, the elderly as well as in conservation and wildlife protection. Housing and in-country support is included. Past volunteers say the work is personally rewarding, and Buenos Aires can't be beat: a world-class city with great food, wine and entertainment.


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With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...


Experience Argentine culture firsthand while volunteering alongside local grassroots organizations in Buenos Aires. Participants of the program will have the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the people of Buenos Aires through their work on one of the many available projects. During their spare time, volunteers will be able to explore and experience all that the city has to offer. A...


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Expanish is proud to be one of the best Spanish language schools in Latin America. We are located centrally and offer classes in a refurbished building with modern facilities. Our teachers are of the highest calibre and our classes are great value for money. * Educational Excellence - High quality teaching staff and proven teaching methods * World Class Facilities and Central Location - Clas...


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If caring about others and helping them is your passion and you want to match that to a true Latin American cultural experience, then you are on the right path with Connecting Worlds. Besides having the opportunity to live in a beautiful country in South America (namely Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama or Peru), one the program’s main features is its low cost and comprehensive ser...


Make volunteering challenging but rewarding with BVOL | Budget Volunteering. Become a volunteer teacher in Music, Math, Sport, Drama, and English in Argentina. Work with children of all ages from social assistance. Nurture their young minds while engaging them in activities like singing, dancing, and playing games. Participants teach for an average of ten to twelve hours a week in various ...


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Learn to Dance the Salsa in Buenos Aires, the elegant capital city of Argentina. You'll have lessons with a private Salsa teacher of Cuban origin who will tailor your programme to your individual level of expertise. There are of five private Salsa classes per week of 1 hour each. You can also combine this with the Tango Course as well. Musically speaking Salsa is a group of Latin rhythmic st...


Argentina is the second largest country in South America and borders Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay. With an enormously varied climate, travelers can visit sub-Antarctic rainforests, tropical jungles, mountains, beaches, desert red canyons and awesome waterfalls. The population is almost all of European descent. Volunteer and Internship placements are offered in Buenos Aires and C...


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Study Spanish in Buenos Aires and continue in Montevideo, or vice versa. Add free volunteer work if you like. Academia Uruguay and Academia Buenos Aires are partner schools under the same management and offer you the possibility to continue your courses on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. The course levels and materials are the same and so is the cost. Simply switch from one to the other ...

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Volunteering Abroad in Buenos Aires

Argentina has been luring in travelers and expats for decades. With salt flats to the north, sublime mountain ranges to the west, Iguazu Falls to the east, and the end of the world on its southern tip, it’s no surprise that Argentina is an attractive destination in South America. Not only does the scenery invite, but the people, culture, and food of Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, radiate passion, vitality, and an unbeatable zest for life. With a large variety of volunteer programs in Buenos Aires, volunteers can snag the chance to experience this lusted after country while giving back to local communities.

Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires

As there is so much difference between the northern, central, and southern regions of Argentina, in terms of climate, there are many different ways to volunteer in Buenos Aires. Argentine society is moving forward very quickly, so there aren’t as many social work placements as there are in less developed parts of Latin America, but that is by no means to say that they don’t exist. 

Those who volunteer in Buenos Aires can also offer their time in projects that help struggling communities, especially in more densely populated areas. Through community-focused volunteer work in Buenos Aires, volunteers will be immersed in the local way of life through living with host families in the neighborhoods they work in and combating the issues they see daily in impoverished neighborhoods. Activities like promoting women’s rights, conducting life skills classes for youngsters, and providing nutritional education are all common in these placements.

Among the most ardent soccer fans in the world, Argentines across the country basically come out of the womb kicking a soccer ball. This provides a great opportunity for volunteers to work on sports projects that focus on child and community development through coaching soccer, rugby, and hockey. Sports volunteering in Buenos Aires can take on several different approaches, but many sports placements focus on helping children develop leadership skills and teamwork.

Life in Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina and one of the biggest cities in South America, Buenos Aires is a city that bustles and hustles through life. As the leader of commerce and business in Argentina and the region, the city offers volunteers a never-ending supply of entertainment. Learn tango, catch an opera production at Teatro Colón, and take advantage of the fact that Buenos Aires offers the highest bookstore-per-capita in the world. Volunteer work in Buenos Aires will most likely focus on issues such as child poverty and education.

Argentina can be a very affordable place to volunteer abroad, as long as you stick to the local way of life. The cost of living is lessened by the fact that most volunteer programs in Buenos Aires place volunteers with host families who provide volunteers with two to three meals a day. 

Traveling from one end of the country to the other requires a plane hop (or a 72+ hour bus ride, take your pick), so weekend trips to foreign places might not be as accessible as in Europe. However, there’s plenty to taste and discover in each region, so devote yourself to the local attractions, or even to Buenos Aires alone.

The most expensive part of volunteering in Buenos Aires will likely be the plane ticket, followed by the program fees. Volunteer programs in Buenos Aires vary in cost depending on the organization, how long you volunteer for, and what type of project you work on. For example, some volunteer organizations in Argentina place volunteers for only two weeks, so their programs can be as low as $10 a day. Other costs to consider include meals, which are relatively affordable in Argentina, and extra clothing, since the climate in Argentina can leave you unprepared with what you brought, even if you are the best of packers.

Accommodation & Visas

While volunteering in Buenos Aires, you’ll most likely stay in a well furnished apartment that might be a little cozy in size. The other most common housing arrangement for volunteers in Buenos Aires are homestays with Argentine host families. Since accommodation can vary from program to program, be sure to ask your program advisor what to expect, so you can keep your expectations realistic before arrival.

Bureaucracy is the bane of volunteers, but visas are a necessary part of any traveler’s life.  Unless you’re planning on volunteering in Buenos Aires for longer than 180 days, the only visa you’ll need is a tourist visa, which will be issued upon arrival to the country. However, if you’re from a Western European country, the U.S., or Canada, you’ll need to pay a tasa de reciprocidad or reciprocity fee before you travel to Argentina. How much this fee is depends on where you’re from, but it’s basically paying what an Argentine would pay to enter your country. Additionally, check out GoAbroad's Embassy Directory if you have other needs or questions that need to be solved through an Argentine consulate.

Benefits & Challenges

Argentina is home to some of the harshest climates known to mankind. The key is to pack different types of clothes and layer them so that you can strip down or bundle up as the weather changes. You’re surely going to adventure beyond the city’s boundaries at some point. Whether you are fighting the heat in the Atacama Desert of battling the cold in Patagonia, consider the elements as a force to be awed and appreciated, not intimidated by, as a volunteer in Buenos Aires.

While Argentine steaks are delicious and asados are fun social events, Argentina can present a bit of an obstacle if you’re vegan or vegetarian, as these volunteers will likely have to subsist on a pretty starchy diet. However, if you’re working on a farm or you learn to improvise with the basic vegetables, diet will not be an obstacle for you as a volunteer in Buenos Aires. If it is, just uncork a bottle of wine!

Volunteering in Buenos Aires is an opportunity that is as expansive as the country’s landmass. While most people just hop to Argentina for a romantic stroll around the “Paris of South America,” you’ll do more. The time and effort put into understand and solving the issues of Argentina allow you to not only help this beautiful country, but also to build your own character. Whatever interest you have, put it into play, and see the rewards grow in front of your eyes.

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